Top 10 Mobile Games for Girls That You Can’t Miss


Top 10 Mobile Games for Girls That You Can't Miss

Today I’m going to share with you Top 10 Mobile Games for Girls That You Can’t Miss.

One of the best ways to pass the time is playing games with friends. Right. Games can also refresh our mind and make the body relax. Generally, most of the boys prefer PCs and consoles for striking their opponents. But girls choose either mobiles or iPads for having fun.  

If you’re searching for famous games for girls to rock on your mobile, both Play Store and App Store have thousands of limitless games for girls in multiple categories like casual, simulation, education, role playing, lifestyle and many more.

Interestingly, you don’t need any purchases for playing these games. Just select a game and hit the download button. If you’re here to find top 10 girls games, check them out below and pick any of your favorites.

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Top 10 Games for Girls:

1. Fireboy and Watergirl:

Fireboy and Watergirl The Forest Temple

One of the best games under the category of adventure. The concept is to collect precious gems for exploring the first temple. The characters Fireboy and Watergirl in this game are very brave.

Use Fireboy powers to cross the pool of lava and for collecting red gems. Watergirl powers will allow her to collect blue gems on the pool of water.

If you collect a red gem using Watergirl, she will die and the game will end.  Each level becomes a challenging task to reach until the end.

With over 1M+ downloads and 3.7 exceptional ratings the game Fireboy and Watergirl developed by Oslo Albet has got a great response in the Play Store.

Game Name Fireboy & Watergirl
Size 17 MB
Version 0.0.3
Developer Septimania
Key Feature Solve the Puzzels in Forest
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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2. 3D Tennis:

3D Tennis

Say welcome to the on screen 3D tennis and introduce yourself to the audience. Participate in the tournaments and win world tour games to become a champion. This game is very easy and offers fluidic controls to steer the player.

Swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball. For a detailed view about how to play, follow the on screen guidance and go ahead.This game contains only two modes, those are quick play mode and world tour mode. With a size of 14 MB this 3D tennis has crossed 50M+ Installations with 4.2 rating.

So girls if you’re interested in playing tennis, install this 3D tennis application and complete all the tournaments in two modes (quick play mode and world tour mode) and become a world tennis champion.

Game Name 3D Tennis
Size 14 MB
Version 1.8.1
Developer Mouse Games
Key Feature Tennis game based on 3D Physics
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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3. Crowd City:

Crowd City

Gather followers and defeat the opponents with your overwhelming leadership. Attract stickmans while on the go and form a rampaging mob before time runs out.

Collect boosters across the city to speed up the crowd. They’ll also make you invincible for a short period of time. Once you play the game, you’ll definitely stick to it. Don’t worry about the controls, just guide the leader towards others and they will automatically follow you.

Form a big crowd and hunt your opponents. Among the top 10 girls games, this multiplayer game Crowd City developed by VOODOO hit the Play Store with 100M+ downloads with 4.2 ratings.

Game Name Crowd City
Size 84 MB
Version 1.8.0
Developer Voodoo
Key Feature Become the biggest crowd in town!
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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4. Bubble Shooter Classic:

Bubble Shooter Classic

For players of all ages, the game Bubble Shooter Classic is a fantastic choice to pass the time. Your job is to shoot all the bubbles. Each level creates excitement and you’ll never stop shooting bubbles until the level gets complete.

To play the game, take control of the launcher and aim at bubbles. The goal is to put bubbles of the same color into three or more groups. If you do this, they all burst and you’ll receive points.

Shoot and pop all the balls to unlock fun boosts and power ups. Cool graphics and effects in each amazing level create fun and excitement. With over 4.1 ratings based on 5M+ installations, this 32MB sized game is still popular in the Play Store.

Game Name Bubble Shooter Classic
Size 31 MB
Version 4.7
Developer iLyon
Key Feature Blast & pop bubbles to unlock new exciting challenges.
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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5. My Dolphin Show:

My Dolphin Show

Have you ever seen a dolphin jumping in the sea? Want to experience it on your mobile. Then try this My Dolphin Show from Spil Games. Impress the audience with your dolphin by passing it through different circus rings for earning points. Feels awesome right.

If you do this, more people will come to the show and encourage you. Entertain them with your stunts and make them happy. It all begins in a pool surrounded by people. Level by level the competition becomes tough and new tasks will be added.

Don’t step backward, finish all the levels and make your lovely dolphin a champion. With over 4.3 ratings based on 50M+ downloads, it has got a best place in top 10 games for girls.

Game Name My Dolphin Show
Size Different with Devices
Version 4.37.29
Developer Azerion
Key Feature Become a Dolphin Trainer!
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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6. Princess Coloring Book Glitter:

Princess Coloring Book Glitter

Do you like drawing pictures? This game is all about decorating some cool outline pictures of beautiful barbie girls. It is an art and creativity game that improves your IQ level. Use your imagination to add colours to their costumes, hair, belongings and other items.

Select your Princess in the book of drawings and show your creativity by applying the best colors. To add glitter colours, tap on the colour you’d like to apply.

If you feel any difficulties in adding colors to small places, click on the enlarge button and zoom your drawing.

everything is done, hit on the tick mark and take a screenshot of your edits. To decorate the cute little princess, install this painting game and show your creativity.

Game Name Princess Coloring Book Glitter
Size 14 MB
Developer Piu Piu Apps
Key Feature 50+ Beautiful Princess Coloring Pages
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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7. Adam and Eve:

Adam and Eve

Get ready for another adventurous game created by Functu. The game is about helping Adam to find a Christmas tree. But finding one will create a headache. To finish the levels, you have to help him to solve puzzles and avoid grumpy soldiers.

If you don’t understand how to play the game, tap on any of the items and it will automatically finish the job. Then use your finger and move Adam towards the end to complete the level.

play this game on your smartphone, turn off lock orientation and continue. Once the mission is completed, bring Eve a Christmas tree. If you’re searching for the best tablet games for girls, we prefer Adam and Eve – Prehistoric game because of its compatibility.

Game Name Adam and Eve
Size 18 MB
Version 1.1.2
Developer Functu
Key Feature Help Adam Find His Way Through the Forest by Unlocking Secret Paths
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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8. Scribble Racing Riders Simulator:

Scribble Racing Riders Simulator

Till now you’ve seen racing games, but Draw Rider is an interesting and cool physics game created by FF Gaming Inc. If you didn’t participate in a racing game, then give it a trial.

It’s all about fascinating aspects of physics laws. The goal is to reach the finish line by creating perfect wheels for each of the hazards i.e draw a shape of tyre to get across pools of water, obstacles, gigantic ramps and more.

Don’t give a chance to competitors, draw perfect tyres in each obstacle and finish all the levels. The speed of the bike depends upon the tyre drawn by you. Make sure to draw a new pair every time and get through all the levels successfully.

Game Name Scribble Racing Riders Simulator
Size 94 MB
Version 1.0.0
Developer FF Gaming Inc.
Key Feature Players Need to Draw the Wheels with a Pen
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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9. Subway Princess Runner:

Subway Princess Runner

Do you know about subway surfers, the most popular game that hit 100M+ downloads in the Play Store. The same concept applies here. All you have to do is, help your Princess escape from the clutches of a cranky cop.

Collect tokens and gems on the way to unlock fun prizes. Also experience the unique board in the subway and collect coins to unlock more levels.

It is a famous game with optimized graphics and cool animations. What are you waiting for, hold your controls and start a ride through the historic streets.

Because of its design, beautiful 3D graphics, optimization and other fascinating features, it is listed under best addicting games for girls. Why are you waiting for, install this game and try to escape from the cop.

Game Name Subway Princess Runner
Size 77 MB
Version 5.3.4
Developer Ivy
Key Feature Forest Rush with Addictive Endless Running Game!
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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10. Tomb Runner:

Tomb Runner

Are you afraid of the jungle? If you dare to enter into the forest, this adventurous game Tomb Runner developed by INLOGIC ARCADE has a treasure in it.

Step forward into the dangerous jungle and grab ancient coins. Encounter some really rickety bridges during the journey and find out how long you can keep him safe in the forest.

It’s like a temple run, the most popular action game with over 500M+ downloads. In Tomb Runner all you have to do is run and collect coins, gems, treasures, relics, idols on the way to gain countless scores.

The biggest challenge in Tomb Runner is, speed increases based on the distance you go. Don’t worry about it, just focus on the route and obstacles. If you like the gameplay, you can opt in-app purchases for more exciting features and power-ups.

Game Name Tomb Runner
Size 51 MB
Version 1.1.23
Key Feature You can collect powerful boosts, unlock special outfits and explore beautiful environment
Game Updates Regular
Price Free

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Ending the Article:

In the world of entertainment age limit and gender doesn’t matter for playing games. It all depends upon your interest and the games you choose to play.

you girls are searching for the best games to play on your devices, check the list of top 10 girls games described above and install them from Play Store. You can also choose alternatives based on your mood and the type of category you’d like to go with.

If you like a game hit on the title and you’ll automatically redirect to the Play Store.

For more future updates, bookmark our site and keep visiting for more interesting games like these.

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