Download InstaAero Apk Latest Version: Powerful Instagram Mod


Download InstaAero Apk Latest Version

This is a SUPER detailed tutorial to download InstaAero Apk.

Till now, we’ve been introduced to you dozens of WhatsApp and Instagram Mod Apps with good features which were not available in the original.

There are so many of them, Instaultra & GBInsta are some of them which come to my mind right now.

I’m sure there are many other apps used by millions, some of them are good and some of them are bad, but the problem even with the good and adequate mod Apps are they die after some time.

Many times the development process of the App is stopped and thus the Apps are slowly doomed.

To rectify that issue we’ve discovered another Instagram Mod App which looks promising with a well rounded and funded development team. Good features and tweaks which usually people are clamouring for all available in this App.

The App is known as InstaAero Apk.

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What is InstaAero Apk?

What is InstaAero Apk

As I mentioned in brief earlier that the application similarly focused on improving the overall Instagram experience and shortening the boundaries and hurdles which we regularly face on Instagram.

The brain behind InstaAero belongs to Hazar Bozkurt. He is an experienced developer of Mod Apps and has created multiple mod Apps for WhatsApp and Instagram like Whatsapp Aero, InstaAero Apk, StickersGo etc.

His more notable work includes the themes and user interface department. Even we will also suggest people use Aero Mods.

As Hazar Bozkurt has created InstaAero, it is very unlikely that the App will bust anytime soon.

InstaAero Apk will stay here for a long time because of constant updates, as the App is updated regularly, you won’t face any security issues and you will be up-to-date with all the latest features.

Technical Information of InstaAero Apk:

Application Name Insta Aero Apk
Size 42MB
Version 15.0.2
Android Version 5 and Above
Developer Aero Team
Key Feature Hidden Instagram features unlocked
App Updates Regular

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How to Download & Install InstaAero Apk for Android:

How to Download & Install InstaAero Apk for Android

Reassuringly, I would like to tell you that InstaAero is ban proof (Till Now) and to date, no ban related issue has occurred. With no harm to the device what so ever this Application is safe to use.

The latest version of InstaAero Apk, after getting numerous updates, has improved a lot in terms of performance and speed.

For you to get any updates related to the App, bookmark this page, we will update the download link with the latest version whenever the developer releases it.

Steps to Install InstaAero Apk on Android:

Steps to Install InstaAero Apk on Android

Step 1: Click on the download link mentioned here and start downloading the Application.

(If the above download links doesn't works for you then let us know in the comment section)

Step 2: Now, tap on the notification table and then go back and tick mark “Allow Unknown Sources”.

enable unknown sources

Step 3: Thus, InstaAero will be downloaded. Click on install to the installation process.

instaaero apk

Step 4: At last, open the App and fill in your details to make an account and start using the App.

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Features of InstaAero Apk:

Features of InstaAero Apk

1. Themes – With multiple in-built themes and colours this App will look gorgeous on your screen. You can choose from multiple available variants which suit the personality and the looks of your phone.

The available colours are:

  • Dark Blue
  • Dark White
  • Corol pink
  • Light Tone
  • Dark red
  • Gold Red
  • Extra dark

2. Privacy – For some people, privacy is not important, and for some, it is very important. InstaAero comes with many privacy options and features which are very useful for people who take privacy seriously. Below are some useful features:

  • Hide view stories: you can use these features and see your friend’s story anonymously. He/she will never know about you seeing their stories.
  • Hide reading messages: you can read the sender’s messages without them knowing about it.
  • Hide Typing: you can hide your typing status while typing any message.

instaaero apk features

3. Downloading Media – Although, Instagram is fun to use, it has multiple restrictions which can be frustrating sometimes.

One of the restrictions is that you can’t download anything. There are tons of things shared by friends, celebrities and models which you want to download and keep in your gallery but you can’t.

You can find many apps on the internet for that purpose, but keeping multiple apps installed is really a headache and InstaAero comes with all those features in-built.

download pics in instagram

4. Shortcuts –

There are some cool shortcuts to access some features easily using a few clicks.

  • Direct icon: You can long-press on the top direct message to turn on or off the read tick feature.
  • Heart icon: Long tap on the bottom heart icon to open the list of don’t follow you back.
  • Camera icon: Long tap on the top camera icon to turn on or off videos auto-play.

instaaero apk features

5. Other Features – 

  • Zoom Photos on long-press: tap and hold to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Max Quality photos: you can see and download max quality photos without any compression.
  • Increase stories quality: this feature allows us to post quality photos and videos.
  • Use Two Accounts: you can use the clone and unclone App to use two Instagram accounts at the same time.

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Ending the Article: 

Thus, were my thoughts and views on InstaAero Apk. I hope you liked the article. If you have any queries then you can post them in our comment box, we will love to help you out.

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