12 Sites Like IGG Games (Best IGG Games Alternatives)


    12 Sites Like IGG Games (Best IGG Games Alternatives)

    Today I’m going to share with you the 12 Sites Like IGG Games (Best IGG Games Alternatives).

    Providing relevant and useful content is my top priority. So keeping this enthusiasm continues, I am here with another interesting topic “sites like IGG games“. 

    Yes friends, if you are the one who likes to live in the virtual world which is created in real life like games, there is no doubt that you haven’t heard and used IGG games. Right?

    But I know there are game lovers who have been in a dilemma: is IGG games safe? or is it a legit website? or always try to find out about other websites like IGG games.

    So do not worry, I am going to reveal some IGG games alternatives and will try to clear all the doubts of this blog’s readers.

    So fasten your seatbelt, we are going to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge.

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    What Is IGG Games?

    What Is IGG Games

    The IGG games were founded in 2006 and headquartered in China. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile game platforms in the world. IGG tends to “I Got Games” and is also known as “Internet Gaming Gate”.

    It is known as the most popular platform that provides a massive collection of premium games having a great library of games from various categories like Racing, Adventure, Action, Life simulation, and many more. 

    On this platform, you will get a nice and well-explained description of each game which includes information about the game’s developer, its release date, publisher, release date, genre and much more.

    Each game page contains multiple server options to download that particular game, all you need is high-speed internet to download your favourite games and other related stuff.

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    Features of IGG Games:

    Features of IGG Games

    • Simple and easily navigational user interface.
    • The latest games from various categories are available.
    • Direct download links are available from multiple servers.
    • All the games are completely free for everyone, no subscription fee required.
    • All the details or information is available for each listed games.
    • Available for all countries.
    • Highly compatible, the users can access this website on their smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop from any location.

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    Why Is the IGG Game’s Website Not Working?

    Why Is the IGG Game's Website Not Working

    The website is facing several issues like a copyright issue, pirated content henceforth it is running down temporarily. This is indeed bad news for all the games lovers because mostly they are not able to find its substitute on the internet.

    But don’t worry, In this article, I am going to reveal some sites like IGG games so that all the game lovers can keep continuing playing the various games and can entertain themselves. 

    Here is the list of the top 12 IGG games alternatives:

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    1. Ocean of Games:

    Ocean of Games

    It is one of the best sites like IGG games and as its name suggests, it is actually the ocean of Games with the thousands of games listed in various categories such as Adventure, Action, Fighting, Shooting, Racing, Puzzle, Horror, Arcade, Simulation, sports and many more.

    All the games are well organized and categorized so that a person is not sure which game he likes to pay for, he/she can easily go with the categories.

    Downloading any game from this website is completely free and it also provides a guide to fix some common errors which occur while playing the game.


    • All the games are available for one click download.
    • A detailed description of each game.
    • Multiple servers are available to download.
    • Neat and clean user interface.
    • Minimum gaming requirements.
    • Guided instruction with screenshots to help the users.

    It does not have any drawbacks and offers completely the same features as IGG games which makes it the best websites like IGG games but the only missing thing is that there is not a report option.

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    2. Corepack:


    Corepack is one of the best IGG games alternatives which offers repacks and updates of PC games. It not only provides a collection of amazing games but also offers a friendly community of the gaming world where you can chit chat with another games lover.

    This is a platform that offers games for fans with the modified version as well.

    If you search for the sites like IGG games, you can end your search here because you will get almost every repacks which you won’t get anywhere else.


    • Fast loading speed.
    • Simple and clean interface.
    • All updates and a recent version of games.
    • Most trending games on the home page.

    No doubt it is the perfect place for all the games lovers who are addicted to games, but the only disadvantage I have observed i.e the third party downloading links with repacks.

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    3. Apun Ka Games:

    Apun Ka Games

    There are plenty of free games available for users. Various categories are listed there which contain a collection of games in which you can browse your favourite game.

    The best thing and the most attractive part of this website which makes this platform the best sites like IGG games is that the games are well organized. you can even get the game by the category like 100, 200, 300…500MB.


    • Free games are available for direct download.
    • Multiple downloading files with ZIP format.
    • Super organized games category.
    • Neat and clean user interface.

    It has all the features which a game lover is searching for. The only disadvantage I have observed is that the games are available only for PC. This is the only thing that limits its users to access it on any device.

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    4. GameTop:


    Other sites like IGG games offer free, latest and online games from various gaming categories. The platform has 1000+ high-quality games that can be downloaded without any restrictions.


    • Allow rating any of the game
    • Detailed subscript of game requirement and all other information
    • The site gets updated with a new game every 60 hours
    • Easily navigational category with simple user interface
    • No restriction, no registration required

    As such, I didn’t find any drawback but what I observed is that the games are not available platform wise. And the other is it has a limited number of games as compared to the other websites like IGG games.

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    5. AllGamesAtoZ:


    It is an amazing and interesting platform for gamers who want to download games from various categories which can be explored freely. The features and working of this website are similar to IGG games that is why I have categorized it in the list of sites like IGG games.

    The downloaded games can run easily on PC, Retro, Console and many other devices. The games on this site can be browsed and downloaded either via genres and platform basis.


    • All games are available for free.
    • The latest games and their news are available on the home page.
    • The games can be downloaded platform and genre-wise.
    • The games can review any game.
    • The downloading and installation tutorial is available for every game.

    The only flaw I have observed while using this website is that there is a lack of screenshots but apart from it, it is completely user friendly.

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    6. Itch.io:


    It provides a platform to all gamers where they can download and upload indie games. This platform is ideal for game developers as well as it gives the option to upload their game.

    Basically, it is an online community and marketplace for gamers that not only allows them to download their favourite game but also permits them to showcase their own developed game.


    • Preview your game from the home page.
    • Browse games via tags, categories, platform, price and other multiple filters.
    • Not only limited to the games but also provide ample opportunities to download soundtracks, Tools, and comics etc.

    Although it is a wonderful platform, according to me not all games are for free may disappoint you at some point.

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    7. GOG:


    One of the finest platforms for gaming where the gamers can find tons of games for various platforms like MAC, Windows, Linux. It offers both free as well as paid games, so if you don’t want to play paid games, you can opt for free games from multiple categories.

    The users are allowed to choose the exact name of the game and browse any games by applying filters like genres, size and category.:


    • Multiple filters can be applied at the same time that gives you a better and exact result
    • Support is available, so if you have any confusion you can contact its supports.
    • Vast selection of titles
    • Free goodies and many more benefits

    The only drawback I have noticed is that a few games are available on this website, else it is one of the best IGG games alternatives sites over the internet.

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    8. MegaGames:


    A perfect resource for hardcore gamers who love to play games with cheat codes and wants to stay updated with upcoming games news, want to preview the game in demo video or preview.

    It is one of the gamers community which is known for its huge game collection. because of its amazing features, it is one of the best sites like IGG games which has become the largest archive for user-generated content that is why it perfect for hardcore gamers.


    • Plenty of games and gaming content.
    • Collection of cheat codes for almost all the available games.
    • The gamers are allowed to contribute to the platform.
    • The users can rate any of the site content.

    If I ignore the loading speed of the website, there is no other flaw I have seen while using it.

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    9. Ova Games:

    Ova Games

    If you are finding the best IGG games alternatives, this website might be your last search because it has plenty of interesting features where you can download several cracked games and repack without paying any fee.

    It has almost every game that is being searched by users over the internet.


    • With the latest version of any game, the other previous versions of that game.
    • Multiple mirror links are available to download any game.
    • A detailed and informative description of each game.
    • Proper screenshots with each game are available.
    • Requirement details to run the game.
    • Multiple download link from various servers.

    As this website provides free and cracked versions of games, the only drawback I have noticed is that it has a lot of annoying pop ads which take you to another third party platform.

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    10. Skidrow Games:

    Skidrow Games

    It is a web-based platform specially designed for all the hardcore gamers who can find their favourite game’s cracked version. It is acknowledged as the world’s best game sites like IGG games.

    It is a wonderful place and a wide option of games to download from the list of around 2000+ games. It is a one-stop solution for all game lovers.


    • Regular game updates.
    • Offers cracked versions of games from various categories.
    • Game updates and repacks are available for free.
    • Fewer pop ads.
    • Multiple servers link to download the games.

    I did not find any flaws while using it. It depends on the user but I have not found any drawbacks in this website personally.

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    11. noSTEAM:


    It would be completely fair with this website if I say it is a perfect place for both newcomers and advanced game lovers who want to stay updated with all the information related to the newly launched games. This website has a huge database which allows the gamer to find their favourite game on this site.

    With all these benefits, it has become the best websites like IGG games where you can easily search and download your desired game by applying various filters simultaneously.


    • The search bar on the top allows the users to search the game by its exact name.
    • Tons of game for everyone.
    • No registration, no subscription required.
    • Multiple download links for a single game.
    • Neat and clean interface.
    • Well categorized for easy navigation.

    The only drawback I have witnessed is its annoying ads. I was fed up with third party advertisements.

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    12. GamerSky:


    This is another popular sites like IGG games which feature tons of games in a single place. The majority of users on this website are from China because its developers belong to China but it is famous across the globe.

    The website is by default set in Chinese but the users can change it into English.


    • A huge database of games.
    • Games are available for multiple platforms.
    • Multiple popular categories for games.
    • The user can browse by the year.
    • Plenty of information related to download and installation.

    No drawback but the popping advertisements are annoying.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Are the Downloaded Games from These Igg Games Alternative Websites Safe?

    This is a big question for many gamers. In my opinion, if you go with paid versions you can minimize the risk of downloading viruses and malicious content but free versions of any software over the internet may come with a little bit of risk.

    So use your own sense to make any decision.

    2. From Where I Can Get Paid and Safe Sites Like Igg Games?

    If you are a professional game player and playing games is equally important like eating, breathing, I always recommend downloading games from authentic websites which offer premium membership or subscription.

    Some paid websites like IGG games are Microsoft Games,  Softpedia, Steam, Origin.

    3. What Are the Free and Legal Sites Like Igg Games?

    There are many alternatives to IGG games but I really believe in some websites and haven’t seen any phishing activity.

    Some are them are Gametop, BGames, FreeGamePick, MyRealGames. It might possible that you may face some limitations but all these are secure and safe to use.

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    Ending of the Article:

    Technology plays a key role in our life, it has been evolving year by year we are inclining more towards the gadgets like computer, smartphone and tablets.

    These devices are suitable for fulfilling the needs of gamers who love to indulge in playing games all the time. This quest gives a boost to the platform like IGG and the sites like IGG games.

    IGG games website is a hub for gamers, in the absence of it, all the gamers try to find the IGG games alternatives.

    There might be other reasons for switching from IGG to other websites like IGG games, one of them is safety. People always try to search, are IGG games safe? or not. Due to copyright issues, IGG games were running down for many days. 

    This article is nothing but a clear cut answer to all those gamers who have been searching for IGG games alternatives all the time.

    I hope you like the information provided in this post, I yes do share it with your hardcore gamer friends let him/her take advantage of this article.

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