Is Dailymotion Safe to Use? Is it safe from Virus?


    Is Dailymotion Safe to Use Is it safe from Virus

    Today I’m going to share with you Is Dailymotion Safe to Use? Is it safe from Virus?

    We are living in a world where video content has been consumed by users every day. Whether it is using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and daily motion as well.

    As Social Media platforms and digital space have been expanding, almost everything we want to see or learn is available on the internet either in text blogs or in video format.

    In this scenario, platforms like Dailymotion have risen and this creates a dilemma in the user’s mind, is Dailymotion safe?

    We all know that video streaming has become crucial and it has replaced cable TV. This is the generation of video streaming and you are not familiar with Dailymotion, this article is for you.

    I will tell you all about Dailymotion. Just read this article till the end and you will have full knowledge about the authenticity, usability and credibility of this platform.

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    What is

    What is

    After YouTube, Dailymotion is one of the leading video streaming platforms which is frequently used by users in 30 countries globally. According to a recent study, the average number of monthly visitors of DailyMotion is 300 million.

    Dailymotion was started in the year 2005, developed and owned by the famous french video sharing platform like Vivendi.

    It has grown exponentially over the years and has more than 150 million video libraries created and uploaded by various video creators including Showtime and HBO.

    It is seen as a great community to the world through videos created by the users. It allows learning various things by watching videos that are uploaded by other users.

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    Is DailyMotion Safe? Does DailyMotion Give Viruses?

    Is DailyMotion Safe Does DailyMotion Give Viruses

    Dailymotion effectively solves safety and security issues by raising awareness about bullying and cyberbullying. It also provides an age-gate for restricting children to watch content that contains violence and some kind of pornography.

    Ultimately it is safe that the uploading and watching video is in the user’s hand.

    Sometimes a website can be infected with a virus and malware, so the antivirus companies make a list of that kind of website as per their popularity and security level.

    As per the reports of Norton antivirus company in 2013, the DailyMotion website was not affected by the viruses but some users had claimed in 2012 for getting compromised with the virus attack.

    It is suggested to the users to use any trusted antivirus so that they can visit these sites safely. By doing this you won’t ask the query, is DailyMotion safe to use?

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of DailyMotion:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of DailyMotion

    After solving the query, is DailyMotion a safe website? Let’s discuss the authenticity of the content. It has partnered with world-leading video content creators like CNN, Universal music group, GQ, VICE and many more.

    The following categories you can find on DailyMotion are News, Music, Entertainment, Sports. There are multiple channels that provide opportunities to watch movies and various popular TV shows. 

    Advantages Disadvantages
    The users are allowed to watch and upload videos The users can upload the videos up to the length of 60 minutes
    The available videos are up to 4k Ultra HD quality The maximum size of a file restricts to 2Gb.
    Supports all majorly used formats Content doesn’t look rich as you imagine
    Variety of video categories The user won’t get the other video editing features
    The videos can be searched by year (2005 to present) Some videos have been removed but still shown in the result
    It has age-gate features for children safety, it restricts them from sensitive and adult content Limited reach as a comparison to YouTube

    Now at this point, you have got an idea about whether is DailyMotion safe and legal or not.

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    What Are the Threats and Issues Faced by the Users While Using Dailymotion?

    What Are the Threats and Issues Faced by the Users While Using Dailymotion

    With the growing popularity of Dailymotion, most of the users wonder is DailyMotion safe to use. The following issues may be highlighted by every user.

    • No Censorship Policy:

    The main issue of the DailyMotion website is observed by its users that it doesn’t have any censorship policy. The users can upload and view anything including violent and sexual content as well. This thing makes the website not suitable for children.

    • Advertisement from Third Party Websites:

    A major part of Dailymotion revenue is hosting multiple third party advertisements. These ads contain an external link that redirects to other websites that may not have many malicious files but interrupt your interest.

    • Personal Information Can Be Stolen:

    Having advertisement links to third-party websites, there is a risk of leaking your personal information. Dailymotion asks the users about some details while signing up. The provided information can be exposed and breached.

    • Banning Issue:

    Is DailyMotion safe? This query has been asked multiple times by the users. This website is blocked in many countries due to copyright infringement and censorship issues. This keeps the website not accessible for many users but it can be solved if you use any relaible VPN to get access to this website.

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    How to Solve the Query, Is Dailymotion Safe and Legal?

    How to Solve the Query, Is Dailymotion Safe and Legal

    There is no harm in using DailyMotion, all its policies do not infringe any guideline of government or censorship. But the advertisement shown on the website looks spammy, they may have some virus and malware which can allow hacking of your system.

    Otherwise, there is no harm in using Dailymotion. For the users who are searching for the solution, is DailyMotion safe and legal?

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    Method to Manage the Security Risks While Using Dailymotion?

    Method to Manage the Security Risks While Using Dailymotion

    DailyMotion is not the only platform that has security issues. If you are using the internet there is always a risk of security. The following things you can do for avoiding any malicious activity:

    1. Use Anti Virus:

    Though DailyMotion is free from the virus the users can take precautionary measures. Always use a trustable antivirus program that will protect you from any attack malware or virus that may have in the third-party applications or cookies.

    With the use of antivirus, you will get an immediate alert and protect your system from any harm and breaches of your privacy or personal information.

    2. Turn on age-gate features:

    Daily motion has age-gate features that make it smarter than other video streaming platforms. This feature can help you to restrict people of specific age groups. You can opt-out of your children by choosing the age gate feature.

    Go to the help section>>choose the age gate feature to turn on it. By doing so you can prohibit your children from watching videos that have 18+ ratings.

    3. Desktop:

    1. Open the DailyMotion website using any web browser.
    2. Sign up for your Dailymotion account and scroll down the home page to the bottom.
    3. An option is known as Family Filter at the bottom of the page.
    4. Click on it to turn it on.

    4. Mobile device:

    1. Open the Dailymotion application on your mobile phone.
    2. Go to the library by tapping on your profile at the top right corner.
    3. This will take you to the setting page.
    4. Find the Family Filter option to turn it on.

    5. Activate a VPN service:

    Data leakage is one of the biggest security concerns for various brands and organizations over the internet. So if you want to use DailyMotion or any other website which has a security risk, you can go with a VPN service.

    VPN helps to bypass your location by hiding your IP address. it allows you to access geo-restricted content. It is recommended that you always use paid and trusted VPN services because using a VPN is the safest and easiest method to protect your private information.

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    How to Upload Videos on Dailymotion?

    How to Upload Videos on Dailymotion

    Follow the simple steps for uploading videos on DailyMotion without any hassle.

    1. If you do not have DailyMotion then create it.
    2. Go to partner space.
    3. Choose and open media.
    4. Search for the upload button on the top left corner.
    5. Select your specified videos (10 videos at a time).
    6. While your video uploading process is running, fill out the other essential details.
    7. Now click on the publish button to finally update your video content.

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    Top 5 Alternatives Website of Dailymotion:

    Top 5 Alternatives Website of Dailymotion

    If you still have questions like, is DailyMotion safe and legal? Or does DailyMotion give viruses, then you can go through the alternatives website of DailyMotion which are as follows:

    1. YouTube:

    YouTube is the world’s most useful platform for video streaming that allows you to enjoy the latest videos, TV shows, movies and many more from all around the world.

    It is completely safer than any other video streaming site which also has its premium membership so that the users won’t see advertisements.

    2. Vimeo:

    Vimeo is another popular website for video streaming. It has a huge community of content creators who can upload and watch the videos in ultra HD quality up to 4k quality.

    3. Metacafe:

    It is one of the oldest short video streaming platforms. The users can find video games, movies, TV shows and sports videos on this platform.

    4. Dtube:

    It is a blockchain-based video platform that has a similar layout to YouTube. Its monetization method is completely different from YouTube. The uploader or content creator on this platform can get rewarded with steem dollars.

    5. Vine:

    Another short video streaming platform lets the users upload 6 seconds long video clips. The users can use this on Windows, Mac, Android and other operating systems.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Which One Is Better, Daily Motion or YouTube?

    There are many advantages and disadvantages of both platforms. If analyzed properly, YouTube is far much better than daily motions. The major difference is listed below:

    • YouTube is more popular than daily motion.
    • Video and categories are more on YouTube.
    • Daily motion has less advertisement than YouTube.
    • People trust more on YouTube.
    • People find a lot of informational content on YouTube.

    2. Is Daily Motion Blocked in India?

    No, It was blocked in India in 2012 but due to huge demand amongst the audience, It got unblocked in 2014 and since then continued in the working state because its team has rectified all the problems for which it got banned.

    3. Where Can I Watch Free Movies for Free but with Safety?

    There are multiple OTT and video streaming platforms where you can search for the latest videos and movies. The free platform is YouTube, Vudu, DailyMotion for streaming videos and TV shows.

    4. Is Dailymotion Legal in India?

    Yes, it is completely legal in India. It got banned in 2012 because of the copy infringement issue but in 2014 the developers resolved all the issues and brought them back to Indian users.

    As there are so many advertisements from third parties, the users are suggested to use VPN every time so that they can hide their identity, location and IP address.

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    Ending the Article:

    Today, security is the biggest concern, after evaluating the DailyMotion video streaming website I am now able to answer the question, is Dailymotion safe? 

    It is completely safe to use and the users can watch, upload and share the videos without any worry. If still, the question comes to your mind, is Dailymotion a safe website? you can then use VPN to bypass your location. 

    I hope that you take the preventive measures that are provided in this article to stay safe, like VPN, using anti-virus to keep your children safe from sensitive videos. Now if you believe that DailyMotion is safe, do share this article in your community.

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