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Novoresume Review – A Great Tool to Create Outstanding Resumes


A CV or Resume is the key to open the doors of countless career opportunities. It is like a wormhole to the new job roles.

A good resume can land you in an opportunity. If you are a graduate looking for a career opportunity then you might already be aware of the importance of a good resume. Your entire life’s academics should be presented in a CV.

A single piece of paper justifies your entire life’s hard work. So one has to take great care while designing a resume or CV.

The first thing that comes to our mind while building a resume is “Searching Google for Resume or CV templates that are available for free”.

Yes most of us do that when it comes to creating a resume. The worst thing about this kind of free templates is that they are mostly outdated templates that way older than my age.

Have you ever thought that these free outdated templates could land you into your dream job? Do they make you stand apart from millions of Job aspirants? If I am not wrong these templates will never land you in a job as there isn’t anything special about it.

In a competitive world, one has to stand apart from the crowd to achieve the best. So why take a chance when it is related to your career? You need to be creative to be unique.

The Traditional Resume Building Way!

So the best way to stand unique from the crowd is to design an extraordinary outstanding resume that will increase your chances.

A perfect resume is a resume that wins the attention of the recruiter in just 30 seconds. Yes, according to studies it only takes 30 seconds for a resume to reach the rejected list if not attracted the mind of the recruiter.

This is how important a good resume is.

Well many of us will outsource the resume building task to some of our friends or a freelancer who charge a good amount of money to create it. But sometimes we end up being unsatisfied and they don’t even offer any customizations and changes.

What’s the alternative?

The best way to build resumes that look very professional is by using online resume builders. A simple Google query will land you on a page with a lot of online resume builders.

But how to choose the best? Well, this is where we will be assisting you. After trying and reviewing a lot of such resume builders where something that stood apart from all the other Online resume builders offering a lot of features at an affordable price.

Let us introduce you to one of the best online resume and CV Builder.

Novoresume: A great online Resume builder

Novoresume is a great online resume builder that lets you create modern and stunning resumes that will make your resumes look unique. It is a freemium resume builder that offers both free and premium features.

Why Novoresume?

The first thing that one has to emphasize Novoresume is that it is very easy to use. It is a very clean and tidy resume building tool. Even a novice user can create a professional resume in a couple of minutes.

Novoresume has several powerful tools that will add advanced text fields that will represent your career achievements in the most pleasing way. Here is a list of some of the best Novoresume features.

Features of Novoresume Free online builder –

  • Highly customizable resume builder
  • Modern designs admired by industry experts employers
  • A reliable online resume building service.
  • Modern templates with stunning designs.

These are some of the best features of the popular resume builder Novoresume.

Apart from these by paying a little amount you can upgrade to a premium account to enjoy several other advanced features like 3 page Resume/CV, Custom Layout, Cover Letter for resumes, Create multiple versions of resume/CV, 9 extra fonts, Up to 20 more color themes, Professional video tutorials, Creative rating styles, Specialized Sections and Creative Backgrounds.

Ending the Article –

So this is about Novoresume which is a great way to create some of the best resumes that will put you on top of the crowd. Give it a try. Start with the FREE trial and upgrade to premium plan if you like it to unlock more advanced features and to create even more unique looking resumes.

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Shubham Habib

Shubham Habib

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