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The secret behind success of WhatsApp [Must Read]

secret behind success of WhatsApp

Secret behind success of WhatsApp –

WhatsApp is the most successful messaging app. Here is the secret behind success of WhatsApp.

1. We bought into it because it’s something that telephone providers should have done  but didn’t. Why should SMS cost money when I have an unlimited data plan? SMS is data. I don’t care how it’s implemented, it’s a few hundred bytes of data and if you are telling me I need to pay 10 cents for it when I have a 5 gigabytes data plan already, I’m sorry. I blocked all SMS messages on my plan a long time ago. Not because I can’t afford 10 cents, but because the pricing concept is downright wrong. Also, it’s often upwards of 100 Rs. For international messages, which is stupidly expensive.

2. One of the secret behind WhatsApp success is its features. Like Last Seen, Display Picture, a double tick. The double tick concept is really very nice and unique, it will show a single tick once it is delivered from your end and double thick when it’s received by the other user. Another biggest feature of WhatsApp is “Status”, in such a small mobile application the feature like Facebook have [status] is really very great. All these features makes WhatsApp stand out from other chat applications. However, other applications are now coming up with the same features, learning from WhatsApp.

3. Specially during the festive days, you have to pay higher SMS charges even though you have the “SMS Pack” subscribed, frustrated the users. And all you need to access WhatsApp was an internet connection. Share photo for free even on a Diwali Day.

4. WhatsApp announced the 1 billion message daily milestone in October 2011 and it took it just 10 months to vault to 10 billion messages a day. Today it shares about 42 billion messages a day.
5. WhatsApp fixed that. And for 1 Billion other users with data plans. It marketed itself as an SMS replacement, and behaved like one. If you have someone’s phone number, you can message them. For free, and internationally. Period. And with no additional registrations, and “always-on”.

6. MSN was dying, Facebook was loosing its market, Gtalk signs itself off whenever I lose reception and doesn’t sign back in, and depends on you having their Gtalk contact added and approved. WhatsApp has none of these issues.

7. One more thing that WhatsApp is very simple to use and contains no annoying ads, you don’t need to be super intelligent to access WhatsApp.

8. It was super smart move of mark zuckerburg to acquire whatsapp, although he given away a Staggering amount of $19 billion  but that’s nothing as compared to WhatsApp’s popularity.

So, hence was the post to secret behind success of WhatsApp. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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