Is PUBG Mobile a Chinese Game? Explained


is pubg Chinese game

Recently, the government of India banned 59 Chinese Apps by the fear of data breaches and security breaches. It is also said that the India-China border tension also led Indian government to ban all the Apps.

The Apps include biggies like TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser and more.

All the Indian developers are cherishing the decision and since then many alternatives to Chinese Apps are popping up to grab the opportunity.

The question beating most of the people in India is PUBG going to have a similar fate? Is PUBG a CHINESE App?

Well, the answer to those questions are a bit complicated. Because on paper PUBG is not a Chinese App, but a South Korean company named Bluehole. 

Tencent holds a minority stake in BlueHole which is about 1.5 %. At the same time Tencent is the legal distributer of PUBG Mobile. Each and every code in the game is coded by Tencent.

To be honest, the answer is more complicated then the question. To ban or not to ban PUBG is in government hands but I would like to say that banning PUBG is not going to help India in anyway as we do not have a good indian alternative.

PUBG played a very important role in creating a whole new vertical in India called eSports and that is gaining a lot of traction in India recently. Banning PUBG will cause ill effect to it.

So lastly I would say that don’t ban PUBG until we have a equally good Indian alternative to thrive on.

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