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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in short PUBG, the most popular Battle Royale game that took the internet by storm has shattered many records and has quickly emerged as the most popular game in its domain.

The unique Battle Royale game has quickly caught the attention of Millions of gamers and everyone is really enjoying and are testing their mettle by challenging unknown players in the battlegrounds and taking them down with modern weapons.

The survival game features a very unique game theme. Not everyone becomes a winner. You need to survive in order to be the winner. If you love tasting the Chicken Dinners in PUBG then you need to master the art of playing PUBG.

If your victories happened by luck then make them permanent by following some useful PUBG Tricks that will turn you to be a professional PUBG player.

In this article, we will be revealing some Best and most handy PUBG Tricks & Hacks to Play like a PRO. So keep your eyes on these tricks and be the best survivor.

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Best PUBG Tricks & Hacks:

One of the Best thing about PUBG is that it inherits the real world game dynamics perfectly and the combats will be with the real world players. So one has to have a clear understanding of the real world combats in order be a good PUBG player. You need to think and act like real world soldier and has to use your mind power as well.

So here we have listed some PUBG tips that will instantly turn a beginner into an expert PUBG player instantly.

#1 Hit the Right spot –

pubg tricks

You need to be wise while choosing the right spot to land safely and continue your race against survival. In PUBG if you land at the wrong spot at right then you may end up the game in just a few minutes or at times just as soon as you land.

The best tip is to land at a spot where you find decent loot with less number of players.

While you were in the air before landing keep an eye on the map to identify which spot is heavily crowded with players and it is better to avoid them initially.

#2 Early Bird Catches Worm!

pubg tricks

The first thing you need to do as soon as you land is to collect the loot. Don’t focus on shooting immediately, Instead just collect the loot.

Once you are dead in PUBG you are done for the game. You don’t have multiple chances. To increase your win chances collect weapons, ammo and armory. You’ll find decent loot scattered around in buildings and supply crate drops.

You will end up looting the most in PUBG loot maps like Military Base, Pochinki, School, Hospital on Erangel & Hacienda del Patrón, Pecado, Los Leones, Campo Militar, EL Pozo on Miramar.

#3 Hunt Like Cheetah –

pubg tricks
Credits – BeanTheGoalie

Re-emphasizing the fact that PUBG has some pretty good real-world game motions and dynamics. You need to be able to judge the right time to shoot at the target. Don’t just shoot immediately as soon as you see the target.

Only shoot when you’re in range, else you will end up dying. To reduce this learn the art of attacking in silence. Hunt like Cheetah, get a close shot, lock, load and fire!

#4 Keep an Eye on Map –

Always keep an eye on the map. PUBG maps are very important for keeping an edge over the game. Keep checking the area for every now and then. It will take time to get familiarize with the map, but is totally worth getting habituated to check the map. You might be aware that in PUBG the map shrinks. Keeping an eye on the map will help you to reach to a safe zone at the earliest.

#5 Stay Calm and Keep Moving!

You need to be very quiet while moving across the Battle Grounds. Again this is because, just like in the real world, in PUBG, even a small sound will get noticed and draws the attention of the other players.

So better stay calm. It is suggested to move on barefoot as it will help you be unnoticed by other players in some environments. Don’t worry your speed won’t get affected when you move on barefoot. Staying calm is the key PUBG strategy to make presence felt.

#6 The Bait Trick –

The best thing about the PUBG is its principle, “Survival of the fittest”. You win more, you need to kill more. If you wish to kill more people without shedding your blood we will share a clever trick that actually works. Just find a safe place and hide so that no one sees you.

Now drop any of the best weapon or Armour you own on the floor in such a way that other players notice it. Now kill the players who come for it.

#7 The PUBG frying PAN –

pubg tricks

PUBG features countless modern combat weapons, but there is a weird weapon that actually sounds a bit funny as well when you hear it. The Ultimate PUBG frying PAN.

Yes, you heard it right. The extremely popular game features a frying pan as a weapon and it comes very handy. It helps you dodge bullets. You can wave it accurately and escape from incoming bullets. So next time you see a frying pan just equip it. No bullet can penetrate the frying pan.

#8 Use Silencers (Suppressors) –

Now, this is one of the PUBG cheats which most people don’t know. Your opponents can easily detect your location by your firing sound. But you can decrease the gunfire sound by attaching a suppressor in your gun. All major guns can be attached by Suppressors in PUBG Mobile. It doesn’t lower the bullet damage.

#9 Use headphones –

Well, many PUBG experts suggest that the game can be enjoyed to fullest with headphones. The game has a 3D surround sound. One advantage of playing with headphones is that it helps you to take notice of the incoming players by listening to their footsteps. Also, it helps you communicate and listen to calls of your squad mates and act wisely. So enjoy the game with sound.

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Ending the Article –

These are some of the coolest and most handy tips that are followed by pro-PUBG players and these tips help you win Chicken Dinners for the day.

What’s your PUBG Strategy to get the most chicken dinners.

Are you a professional PUBG player? Have something to share? Add more tips and tricks and share your experience with other players.

Drop your thoughts in comments below.

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