Updated List of Android Versions Names A to Z 2022


Updated List of Android Versions Names A to Z

Today I’m going to share with you the Updated List of Android Versions Names A to Z.

From the thoughts of professionals who work for Google to make Android one of the best Operating Systems next to iOS has succeeded. We have seen a range of upgrades and new features all these years in Android evolution.

When the first commercial version of Android 1.0 was released on Sep 23, 2008, for the first time tech users worldwide experienced a Linux-based open-source Operating System on smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

No matter the brand and models, the open-source nature of Android is compatible with all touch screen devices. 

From its inaugural release to today, things have visually changed a lot. Like a flowing river, this flagship software from Google Inc. has transformed a lot and still many are experiencing newer versions of Android without any hassles. You might be one on the list of billions who use Android in 2021.

Don’t you! Android gives you the freedom to access the web and other tools without restrictions. Even if something stops, you’re freely allowed to get things done.

Based on the user’s comfort in mind, from Android 1.0 to Android 11 (current Android version), your freedom of choice has evolved a lot with better features from the core. 

You can take Android as an upgraded version of Linux. Every time Google releases the latest version of Android, it comes with astonishing features and improvements compared to its predecessors to give the best user experience according to these evolving days.

The interesting news is, Android is the world’s leading mobile OS with a 73 percent share. So, Android users, if you’re interested to know about Android A to Z, this post on Android versions list A to Z will now take you to the journey of Android. Sit tight and check out the list of Android versions.

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List of Android Versions A to Z 2021 (Updated):

List of Android versions A to Z 2021 (Updated)

Here’s in this journey of Android versions list A to Z, we detailed every version of Android OS from the early stages in an alphabetical manner for easy checking. Everyone is a successor to the previously released Android version.

Whatever the brand you use such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung, all these Android names A to Z once in a time hit the devices with cool features and many of them are still alive in the hands of the craziest people. 

Let’s have a deep look at the Android versions list and check what changes are implemented all these years of Android evolution. Before going to read information. Have a quick look at the table below on Android versions list A to Z.

S.No Version Release date Codename(s)
1 1.0 23-Sep-2008 1.1 – Petit Four

1.5 – Cupcake

1.6 – Donut

2 2.0 27-Oct-2009 2.0, 2.1 – Eclair

2.2, 2.2.3 – Froyo

2.3, 2.3.2, 2.3.3-2.3.7 – Gingerbread

3 3.0 22-Feb-2011 3.0, 3.1, 3.2-3.2.6 – Honeycomb
4 4.0 18-Oct-2011 4.0-4.0.4 – Ice cream Sandwich

4.1-4.3.1 – Jelly Bean

4.4-4.4W.2 – KitKat

5 5.0 04-Nov-2014 5.0-5.1.1 – Lollipop
6 6.0 02-Oct-2015 6.0 – 6.0.1 – Marshmallow
7 7.0 22-Aug-2016 7.0-7.1.2 – Nougat
8 8.0 21-Aug-2017 8.0,8.1 – Oreo
9 9.0 06-Aug-2018 9 – Pie
10 10 03-Sep-2019 10 – Q
11 11 08-Sep-2020 11 -R

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1. Android Cupcake:

Android Cupcake

It is the third version of Android released on April 27, 2009, with support for widgets, third-party virtual keyboards, auto-pairing, auto-rotation, etc. This version of Android has also introduced multiple refinements to the interface.

Its predecessor is Android 1.1 (Petit Four) and its successor is Android 1.6 (Donut). Android Cupcake is the first upgrade in this evolutionary OS journey. 

In this version of Android, new stock boot animation, animated screen transitions, one-touch access to a contact card from a call log event attracted most of the users. Google did its best to bring out these astonishing features in the early stage of Android.

Some of the smartphones that received the Android Cupcake upgrade are Samsung Galaxy Lite, Galaxy Portal, Galaxy Spica, Motorola Backflip, HTC Hero, etc.

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2. Android Donut:

Android Donut

With lots of updated features, Android 1.6 Donut, the fourth version of the open-source Android mobile operating system was introduced on September 15, 2009.

The new updates propounded by this version are voice and text entry search, multilingual speech synthesis engine, faster camera access, text-to-speech engine, technology-supported for CDMA/EVDO, and much more.

This is the predecessor to Android 2.0 Eclair which was released in 2009. It is initiated in the reinforcement for Verizon and Sprint mobile networks. 

To make Android Evolution more upgraded, it was brought into the market with an expanded Gesture Framework and up-to-date GestureBuilder Development tool.

Apart from that, faster camera access, ancillary screen expanse, a battery usage indicator are some major elevations brought by Android 1.6 Donut.

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3. Android Eclair:

Android Eclair

It was released in October 2009 and is one of the foremost predecessors of the latest Android version that was introduced with various remarkable features in Android advancement.

By presenting a user-friendly interface, this version of Android is the first to display the Google Search Bar on the home screen by default. Multiple accounts, contacts, emails, search functionality, auto delete options are some thrilling functions offered by the Android 2.0 version.

Android Eclair made Google deep-rooted in the web industry when it came up with ameliorated camera features like built-in flash support, digital zoom, scene mode, white balance, color effect, macro focus, etc. 

In a nutshell, Android Éclair is the turning point of up-gradation since it provides a Media framework, Bluetooth 2.1, different browser modules, and much better functions than its predecessors.

In order to make this version more malleable, the developers also introduced Google Map navigation.

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4. Android Froyo:

Android Froyo

To draw a veil over the loopholes of the previous versions of the Android operating system, the programmers introduced another exclusive Android version named Frozen yogurt dessert in 2009.

With a high-speed processor, Android 2.2 has been made with some astounding up-to-date functions such as a completely different home screen with shortcuts, accessing multiple home screen panels at a time, a lock screen system, etc.

Better camera quality with LED flash enables the users to take a picture or record videos even in dim light.

The most accentuated function of Android Froyo is portable hotspot provision for certain devices like Nexus one.

Also, the multilingual keyboard, improved performance of the browser are some additional highlighted upgrades made by Google in the Android 2.2 Froyo version. If it comes to platform technologies, the developers also made a few changes in that field too. 

Starting from media framework to Graphics to data backup, this sixth version of the Android Operating system introduced some changes to make this industry rank next to iOS.

Android Froyo doesn’t support now on smartphones, it has been a paramount milestone in the journey of Android evolution.

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5. Android Gingerbread:

Android Gingerbread

Next comes in this Android versions list A to Z is another exclusive version of the Android operating system that is named after ginger-flavored cookies. This antecedent of the upcoming android systems puts forward many thrilling and alluring features.

Android Gingerbread offers its users new features like UI refinements, instinctive text input, one-touch word selection, etc. Internet calling is also instigated in this version. 

It also lets users access multiple cameras at a time. Apart from that, native input sensor events, API for native audio, graphics management are also obtainable.

At that time Android Gingerbread was the first to bring multiple communication amenities like Internet Telephony, Near Field Communication, and so on. In order to elevate the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version, developers also included Gyroscope, Barometer, and Gravimeters, etc.

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6. Android Honeycomb:

Android Honeycomb

Android up-gradation journey will be deficient if we don’t include Android Honeycomb 3.0 version in the android versions list A to z. It was launched in 2011 by Google with an endless number of up-to-date features.

The developers made massive changes in this android version since Android Honeycomb was the first to put forward an interface for tablet users.

Also, customizing the home screen, redesigned keyboards, copy-paste feature and new browsing features let the user operate android phones more smoothly and competently. 

Not only that, but the Android 3.0 version also renders newly updated widgets, the provision of 2D-3D graphics, rich multimedia and connectivity, and much more.

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7. Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Codenamed as Ice Cream Sandwich, this version of android is the main key to making the versions of the Android operating System smarter, user-friendly, well-featured, and more groundbreaking than ever before.

To make the smartphones more appealing, Android Ice Cream included new astounding characteristic features like upgraded UI, new lock screen interface, spell-checker functions, network data control, etc.

Moreover, the new folder system lets the users customize the apps as per their requirements. 

Visual voicemail helps the users to communicate with absolute ease. The most highlighted feature of the Android 4.0 version is to take screenshots that help the users to share whatever is on their mobile screen instantly.

Nowadays, the Face unlocks feature on a smartphone is the most desired feature for users. So, let me remind you Android 4.0 was the first to introduce this feature among the users.

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8. Android Jelly Bean:

Android Jelly Bean

This was one of the most versatile Android operating systems to include all the crucial and on-demand functions of smartphones. The predictable feature support for foreign languages like Hebrew, Arabic made this version remarkable in the evolution of the Android system.

Apart from these miraculous features, there were some additional functions like voice-to-text and reciprocated notification style that increased the value of Android 4.0 in the smartphone market.

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9. Android KitKat:

Android KitKat

Since KitKat is the most conventional dessert name adored by more or less, Google introduced a brand new Android version 4.4 named after it in 2013.

In order to bring a massive change in the smartphone world, the developers made a few changes in this version that make it significant out of others. In this version, the “ok Google” search feature is an astonishing change that ameliorates the concept of the Android system.

Also, the polished screen, user-friendly interface, and quick response are some alluring features brought by the Android 4.4 KitKat version. 

Besides, the trends of using Japanese emojis that we use today to express our thoughts better were put forward for the first time by this stupefying version.

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10. Android Lollipop:

Android Lollipop

Launched in 2014 by Google, Android 5.0 became popular with its astounding comprehensible features. In the previous versions of the Android operating system, the developers didn’t guarantee anything about the battery backups.

But in this genre, Android 5.0 makes an appreciable comeback with excellent battery performance that means the users don’t need to worry about the damage caused by low charge.

Hence, the Fast charging capacity and battery backup are the highlighted functions in this version. 

Further, in order to operate the phone with more proficiency, the setting adjustment option is also included in this version so that the users can avoid spam messages and can easily access replying messages from the lock screen.

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11. Android Marshmallow:

Android Marshmallow

This is another profound version in the Android versions list A to Z introduced in 2015. The primary rationale of Google behind launching this sixth version of the Android system was to make the android system more adaptable to the users than any others available in the industry.

Fortunately, Android Marshmallow makes the motif consummated by all the new updates made by it. Also, a drastic change in the storage system allowing newly-inserted SD cards marshaled the users to get captivated toward this version. 

Not only that, but Android Marshmallow also offered a new platform where the apps won’t be granted by default, it will ask for permission while getting installed in the device.

Fingerprint recognition, the new power-management system known as “Doze”, “Apps Standby”, are the new additions in the Android Marshmallow version.

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12. Android Nougat:

Android Nougat

Android Nougat is the seventh version of the Android operating system that was introduced by Google on August 22, 2016. It is nicknamed Android N LG V20 which was the first smartphone to take the upgrade.

After releasing this version in the market, it got instant popularity and positive reviews because of the enormous updated changes brought by this version. One of the most adaptable features is the fast installation process that helps the users to save time. 

Furthermore, the most approved function in this version is its split-screen view that lets the customer access multiple apps on a single screen simultaneously.

The replying provision in the notification, dilated DOZE, power-saving mode are some extra features introduced in the Android Nougat version.

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13. Android Oreo:

Android Oreo

Released on 27th August in 2017. The Android Oreo version is a revolutionary achievement in the expedition to the latest version of Android.

It was made with lots of fistful functions that are beneficial for the users such as notification grouping, picture-in-picture support for video i.e. if one program is displayed in full screen, other programs can be displayed in inset windows, support for auto fillers for saving user-time, wide color-gamuts and so on. 

Furthermore, Android Oreo Neighborhood Aware Networking, 2x faster boot time, notification dots, etc. This version also takes care of the security of the smartphones since it adds support for Google Play Protect, battery-saving modules, etc.

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14. Android Pie:

Android Pie

The latest version of Android running on millions of devices. After Android Oreo, Google released another modified version of the Android operating system named Android Pie.

This ninth version of the Android system stands out to be a milestone in the world of Android systems.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, Android Pie is smarter, faster than its predecessors. The adaptive battery is complementary to the apps and brightness in this version. 

The smarter interface of Android Pie also helps you to manage your daily schedule. Moreover, a set of guiding tools introduced in this version will help you to get more familiar with the unknown functions of smartphones.

It also lets you adjust and modify the given settings on your device. Apart from the additional improved features of the camera, display, processor, you can also manage your time by seeing where you are spending it.

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15. Android Q or Android 10:

Android Q or Android 10

This is the initial predecessor of the current android version developed by Google. Android Q is the revolutionary outcome of all the above-listed Android names a to z. With the live caption option, you can add a caption to your video with just a single tap.

Starting from the smart reply to sound amplifier to gesture navigation, all the upgraded features are available in this Android version. Besides nowadays we all are fans of dark themes because of their eye-soothing quality. Android Q has support for dark mode.

If we talk about safety and security provided by this version, Android Q takes special care by providing you the control of your privacy. You can stay mindful of the shared data, the location from your device.

Apart from all of these features, there are some highlighted ones that make this android version more adaptable such as Digital Wellbeing, Focus Mode, Family Link, etc. Almost every android user worldwide experienced Android Q operates this software on their devices.

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16. Android R or Android 11:

Android R or Android 11

Next comes the android a to z name list is Android 11. With the launch of Android 10, Google stopped using names of desserts for its Android version and went after numerical notations.

Had it continued the same trend, Android users speculated that it would have been named Red Velvet, a very popular cake known for its aesthetics.

It is the exclusive version of the Android operating system and is the latest. There are lots of renovated functions like new safeguards to protect the user’s information, upgraded APIs such as media control, 5G provision, and much more are coming in this version. 

An endless number of resources and tools are also introduced in Android 11 offering a user-friendly interface, this version of Android is going to be launched with a massive comeback packing lots of alluring features. 

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17. Android 12:

Android 12

The 12th major release and 19th version of Android were released publicly on October 4, 2021, for Google Pixel devices.

With the Android 12 upgrade, Google completely refreshed the Operating System’s Material Design language known as “Material You” featuring new style home screen widgets, increased amount of animations, native support for scrolling screenshots, and what not everything you are experiencing in the present version of Android 11 is going to change. 

Android 12 would have been most likely called Android Snowcone.

Similarly, we explored popular forums and listed the most suggested names for future Android versions if Google were to continue naming Android versions after desserts.

  • Android T: Turkish Delight.
  • Android V: Vanilla 
  • Android W: Walnut or Waffle
  • Android X: Android X
  • Android Y: Yogurt 

Do you think these were close, or good recommendations for Android versions? Let us know what you would have named if given a chance.

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Ending the Article:

Here in this article, we have detailed Android versions list A to Z. Since 2008, Android has paved its name in the smartphone industry by improving itself year by year. More upgrades will come in the upcoming years.

Google makes users astounded by the alluring features in the future version of the Android system and it is proved by the present versions of Android. With all of the appealing features, the Android system is assuring its existence in the future.

If you like this post, share it with your companions and keep visiting our webpage daily. For any queries, reach us through the comment section below.

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