How To Remove Background From Any Image In One Click On Android


remove background from image in android

Remove background from image in android

What if I tell you the ridiculous backgrounds which are ruining your mesmerizing photos can be removed from it that too in one click and can be given a whole new look which will be beautiful and charming just like you.

Yes, I’m not in the parallel universe, that thing can actually be done and to be honest it’s simpler than you would’ve thought.

Without further due let’s get started with the tutorial. Here I am going to use an Android App which is sized only 1.9 MB.

The App is called Background Eraser. Background Eraser is the most trusted and renowned App for the task. It stands out of all of all the other Apps to be the best.

There is also an App called Crello which does the same work. Crello – Not only does this background removal tool help with photo editing on Android, but it also offers hundreds of templates to customize and design original visuals for your social media, websites, and even print materials. Feel free to use Crello’s library of premium pictures and royalty-free stock photos or download your own files to remove backgrounds or apply dozens of other effects.

Features of Crello:

  • You can choose among 50K+ original templates to design content of 70+ different formats.
  • You can use a massive media library of animations, video, and audio files to add to your visuals.
  • You have access to over a million premium pictures to edit in Crello’s drag-and-drop editor as you wish.

  • Besides background removal, you can use many editing features: apply filters, change colors, add text or animations, resize your images, crop or rotate them, change transparency, blur, and more.

Steps To Remove Background from image in Android –

1. First of all, download and install the Background Eraser App on your Android.

2. Then, open the App, and you will see options such a mentioned in the below screenshot. You have to click on “Load a Photo”.

remove background from image in android

3. Then, you have to simply select the photo in which you want to erase the background and crop the unwanted part.

4. Once, the cropping is completed, tap on “Done”.

remove background from image in android

5. Now, you will see multiple options like Manual, Auto and Eraser. As far my knowledge goes, selecting the Auto option will be the safest if you do care about the quality of your photo.

6. After the completion of the process, if you feel that something went wrong, then simply go back and click on “Eraser” to get things done.

7. If you’re now satisfied with your image then, click on “Done” and remove always to keep the smoothness at the top to maintain the level of smoothness of your photo.

8. And, then at last click on “Finish” to complete the process. After that, you can see the final Image in your desired background.

Thus, was the tutorial to remove the background from any image on Android.

Video Tutorial –

Alternatives –

Although, Background Eraser is a full-fledged App and you don’t need anything else if you have it, but still, if you need an alternative to do the same task then you can rely on –

1. PhotoLayers –  It is not just made to remove background from image in Android but also add up to 11 pictures at the same time to create a photo montage. If you need an artistic feel with your image and want to a bit more creative with your pictures, then you can surely go with PhotoLayers. The tutorial to use PhotoLayers is almost same.remove background from image in android

Features of PhotoLayers –

  • You can make crystal clear photo montages with a very simple process.
  • You can add up to 11 pictures at the same time to create a photo montage.
  • You can also change the color tone of your photo to give it a more artistic look.
  • The App does contain ads, but they won’t disturb you while doing your task. It’s very smooth with its process.

2. TouchRetouchIt is also a very cool App. It is not a background remover App, but it is a Blemish remover. So, it will remove the small and big objects in your background which is ruining your image. The Applications is so accurate that you can even remove minor objects from the background to make the final image flawless.remove background from image in android

I would like to assure all of you that the Applications are just perfect at their task and won’t disappoint you.

BackGround Eraser, Photolayers, and TouchRetouch are rated very good on Google Playstore, and all of them have great reviews.

Many times our photos go rogue, and we are not able to capitalize on our great photos of poor backgrounds, but if you will use these Applications properly and master them, then you would be able to conserve most of your photos, instead of dumping them. And easily remove photo background to make your memorable photos likable again.

These Apps are specially made for those people who wants to revamp their ugly photos to make something nice of it.

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Ending the Article –

In the end of the article, I want to say that all the Apps are perfect for the purpose, so do not have any second thoughts while using these Applications and follow the tutorial properly to carry out the process perfectly.

Hence, was my views to remove background from image in Android. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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