Download RAMExpander Apk: Increase Ram in Your Android


Download RAMExpander Apk

Today I’m going to share with you Download RAMExpander Apk, Increase Ram in Your Android.

Don’t you have enough space to download your favorite files or you guys are frustrated by receiving regular low space notifications? Don’t worry, this is the most common problem for handheld devices.

Even though you have the option for storage expansion, how much do you afford to store all your stuff? It doesn’t make you happy and comfortable. 

But, if you do so, this problem can be solved by installing an application. What you heard is true. I’m not talking about any cloud platforms. There’s an app called RAMExpander that is designed to boost up your device’s RAM.

Every one of us looks for a phone holding so many features, and most importantly, good RAM. This is the most common thing that most people prefer for better performance and to do smoother operations.

If you have a low-cost phone, you must have gone through this every little time in your life. Lack of memory on android devices is a big problem continuing for years. 

To overcome this issue, RAMExpander Apk from Roehsoft lets you boost up the memory of your device with a single click. Sounds great, right. RAMExpander Apk uses devices free space to serve as additional RAM.

This can be done with the help of a SWAP file by using the SD card. So that you’ll get space to download as many resources as you want. 

The main motto of RAMExpander apk is to boost up the RAM and is specially designed for all those people who don’t have devices with more RAM.

Here, we are going to give you in-depth information about the RAMExpander apk and how it gives your device a boost. Continue reading to know more about Roehsoft RAM Expander Apk.

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What is RamExpander Apk?

What is RamExpander Apk

It is one of the most powerful apps that help you to expand the amount of available memory. Having a phone with good memory automatically improves the functionality of your device. You will experience the easy and smooth running which everyone desires.

Increasing Ram also helps you to run multiple applications simultaneously. In addition, with a greater level of RAM, you can easily play games without any hassles. When you install this application on your device, you don’t need to close any of the taskbars to optimize your memory.

The maximum possible amount of RAM you can create with this application is more than 2.0 GB. But the programmers still plan to increase this figure, so that you can receive an extreme level of benefits. But wait, before going to download and install this RAMExpander APK, let’s check what you need:

  • Rooted Android Device
  • High-Speed SD card 
  • SWAP supported Android device
  • Roehsoft RAM Expander (SWAP)

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Technical Details of RamExpander Apk:

App Name RamExpander
Size 5.87 MB
Downloads 1M+
Rating 3.5+
Developer Roehsoft
Category Tools
Version 3.63
Required Permissions Storage and Others

Features of RAMExpander:

  • RAMExpander is available in both German and English languages.
  • With this app, you can expand your phone memory to a great extent.
  • Internal storage or SD Card can be used as virtual RAM.
  • Easy-to-use and compatible with most of the Android devices.
  • Hassle-free, flexible, and user-friendly.
  • It is 100 percent safe and does not contain any ads.

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How to Increase Memory Using RamExpander Apk?

How to Increase Memory Using RamExpander Apk

RAMExpander is the ultimate solution for expanding RAM. This app creates a SWAP file on your device by using the SD card. To do it, all you need is a rooted android device. The swap files can be used as virtual memory in your device.

The RAMExpander apk doesn’t make any changes to your actual RAM. So, what it does is, creates a SWAP file using your SD card or device internal storage. This SWAP file works as virtual memory and boosts up the memory of your device.

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How does RAMExpander work:

How does RAMExpander work

The RAMExpander apk uses a portion of your device storage space or SD Card space to serve as extra RAM.

The application creates virtual RAM which is known as a SWAP file technically. When your physical RAM is unable to fulfill any task, this virtual RAM helps you to fulfill any of the tasks hassle-free.

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How to Download and Install Roehsoft RAMExpander Apk?

How to Download and Install Roehsoft RAMExpander Apk

Most Android users face insufficient RAM issues at the time of downloading and playing high-end applications or games. In most cases, the phone gets to hang, and you have to restart your device again and again.

It is tough to upgrade the RAM of your Android device without replacing it. But with the help of RAMExapander, you’ll get some space. This memory increaser tool is also officially available in the Google PlayStore for free of cost.

But, to experience all of its features, download this memory increaser via Apk file. To do it, follow the step-by-step guide detailed below.

1. First, use the link given below and redirect to a webpage called Onedrive.

2. After visiting the site, you’ll see multiple versions of the memory expander. Go for the latest one to download.

3. On the next page, hit the ‘Start download’ button and allow the memory increaser Apk file for download.

4. When done, visit the ‘Downloads’ section on your browser and tap on the file to begin the installation process

5. If you face any errors, head to device settings and visit ‘Apps and Permissions’ > ‘Manage Apps’.

6. There you’ll see all the applications installed on your device. 

7. Select ‘Browser’ and allow the option “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

8. Finally, repeat the process of installing the memory expander as did previously.

Make a Compatibility Test:

Before starting the process, you have to check whether your phone is compatible with the Roehsoft ram expander apk or not. For this, you need an application named Memory info & Swapfile Check. To do a compatibility test, follow the below process.

  • Launch the application and click on the enable the storage permission.
  • If the app is compatible with your device and Android version, tap on “Start RAM EXPANDER TEST HERE”.
  • Now select the path for the SWAP file either internal storage or Micro SD card. It’s your choice. We prefer SD Card.
  • On the next screen, hit the “Tap for result” button.
  • A notification will pop up on the screen. If it says “Congratulations”, your device is fully compatible with the RAMExpander Apk.

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Steps to Increase RAM size with RAMExpander:

Steps to Increase RAM size with RAMExpander

Create a SWAP file to convert SD space into virtual RAM. For this, root access is compulsory. Let’s have a look at what you require for memory expansion.

  • A rooted Android device.
  • 4 GB SD card. To get better results, use high-class SD cards.

Procedure to Follow:

To expand the memory of your device, first, you have to install the Roehsoft ram expander apk on your device. After the installation, give storage permission, root access, and follow the below guide.

  • Select storage: First, you have to set a storage location on your device where you want to create the SWAP file.
  • Creating a SWAP file: To create a file, tap on the SWAP, and enter the memory manually that you want to create. Insert a value for RAM (1 GB). After that, click on the optimal values.
  • Select RAM According to Your Needs: Here, choose the RAM for your needs from the 4 options. Those are balanced, gamers, net gamers, and Multitasking. 
  • Make a Good Choice: To enhance your gaming performance, choose net gamers. If you’d like to improve overall performance, click on the balanced option. For better multi-tasking, select Multitasking. To increase or decrease the value manually, click on the cancel button.

Once you’ve chosen an option, the application will start creating a swap file for your device. If you choose the SWAP file manually, you have to click on the SWAP ACTIVE button; otherwise, it will automatically start creating a swap file.

So, here I entered 1024MB, but this app creates a swap file of 807MB according to the space you have left in your SD card. In this process, this apk will automatically detect and set a low memory as per your device compatibility.

  • Check the Virtual Memory: After completing the process of creating virtual memory or SWAP file, you can check them. But, when you visit the device setting option, you won’t see any changes in your memory. Check it by opening Roehsoft RamExpander Apk and tap on the VMEM storage space.

Once you create a virtual memory or virtual RAM, your android device will work like a pro. You’ll never face performance issues again and again.

You can see the changes on your android device. It works faster and smoother. Run any of the games on your Android device with this memory expander apk.  

All in all, RamExpander Apk claims to be more effective than any other tool because of the above-discussed features. Most smartphones offer enough RAM nowadays, and this is why it sets an example for performing multitasking works.

So if you need more RAM for better performance, download RamExpander Apk and convert your device like a premium one.

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Important Guidelines:

There are few important things that you should know before downloading RamExpander Apk.

  • Make sure you have a minimum of class 4 external SD Card.
  • The RAMExpander application will only work on a rooted device.
  • You should check whether your device is compatible with the native app or not. Once you install the app, it will automatically check for device compatibility.

Most of the time, you sit with your phone and decide which kind of stuff you want to delete to make some space. It is really difficult to discard your memories.

But still, with a heavy heart, you are forced to do this. But there is no need to hurt yourself from now on because here is the super amazing Ram Expander free download that will take care of your device space.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does RamExpander Apk Really Work?

Yes, it really works and is proven by so many users. Almost thousands of people download this tool every month to give a boost to their devices.

2. Is It Good for Gaming?

Improving the virtual RAM will not help to boost the gaming performance, but it keeps your device more active as compared to the others. 

3. Can I Improve the Performance of My Android Phone?

Yes, of course, you will see the change after installing RamExpander Apk on your device. It doesn’t make any drastic changes but improves RAM for all your needs 

4. What Are the Advantages of Having More RAM?

Having more RAM means having better performance and lag-free operations. It keeps your device very light and runs any of the applications without hassles.

5. How to Download RamExpander Apk?

To download the memory expander tool, use the link given above and redirect to a page called “Onedrive.” Once you visit the site, you will see the different versions of the memory expander.

Go for the latest version and hit the “Start download” button. When done, visit the downloads section to check the file.

6. Is Roehsoft RamExpander Apk Free?

Roehsoft RAM Expander APK is free to download and use. No in-app purchases are required. You can download it officially from Google Play Store or go for the RamExpander Apk file.

7. Is It Legal to Use?

Yes, it’s a fully authorized and trusted apk that anyone can download and install on their device legally. The Apk file website we used in this post is safe and secure.

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Ending the Article:

If you are someone who feels sad to delete the files from your phone to free up space. Stop thinking about it. Making a place for new stuff is always exciting but deleting the memories is worse.

To overcome this problem, download and install this memory increaser tool and keep all your stuff without facing any performance issues. You don’t have to worry about low RAM, RamExpander Apk will take care of it by converting SD Card space into virtual RAM. 

By going through the above-discussed content on RAM expander free download, you can learn how you can make free space in your android device without performing any tough tasks.

So, give this app a chance and share your reviews and experience with us in the comment section below.

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