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Top 10 Tips for DevOps Success in 2017

The available projects in the present days demand quality, scalability, agility and flexibility. A project that can successfully combine continuous software delivery along with fast fixes to troubles in a stable operating environment can stand out from the population. In order to ensure this accessibility, a lot of organizations are seen to adopt DevOps, which is regarded as a systematic approach to rely on the collaborative effort between development, operations as well as QA through the entire cycle of the project.

Various DevOps technologies and tools are in use to solve infrastructure issues. The DevOps foundation certification training is basically meant to familiarize the user with the complete A to Z of the DevOps framework. This will also help you to get a solid practice base so that you can gain recognition by realizing the business and development goals of the organization.

Here are the top 10 things that companies have been undertaking to implement DevOps:

  1. Corporate policies need not interfere with the collaboration of IT and development team

The development team is assigned with all the resources and freedom to empower the success. This results in agile practices in order to shorten the release cycles as well as to reduce the deployment downtime.

  1. Never lose sight of what you have been doing and the reason behind it

It is important to make sure of all the tasks that are being performed and also to take a stock of it by considering the whole IT organization into account. This is essential to move from one bottleneck to the next one and improving each one in the chain to ensure that the pickup efficiency and speed is retained.

  1. Use DevOps methodology to automate the parts of the system

DevOps help to alter the ways just as the development team works with that of the operations team without eliminating either of the two.

  1. Continuous feedback is regarded as the crucial element in measuring the effectiveness of creating successful DevOps

The process includes parts like development, designing as well as production management that is used to avail continuous feedback. It is essential to maintain a linear view of the whole delivery process. You can also gain a prospect to learn from the mistakes that you make in order to grow up greater.

  1. Mutual respect and team work can never be understated

All the employees are required to stay on the same page and go on working together for the same goal. It is important to learn that no specific team can interrupt the flow of the organization as a whole for the purpose of getting any particular feature deployed. Chat rooms to discuss things can be really helpful to carry out a successful venture.

  1. Addressing security sooner in the development cycle

Making various kinds of decisions regarding DevOps without taking security concerns into account can be something really dangerous. Security must exist as a feature of the product.

  1. Take the third party suppliers into account

You need to consider the services into your prior concern since the development of your organization depends on their services. You ought to build good relationships in order to grow with the suppliers. A collaborative access will certainly help you thrive in the market with an honest and positive feedback.

  1. Regulatory compliance with DevOps

This would be relevant in making the deals and thus, the developers would not require having root access to production servers. They can rather avail mechanisms to manage different sorts of production as well as non-production servers in order to minimize the potential problems.

  1. Monitoring the cloud environments

DevOps team take the time to administer the job functions of the cloud environment, so as to specify the data along the database.

  1. Sharing progress information across the organization

Failure notifications and status updates are featured to help the organization stay on the same page as well as to increase speed and productivity of the firm.

These ten tips are incorporated into the company to help the organization grow and gain heights as well as to prove its value for channelizing the attributes in the right direction.

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Shubham Habib

Shubham Habib

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