100% Working Nyaa Mirrors Sites and Alternatives for Watching Animes


    100% Working Nyaa Mirrors Sites and Alternatives for Watching Animes

    Today I’m going to share with you the 100% Working Nyaa Mirrors Sites and Alternatives for Watching Animes.

    From kids to youngsters, anime is a whole new world of entertainment to experience real-life stories as animated characters. The Internet has tens of thousands of websites that are loaded with anime content.

    One such extraordinary platform is Nyaa. A torrent website that allows you to download anime movies and tv series. No sign-up is required. When it comes to price, you don’t need a single penny for watching any of the high quality animated content present in Nyaa. 

    For the People of Eastern animation, there’s no anime hub other than Nyaa. If you have your own content, create an account and upload it to Nyaa. So that users of Nyaa will also watch your content.

    Sadly, this popular anime hub has been blocked and taken down from the web in many countries including Japan, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea and many others as well.

    Have you experienced any troubles while accessing Nyaa in your country? If yes, please stop trying multiple times and check out the Nyaa mirror sites listed below to unblock it.

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    What are Nyaa Proxy Sites?

    What are Nyaa Proxy Sites

    When the main domain of Nyaa is blocked or taken down, then Nyaa mirror sites will provide access to the original website by diverting geo-restrictions imposed by ISPs. 

    Therefore, use Nyaa proxy sites and unblock them without having any restrictions. These also provide a valuable security layer for protecting your device from malware.

    Therefore if you’re facing troubles while accessing the website, plenty of Nyaa mirror sites are listed below. Use them to unblock it.

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    What Happened to Nyaa?

    What Happened to Nyaa

    In 2017, multiple Nyaa domains were unreachable to the public and went offline in Japan, Australia, South Korea and US etc. Due to copyright infringement and the presence of pirated content is one of the reasons for taking Nyaa down from the web.

    Are you guys missing it? Don’t worry, we’ve Nyaa mirror sites. Check them out below and start downloading your favorite anime shows like before.

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    10 Best Nyaa Mirror Sites:

    10 Best Nyaa Mirror Sites

    All the mirror sites in the table below are only temporary proxies. We too don’t know when the staffers of Nyaa change the Nyaa mirror sites. Until then continue using the website without any interruptions.

    S.NoNyaa Mirror Sites/ProxiesStatusSpeed
    1Nyaa unblockOnlineVery Fast
    2Nyaa.euOnlineVery Fast
    3Nyaa ProxyOnlineFast
    5Nyaa TorrentOnlineFast
    6US Nyaa ProxyOnlineFast
    7Nyaa.siOnlineVery Fast
    8Yandex TorrentOnlineFast
    9Nyaa Proxy JapanOnlineFast
    10Nyaa BypassedOnlineVery Fast

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    Nyaa Mirror Sites Don’t Work? Here’s the Solution:

    Nyaa is blocked in many countries including Japan, US, Australia, South Korea and many more. As said above we can unblock any of the sites by using either proxies or a VPN service.

    Most of the people access their required websites by using a VPN. Because it hides the IP address and location of a device when connected online. Proxies are not permanent, staffers of websites change their domain names like the parent site.

    Therefore, if in case the above mentioned Nyaa mirror sites didn’t work, access it by enabling a VPN.

    Note – This article is only for educational purposes, we do not support any of the pirated sites by any means.

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    Best Nyaa Alternatives:

    1. Kick Ass Torrents:

    Kick Ass Torrents

    An incredible site for downloading movies, tv shows, anime, video games, music and others as torrent files. Like Nyaa, this too provides high quality content with a minimum file size of 1GB.

    For downloading torrents all you have to do is, visit the site from here and search for your content. After that, click on either a magnetic link or download like a file.

    The great feature in Kick Ass Torrents is the presence of screenshots and information for each and every file loaded in it. 

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    2. 1337X:


    Compared to other torrent sites, 1337X looks stunning with clean interface and well arranged categories. It’s advanced search function rides over the entire site in mere seconds and instantly provides the results of what you’ve searched.

    The best thing is no annoying ads and pop-ups will be displayed on the entire site. No registration is needed, browse and download any of your favorite content just by visiting the site.

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    3. Torrent Galaxy:

    Torrent Galaxy

    It has a huge collection of movies, tv shows, anime, music, video games, apps, docs, applications and other torrent files in all languages. Stream any of your favorites directly from the site. Also, download movies and tv show from 720p to 4k resolution.

    The interface of Torrent Galaxy looks a bit confusing, but it is easy to navigate through the site. The drawback with this site is annoying ads and pop-ups on every page. 

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    4. LimeTorrents:


    The site has a huge collection of torrent files such as movies, music, anime, video games, apps, tv shows and others. On its homepage everything related to size, upload status, quality, available peers, leechers, seeds and movie summary will be clearly displayed.

    The best thing is it also provides subtitle files for every movie, anime and tv show. No sign-up is required for accessing torrent files. Just visit the site and pick your files. 

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    5. ETTV:


    A zone for movies, tv shows, software, music, video games, anime and many others. ETTV has over 1M+ pages to browse and each of it contains multiple torrent files. To browse all of them, no wonder if it took years of time.

    If you’re interested in watching your favorites, prepare yourselves to download high resolution content. From 1080p to 4k the site ETTV has a wonderful collection and it never compromises in quality.

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    Is Nyaa Safe?

    Is Nyaa Safe

    Visiting torrent websites and downloading files is not safer. Because most of them contain pirated content and spammy links. When it comes to Nyaa, it is safe and reliable. However, to avoid security threats use antivirus software.

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    Ending the Article:

    Nyaa unblocking using proxy sites is one of the best ways to access the original site. All the above listed proxy links are online and load faster. If you face any difficulties while accessing it, use a VPN service and reload the page.

    If you found this article useful, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. Also pass it to your friends and bookmark this page for more interesting topics.

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