How to Unignore Someone on Messenger: Step by Step Guide


How to Unignore Someone on Messenger

Today I’m going to share with you How to Unignore Someone on Messenger.

Are you a person who searches for “how to unignore someone on messenger” then you have landed on the correct place.

In this article, I am going to disclose the methods for providing answers of how to unignore someone on Facebook messenger on Android, Mac, or personal computer as well. Just scroll this page down to get the complete information.

Facebook is one of the earliest social media platforms which has been used by users for years. It allows you to connect with all your friends, colleagues and family members but some people start misusing it by sending fake messages. 

For solving this issue, the official Facebook team has introduced the ignoring features but sometimes due to certain reasons you want to unignore that particular person’s account.

This situation creates a curiosity that comes with the question of how to unignore someone on Facebook? or how to unignore messages on messenger?

Before knowing the method to unignore someone on Facebook messenger, let us discuss what actually it is? 

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What Is the Ignoring Function on Facebook?

What Is the Ignoring Function on Facebook

Ignore messages in the Facebook messenger application is in trend and very useful for the person who wants to get rid of particular account users. It gives you an opportunity to ignore someone’s messages who is bothering you on the messenger application.

It is a little bit different from the mute and block option which were already present in the Facebook messenger. When you set someone’s profile on “ignore”, you can receive the messages from the specific account but without notification.

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What Is Unignore Function on Messenger?

People need to unignore someone’s profiles in the following situations:

  • When they accidentally keep any person on the ignored list.
  • When they realized that they want to interact with the person who is on the ignored list.
  • When you want to clean up the unignored list.

How to unignore someone on messenger? It is a query that is asked by millions of Facebook users. Once you unignored a person, you will start getting notifications from that person and you can easily communicate with him/her.

There are a lot of users who know to ignore a person on a messenger application but always in the search of “how to unignore someone on messenger”. 

In this article, you will get to know about all queries about how to unignore messages on messenger? Just scroll down this article.

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What Is the Difference Between Mute, Ignore and Block?

  • Muting:

If you put someone on mute, you are instructing the Facebook messenger that you want to communicate with a person but do not want to get notification from that person. You can still see that person on your chat list and have a normal conversation with him/her. They never know that you have put them on mute.


  • Tip to unmute:

If you want to unmute a person, a group chat. You just need to right-click on that chat and click on the option “Unmute conversation”.


  • Ignoring:

If you have put someone or a group chats on ignore, the person will be able to send you a message but you won’t be notified with that message. In this situation, the selected chat or conversation is moved to spam.

The person won’t get any notification or information that you have put him/her on ignore but you can read the message and can manage the spam list or read the messages from the chat that you have put on ignore.

Also, they won’t get notified that you have read their messages.

Tip to unignore: If you want to know how to unignore someone on messenger? or How to unignore messages on messenger? you can follow the below methods or tips mentioned in this article.


  • Blocking:

If you permanently want to get rid of any person on Facebook messages, this is the last but the most effective option.

If you have put someone on the block list, they won’t be able to send you any message, your profile will not be visible for them and they will get a notification that they have blocked you.


  • Tips to Unblock:

Right-click on the chat and click on the “unblock” option.


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How to Unignore Someone on Facebook Messenger?

How to Unignore Someone on Facebook Messenger

If you unignore an individual chat or a group chat, you will get the notification for each activity in that conversation. The reasons may be different but all people who search for how to unignore someone on messenger need the answer.

So here I have brought the solution for you. We will together find out the ways of sorting out this problem on different platforms.

1. First of all, let’s see it on a personal computer (

2. Open using any browser on your computer.

3. Log in to your Facebook account with your user ID and password.

4. Once you have entered the account, click on the messenger icon on the top of your screen.

Facebook Homepage

5. Tap on the Message Request option.


6. Now click on the option “See Filtered Messages”.


Choose and click on the chat conversation you wish to unignore. Your chat box with all the messages will be automatically open up at the bottom of your screen.

Start sending the messages to the unignored contact.

The specific person won’t get notified and now you can start a conversation with the unignored contact.

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How to Unignore Messages on Messenger? (

1. Open using any browser and log into your account with a username and password.

2. Now click on the Gear icon at the left corner of your screen.

3. Tap on the “Message Request” option.


4. Click to “See Spam”.


5. Now select the conversation or chat or contact or group that you want to unignore.

6. Simply send a message and the concerned person will be automatically unignored by Facebook.

7. Now that specific contact will be moved from your spam list to your chat section.

We have discussed the methods of how to unignore messages on messenger? or how to unignore someone on Facebook? on a personal computer using the official website. Now we will see the same on mobile or smartphone.

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On Android Devices:

1. Click on the messenger application on your android device.

2. Click on the profile icon on the top and tap on the messenger request option.

Message Requests

3. You will see the two tabs named “You may know” and the Spam tab. Choose and click on the Spam tab.


4. Here you will see all the ignored conversations or chat.

5. Just open any ignored conversation you wish to unignore and just send a message.

6. Now the specific chat is no more ignored.

7. The particular contact will be available in your regular chat list.

On IOS Devices:

The below method is almost the same as we have seen for android devices with slight differences.

1. This method will be the same on iPhone or iPad.

2. Open the messenger application on any of your IOS devices.

3. Tap on the profile located on the top left of your screen.

4. You will see the “Message request” option below the “active status” option.

Message Requests

5. You just need to open your desired conversation you want to unignore and just send a message.

6. The specific contact will be unignored, you can see that contact in your regular chat list.

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Frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I Want to Ignore Some People on Messenger Without Letting Them Know?

Don’t worry, if you have put some people on the ignored list, they won’t get notified. They can still send you a message, just you will not receive any notification for that.

2. Can I Unignore a Group Chat Also?

Of course, you can do that with the same method mentioned above. The method is working for both individual conversation or group chat conversation.

3. Can I Unignore Someone’s Messages on Messenger Without Replying?

As far as my knowledge is concerned, this can not be possible. Because to unignore someone, you need to send a message and the specific chat will automatically turn ignored into unignored. If you simply send a thumb or an emoji, it will also count in reply.

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Ending the Article:

Ignore and unignore features work wonderfully for Facebook or messenger users. This feature is prominent and convenient if we compare it with the block option. You can silently ignore or unignore someone’s chat without letting them know that you are ignoring them. 

I hope I have delivered the right and useful answers for the queries on how to unignore someone on messenger? or how to unignore someone on Facebook?

If you find this article worthful, do share it in your friend circle so that they can also take benefit of it.

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