How to Unblock from someone’s WhatsApp Account

Unblock from someone’s WhatsApp Account
Hey guys, WhatsApp is not just an ordinary messaging App. It is now become the most important part of our life. Chatting with friends on WhatsApp is a habit for all of us now. So if somebody blocks us then it totally sucks but once you blocked you can’t chat with the person again in your life until the person unblocks you.
So guys here we brought a trick from which you will able to unblock from someone’s WhatsApp Account quite easily without any hassle and  you can also trick your friends by applying this trick.

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Steps to Unblock from someone’s WhatsApp Account –

1. Go to settings in WhatsApp
2. Click on “Account”.
3. Now Click on “Delete my account”.
4. Enter your phone number.
5. Now Uninstall WhatsApp.
6. Then restart your device.
7. Download and Install WhatsApp again.
8. Install and enter mobile number and other details.
9. Oh Yes! Now you are unblocked.

Note – By using this trick you will loose all your groups in your WhatsApp account, So be careful.


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