Pubg Mobile Death Race Mode Leaked: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

There has been a great buzz of the upcoming new mode in your favorite battle royale game PUBG Mobile, the game is all to launch the new mode called “Death Race”. It seems like they are trying to give a Racing theme to its game as they have already hinted us about it with its Season 10 “Fury of the Wasteland”

According to a new video on “Mr Ghost Gaming” YouTube channel, PUBG is hinting us about some new crossovers, and we can’t keep calm for it.

According to the video, the newest Death Rush mode is all based on Action Car Racing positioned in Miramar map and also the car have been outfitted with various firearms and weapons in the game. The video also demonstrates that players can select the cars and weapons of the own choice.

From this video, we can assume this mode must be based other Car Racing games where players will be defeating each other to the finish line. The gameplay appears like the Team Deathmatch in which two teams up to four gamers in every are pitted against one another and are assumed to kill or ruin the cars in this situation to win.

The spin here is that gamers might need to do so from inside the vehicle and they will not have the ability to escape it throughout the match. Each group will have three vehicles with no more than 2 players at each.

As there is no confirmed news yet, but if you’re interested in trying it right now, then the 0.16.0 beta version can be found online. You can try it by installing it, you may found some bugs as it is still not “stable”.

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