Some Facebook tricks you never know

 Facebook tricks

This post is about some Facebook tricks and hacks. Many people believe that Facebook has loosed it’s charm and it is not driving youth like before, but still it is the largest social networking website in the world with little over 1.49 Billion active people every month.

But the real question is that how much you know about Facebook? Are you completely aware of it’s dark art and skills of Facebook. In this post I’m gonna share with you some really handy tips and tricks about Facebook you probably Don’t know and it will change your way of using Facebook forever, make it sleeker and smoother. Highly Recommended – Some Facebook Messenger tricks you never Know.

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Below are some Facebook tricks and hacks you never know

Facebook tricks – 


1. Accept or Reject all Facebook Friend request at once – 

Open Google Chrome Web Browser and Go to Chrome Web store, then you have to go to chrome extension named “Facebook Friends Request Accept/Reject”. After adding the extension, you can see a small icon on the top right corner. Now you login in your Facebook account and pen your friend request that you want to accept or reject. Then you have to click on the top of the right side of the corner. Then you’ll find dialogue box where you’ll get options of accepting or rejecting the request at a time. That’s it you’re done.

2. How to block game invites and request on Facebook – 

The most annoying feature of Facebook is invites of candy crush and farmville, Actually want’s to play those games. I’ve got an easy way to get rid of those annoying game requests. First of all, login your Facebook account and then got to apps section. Then go to Game section and go to activity bar. Then you have select “Ignore all”. Hence, you’ll be able to block and get rid of all game requests forever.

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3. Change your theme on Facebook for new look – 

If you’re getting bored with the old boring Facebook theme than you can change it into something funny and cool? Then just Install Stylish Google chrome store, then go to Facebook page and click on the S button which you’ll find next to the URL. Then you can pick up you desired them and images you want to add in your Facebook account. Thus, give a new charismatic and charming look to your Facebook profile.

4. Save Facebook post and read them later – 

This actually isn’t a hack but a really good feature which is really useful. Imagine the scene that you’re busy and rushing into a business meeting and don’t have the time to read an awesome post on HackerzTrickz Facebook page, don’t worry guys to save it for now read it later all you have to do is click on down Arrow with the post and select on the save option.

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5. Create a secret group on Facebook – 

Creating groups isn’t new in Facebook, just what if you wanna create a secret group. You have to go to Facebook Group page, then click on “create group” and click on “secret” option. Hence, you’ll be able to create a secret group in Facebook.

6. How to wish someone automatically on their birthday’s – 

If you wanna wish your friends right away without any mess then you should visit BirthdayFB.com. In this website you will get dates of friend’s birthday’s and schedule it with your wishes.


So, hence was the post about some great Facebook tricks and hacks. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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