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15 Top Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

As android has the largest markets share in smartphone space. Variety of Apps can be found in Android which can’t be replaced with any other OS, but when people root their phones, many Apps ends supporting them, today’s post is for all those guys who’re facing these problems. Here we are gonna Best Apps for Rooted Android phone.

We are now gonna show guys some Top Apps, which you can use in your Rooted android Phones, so you can get most out of your Android Phone. As you know, Android OS is the most trending Operating System these days. Everyone wants to  Get max out of their devices, but after that they don’t know which Apps we can use in our Rooted Android Phone. So for them, we are sharing this post. Highly Recommended – Top best Music players for Android.

What is Root ?

Rooting is the Android equal of jail breaking, a means of unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved [by Google] Apps, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock [or underclock] the processor, customize just about anything, and so on.

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Best Apps For Rooted Android Devices –

1. Trickster Mod – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Trickster MOD is a FREE Apps for anyone who likes to mess around with their Android devices, e.g. OC/UV, calibrate display & sound. The App is free with essential kernel tweaks available to all. Besides some unique features which only available in Trickster MOD, it also offers more free features. It’s a complete package.

2.  Link2SD – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

This App is really helpful for almost every android phone users. You can move any App to your SD card if you have root permissions in your Android Mobile Phone. Stock Apps can also be removed to SD Card. This phone also have reboot manager, you can reboot your phone instantly in recovery, fastboot mode etc with this app. So must try this app, if your phone have low storage issues. Then this App will result great for you.

3. Smart Booster – Click here to Download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Smart Booster is the Ultimate Android Optimizer on the market it offers a set of tools for speeding up your phone making it faster and reliable, if your phone is slow or you don’t have enough free space, your battery is running empty fast or your phone is not optimized Smart Booster is the right App for you, also it will boost your RAM and shutdown programs like Swift key.

4. WiFi Kill Click here to Download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

This App you can disable internet connections for a device on the same network. So if someone [anyone] is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself.

5. Terminal Emulator – Click here to Download
Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone
Every Operating System have its OWN way to Get Commands. For Example, In Windows PC, you will able to find CMD [Command Prompt]. In Android Platform, you cam give commands to your Android phone via Terminal Emulator. This App is very Helpful for Developers & Much Advanced users who like to work via Commands. This App is not usable for Normal Android Users. This App is available on Play Store for free. There are Number of Commands available for Android Terminal Like – Su, ls & much more Commands, you can easily find them on Google.

6. Android Id Changer – Click here to DownloadBest Apps for Rooted Android Phone


Android Id is a GUID of every Phone. Which changes after Successfully reset your Smartphone. This App, let you change your Android ID & you will get New id in 1 Second. This App can Generate Random android id, or you can save any Android id of your Choice. Some Apps, detect android phones from their Android ID’s. So this App is helpful in this field. This App is also comes with Backup & Restore option, in which you can back up or Restore Android ID Values. This App is not usable for Normal Android users. This App is for some advanced users only.

7. Wps Wpa Tester – Click here to Download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

If your Mobile Phone is Rooted, Then This Phone will let you find passwords of different WiFi Connections which are Available on Public. With this App, you can Shop Passwords of all WiFi, which are saved in your Mobile Phone. Also, this App can give your Passwords of WiFi, Which are WPS enabled. Furthermore, this App can not give you passwords of all WiFi. Only you can get passwords of some Supported & Outdated modems which have lower Security.

8. Xmod Games – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Xmodgames is a mobile video game aide device, running in the setting with high authority, Android [after rooted] tool.

It is developed for aiding users conserve time, improve efficiency of game, and also get better video game encounters. Currently, Xmod Games has supplied mods, plugins as well as increasing function for various warm games.

9. Titanium Backup – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

With this App you can set a schedule backup so that you will always will have that important data saved in your phone. You can easily transfer the backups to your desktop via a USB cable and restore it at anytime with Titanium Backup.

10. DiskDigger – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

If you ever lost a photo before, DiskDigger is a nifty little App that allows you to dig back all your deleted photos easily. This free App include an experimental feature where you can retrieve even your deleted videos too. Furthermore, visit this link for the instruction on how to use it. In addition, I would like to mention that This App great for the people who wants to get their photos back in their device.
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11. Hifont – Click here to Download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

This App comes with hundreds of custom fonts ready for you to install. Use any custom fonts just by saving it into your device and install it from your device storage. Variety of fonts are available in this App so you’ll definitely love it wants to share it with your friends.

12. Quick Boot – Click here to Download
Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone
Sick of awkwardly holding down the power button and volume buttons to restart your Android phone or tablet? Quick Boot wants to help. Quick Boot lets you easily reboot your device, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode with just a single tap.  Furthermore, It’s a lifesaver for rooted Android users who need to frequently restart their devices.

13. Freedom – Click here to DownloadBest Apps for Rooted Android PhoneFreedom is best root App for rooted android device. You can use this App to increase number of coins or it can be used to increase number of keys. In other words, this application can be used to bypass Play Store in App purchases which is one of major reason to use this App. In addition, Once your use this App you can download variety of Apps in your Smartphone regardless the price of the App in free.

14. Build Prop Editor – Click here to download

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Build prop editor lets you edit your device’s build. Furthermore, by editing your device’s build.prop configuration file, you may tweak your LCD density, decrease your call ring delay, save battery by increasing your WiFi scan interval, property descriptions and many more. In short Your Smartphone with build prop editor, is your Smartphone on steroids.
15. Lucky Patcher – Click here to download
Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Lucky Patcher is an amazing android application which lets you remove ads, break different Apps’ Android Market License Confirmation or other Confirmations for the applications. The app has been developed by Developer Chelpus. Lucky patcher App plays a huge role in Rooted Android devices. Furthermore, It’s abilities of removing Ads, breaking websites is quite rare but very effective, this can help you with lot of things.

So, hence was the post on Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box

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