Now You Can Play Google Stadia on Any Rooted Android Phone

Google Stadia may have gotten off to some rocky beginning but that does not mean people aren’t utilizing the cloud-based gaming support.

Yes, it is missing lots of major features demands a slew of information, along with the playback may be dimmed, but it is still a window into the future of cloud gambling.

And today, anyone with a Android smartphone can use it. So it seems.

Google limits Stadia play with Pixel phones formally. But our geeky people over XDA-Developers have surpassed the limitation, and now you can use Stadia on any rooted android.

All you have to do is root your Android phone using Magisk. You will require a PC, ADB installed along with a terminal emulator App in your android. After that follow the steps listed on XDA’s post.. and then download the Stadia program to begin playing any Android smartphone.

Do not that rooting your Android voids the warranty, and rooting it without following the steps properly can brick your device. So do it at your own risk.

In any case, Stadia seemingly only checks for 2 system properties to verify if your phone is Stadia-ready. With this option, users can fool the Stadia program into believing it has been set up onto a Google Pixel 4.

What was the grade? We have not tried it so we would not know for today.

We could observe several Pixel owners becoming somewhat annoyed with this new discovery. The entire purpose of Stadia’s first launch was confined to the Google ecosystem, at least for mobiles. Additionally, it is worth noting that the ordinary consumer probably does not know about rooting their telephone, let alone how to take action. So most individuals will have to await the support to start in their phones before trying it out.

It is possible though Google will beef up its phone detection approaches in a future upgrade, but for the time being, Stadia is yours for the taking in the event that you’ve got an Android smartphone along with a good internet connection.

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