5 Tips to Get You Win More Gunfights at COD Warzone


5 Tips to Get You Win More Gunfights at Cod Warzone

Today I’m going to share with you the 5 Tips to Get You Win More Gunfights at Cod Warzone.

Action Packed games are almost everyone’s favorite as it gives a chance to indulge in a world full of thrill and excitement.

Call of Duty: Warzone is probably the most trending Battle Royale game for the youth. Winning in Warzone is probably more challenging than most other Battle Royale games, so here is a list of tips and tricks to help you win games.

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Always Drop-in Hot Drops:

Always Drop-in Hot Drops

When we drop at hot drops, we can increase our chances of getting great leads that help us in getting more kills, along with increasing our chances of picking up a lot more money, especially from the kills, and end up getting in those areas.

Many people are scared of dropping hot spots, which is entirely understandable, but you have to know that it’s the first few seconds of the game, chances of us dropping with someone else with a lower skill level than you anyways.

Just proceed and try to get them out, and don’t worry as we only wasted two minutes in the entire game, and we can go ahead and try again. This is good because we’ll always get a lot more stuff when we drop in these areas.

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Never Loot After You Have Your Loadout Drop:

Never Loot After You Have Your Loadout Drop

Most people waste a lot of time in one specific area of the map when they could kill many people and make the game a lot easier for the final circles and all that kind of stuff.

And if one stays inside one area for too long, the chances that someone who has a UAV could end up killing you a lot faster, and we’ll end up dying in that area.

So move on and try to get more kills means more money, so we can buy more stuff with the kills you get. Once you get your loadout dropped, you’re set you should have enough ammo and stuff. Now make sure to beat the hunter, not the hunted.

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Always Have a UAV:

Always Have a UAV

When it comes to using money in the game, many people collect them and get like $20,000 without doing anything with it.

But the best thing to do is buy a UAV; after you buy one, call it the second you buy it and then buy another one at that same base station and hold on to it.

And then once you see all those enemies appearing on the mean, go ahead and chase them go ahead and try to get them out. We must use a vehicle to catch them; if we have a trophy system, always throw it on top of the vehicle so they can’t see us and kill us.

The UAVs are going to help us be the hunter.

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Get a Loadout Right Away:

Get a Loadout Right Away

Make sure that you get that loadout to drop when you have the $10,000 of the cost; get ahead and get it. And the main reason for this is we can always be a step ahead of the earnings by being more prepared for the gunfights coming up.

Let’s assume we land on a hot drop, and then it’s super easy that we can collect a whole bunch of money within 10 minutes of the game; we also kill a few people, and we collect all the money from the ground and stuff.

We have 10000 money; hence we will be way more prepared and start killing everyone else with our custom loadout.

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Aimbot Setup:

Aimbot Setup

Always make sure to have a weapon with the lowest recoil. But still, many people are using weapons with the lowest damage count. And this could lead to someone’s using an AK 47 for long-distance, but we’re not using the way we use M13 and the kilo.

These are the best guns for accuracy and are amazing. And we’ll hardly miss any super essential bullets and have pretty nice iron sights as well. It’s super important and again in a modal like Warzone where it’s set to 250 health.

You can use Warzone Aimbots for greater leverage. Some people might be familiar with the tips mentioned above. But for those who are not aware of them, these strategies will prove to be beneficial. So try applying them while playing the game.

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