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Soon WhatsApp Could Be Ban in India

whatsapp ban in india

WhatsApp end to end encryption feature is violating the security norm in India. The service provided by WhatsApp isn’t permitted in India and it is making troubles for the telecom companies, this would result in permanent WhatsApp ban in India. Bot right now WhatsApp is working completely fine. Highly Recommended – Crash Your Friend WhatsApp Account Remotely by sending a single message.

The End-to-End encryption method won’t let the companies to crack down the content. The content would be only disclosed to the sender and reader. Currently WhatsApp is using 256 Data of encryption.

WhatsApp has confirmed that the feature is rolled out to protect the users messages from hackers, cyber criminal and unwanted regimes.

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Only 40 bit encryption is allowed in India as per the rules are concerned, so they want to roll out this service they have to submit all the keys to the government, which WhatsApp doesn’t posses.

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