Make Free Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers without Internet

Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers

Call rates are touching sky and they’re so damn expensive that is it becoming more and more annoying day by day and same goes of the Data packs they are also very expensive and aren’t affordable anymore. In that case you surely need a way to make all these things cheaper and more affordable. I’ve looked around internet for a while and found out a hack which make all those things possible. In this post, I’m gonna teach you to make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers and most importantly all this can be possible without internet connection.

We’re gonna do that through an App called pinger. This App is best known for making calls free. This App is developed by Pinger Inc. And it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Playstore. Highly Recommended – How to hack any AppLock of Android.

Below I’ve shared some awesome features of Pinger App.

Features of Pinger

1. Pinger is available for both Android & iOS.

2. Unlimited messages, if you are messaging addict then this App is perfect for you.

3. Make your Windows PC/laptop into a phone, yes it is also available for Windows Platform.

4. Easy to use features.

5. Endless collection of stickers and emojis.

And Many More…

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Below I’ve shared steps to follow to make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers.

Steps to make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers by using Pinger – 

1. First of all Download and Install Pinger App – Click here to Download.

2. Next step is to register and fill you details in this App.

3. Now put any random Zip code like 786***.

4. Now in the next step you will see a list from which you have to choose any of your desired number.

Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers

5. Now start to make the free calls.

Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers
6. It gives you 10 minutes free calling for every new user.

7. That’s it you are done. I have also shared unlimited trick. So, check it out.

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Unlimited Trick –

1Go to Settings > Apps > Pinger.

2Now you have to clear the data of Pinger App.

3. Change the device ID by Android ID Changer. [Root Needed ] – Click here to Download Android ID Changer.

4. Again register on Pinger with fake email. [Create fake emails From here ].

5. No need to verify email.

6. Repeat the steps and make unlimited free calls.

7. That’s it you are done. By using this method you can easily make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers with Pinger App.

This was the simplest 7 step guide to make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers. Hope you like it.


So, hence was the post to make Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers by using Pinger App. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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