10 Best Sites like Zooqle: Top Alternatives to Zooqle 2021


    Top Alternatives to Zooqle 2021

    Today I’m going to share with you the 10 Best Sites like Zooqle, Top Alternatives to Zooqle.

    Have you guys ever downloaded a movie from torrent sites? Zooqle is one of them. The internet’s most popular site has a massive database of films, video games, tv-shows, applications and others.

    It hosts only verified torrents, that’s why most people worldwide use it daily for downloading their required content without any fear of malware. From olden goldies to the latest blockbusters this torrent site Zooqle has 696 content from all film industries.

    Also download subtitles instantly for bridging the language gap. One great feature that other torrent sites do not include. 

    Another advantage with Zooqle is, it provides multiple magnetic links of different qualities for each and every media file.

    So that the process becomes very easy for downloading torrents whenever you want. In order to access it, all you need is a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

    If you guys are interested in torrent sites, here in this article we’ve collected some best Zooqle alternatives. Check them out below and download your favourite movies, video games and tv shows for free.

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    10 Best Sites Like Zooqle:

    To download movies from these Zooqle alternatives or any other torrent sites, you have to install a torrent downloader application from the official Android or iOS platforms. Otherwise you can’t access torrent files or magnetic links.

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    1. YTS:


    It is also known as YIFY. A golden site for downloading movies in both 720p and 1080p resolutions at absolutely no cost through a sharing module called Bittorrent. A simple and user-friendly interface with attractive colours enables you to look through every title.

    The search bar,  unique sorting option and well designed pages make it very easy for users to navigate around the site. No login required. Whatever the movie you want, search it in YTS and download with an amazing speed i.e if you have a stable internet connection of at least 5MB/s, then you’ll be able to download a 1GB of file in just 2 or 3 minutes.

    All files in YTS are available in the form of magnetic links or bit torrents. The only disadvantage with this site is, you can’t find a movie unless you don’t know the name of it.

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    2. Pirate Bay:

    Pirate Bay

    Another wonderful website that allows users of the internet to search, contribute magnet links and torrent files in an endless way. It has a huge collection of movies, ebooks, applications, video games, video games, tv shows, audio and others.

    Most of the users love this feature. Pirate Bay is a user contributed platform i.e login to the site, upload any of your own torrent files and share them with the world. For downloading purposes, you don’t need to sign up.

    A drawback with Pirate Bay is, it doesn’t provide any meta links. Also, except context the site has nothing to display. Interestingly, saving torrents from the Pirate Bay website is very easy, just select category > choose file and use magnetic link or download as a BitTorrent either anonymously/privately.

    Before proceeding, avoid annoying ads and pop-ups on every page.

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    3. Kick Ass Torrents:

    Kick Ass Torrents

    One of the best Zooqle alternatives for downloading movies, tv shows, anime, video games, music, applications and others as torrent files. Like YTS, this too provides only high quality movies with a minimum file size of 1GB.

    Sometimes Kick Ass Torrents site URL can’t be accessible or it upgrades to a new domain name. For downloading torrents all you have to do is, visit the site from here and search for files.

    After that, click on either a magnetic link or download it like a file. The best thing in Kick Ass Torrents is, presence of screenshots and information for each and every file.

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    4. 1337X:


    It has cool features when compared to other torrent sites. 1337X looks stunning with a clean interface and very well arranged categories i.e it organizes everything perfectly and attractively.

    No admitting ads/pop-ups will be displayed in the entire site. Several people visit 1337X daily because of this uniqueness. Browse movies, tv shows, anime, video games, applications, documentaries, music and others are freely available to download.

    The advanced search function looks over the entire site in a mere seconds and instantly provides results. In order to upload a file in 1337X, you’ve to log in. For downloading purposes, no account is required.

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    5. Torrent Galaxy:

    Torrent Galaxy

    If you’re looking for a unique solution to download different torrent files of all languages in one single place, then Torrent Galaxy is the best choice we’ve got. Browse movies, tv shows, anime, music, video games, apps, docs and others without any restrictions.

    The interface of Torrent Galaxy looks a bit confusing, but it is easy to navigate. Find whatever you want in a fraction of seconds by using the search or go by categories. Stream movies and tv shows directly from the site.

    Also, download movies and tv show from 720p to 4k resolution. The process is simple, click on either the magnetic link or torrent file option and your download will start automatically.

    However, some ads and pop-ups will force open on every page. Avoid those and proceed.

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    6. LimeTorrents:


    An ad-free site packed with tonnes of torrent files such as movies, music, anime, video games, apps, tv shows and others. The simplistic design makes it easy to navigate between contexts.

    LimeTorrents displays every detail like size, upload status, quality available peers, leechers, seeds and movie summary etc. The interface looks clean and intuitive. When you deeply observe its layout, the colour combination really looks like a peaked lemon.

    Similar to YTS, you can’t find a file unless you don’t know the name of it. But the great thing is, the site LimeTorrents provides subtitles along with movies, anime and tv shows. It clearly specifies the sizes of content hidden inside the link. 

    To download a file in LimeTorrents all you have to do is, search using keywords and tap on the magnetic link tag. Finally, choose the torrent app in the notification shade to access the file.

    The same process applies for everything available on the site. No sign-ups are required for accessing torrent files.

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    7. ETTV:


    An excellent Zooqle alternative that is embedded with a huge database of movies, tv shows, software, music, video games, anime, books and many others.

    ETTV looks like an empty page, but when you dig deeper the real magic comes out i.e the site has over 1M+ pages and each of it contains bulk amounts of torrents from top to bottom. To browse all of them, no wonder if it took years of time.

    If you’re interested in watching movies, prepare yourselves to download high resolution content. From 1080p to 4k the site ETTV never compromises in quality.

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    8. iDope:


    It’s a tribute to Kick Ass Torrents. The site iDope has marvelous features for users who mostly stay in torrents. Browse and download movies, apps, tv shows, video games, anime, music and others without any sort of disturbance.

    The process is simple, just search for a file through keywords and hit on the magnetic link. Privacy simplified search function doesn’t track you at all. Because of this most people visit iDope daily for safe browsing.

    Every file detail are displayed in a table that contains size, date, name of uploader, available seeds and leechers. No annoying ads and pop-ups are displayed on the entire site.

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    9. Magnet DL:

    Magnet DL

    A minimalistic BitTorrent platform that may or may not contain many files. It looks like a data sheet with a clean and user-friendly interface. Like iDope, this too doesn’t display annoying ads and pop-ups anywhere in the site.

    Browse and download movies, tv shows, video games, e-books, music, software and other torrent files without any hassles. MagnetDL mostly focuses on the latest releases and popular content. If you spend $3.75 per month, it enables unlimited bandwidth, full encryption, no traffic logs etc.

    The process of downloading any of the files in MagnetDL is very easy. To do it, simply search your file through keywords and click on the magnetic link. You don’t need to search for subtitles anywhere else, the SRT file automatically generated when the download is finished.

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    10. RARBG:


    It has loads of torrents in every category. An organized interface helps you find any of the files easily even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. RARBG is blocked in the UK, Portugal, Denmark and some other countries because of providing pirated content.

    But many users are still accessing it by using VPN. Like Zooqle, download movies, tv shows, software, games, music and others.

    Also watch trailers within the site without visiting YouTube. The best thing is, availability of 1080p to 4k prints. If you’d like to know the quality, view the screenshots and proceed to download.

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    Is Zooqle Safe?

    Using torrents is illegal because all the content available in those sites are copyrighted files. Websites like Zooqle may pose a greater risk while accessing them and some contain viruses or malware.

    If you’d like to use those risky sites, use a VPN and protect yourselves from curious eyes and unknown trackers.

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    Ending the Article:

    All the sites listed above are one of the best Zooqle alternatives we’ve found on the internet. Don’t look anywhere else, bookmark our page and download all your required torrents with just a single tap.

    If you face any troubles while opening the websites described above, enable VPN and refresh the page once. Even though it didn’t work, reach us through the comment section.

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