Top best mind games for Android devices

mind games for Android devices

Gaming is fun! That’s where we all share our opinions and care about. On Google playstore tons of games are available in various categories like racing, adventure, mind games, funny games Etc. But here we are specifically focusing on best mind games for Android devices, there are lot of them on Google playstore. But we’ve handpicked some of the best mind games for Android devices. Highly Recommended – How to create Android games without coding.

Mind games for Android devices –


1. Logo Quiz By Bubble Games – Click here to Download

mind games for Android devices

A logo quiz game is a game full of fun; it entails identifying logos of different companies around the world and giving out the logo quiz answers. This game is developed by bubble quiz games and it is rated 4.3 stars on Google Playstore. The main objective of this game is to correctly identify different logos of different companies and providing the correct company name as the logo quiz answer. Logo quiz answers are dependent on the skills of the gamer hence this game tests how much you are familiar with company’s logos. Logo quiz answers are simple and more often the answers come from well known manufacturers such as Nike, Gucci, McDonald and many more.

2. The Floor Escape – Click here to Download

mind games for Android devices

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Floor escape is all about opening up the doors by solving the puzzles right in front of you. This games is developed by MobiPlay and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Playstore. The game offers more than 100 levels. It is very good pass of time and a really good exercise for your brain. It excites your brain with cool puzzle which are completely different to each other in every level

3. 94 % By Scimob – Click here to Download

mind games for Android devices

If I say “Something you eat with your hands,” what comes to mind first? Hamburger? Corn on the cob? Ribs? In 94%, the object of the game is simple: find 94% of the given answers! It’s a great mind game. It will be also useful in improving your IQ. Interesting questions and it’s interesting answers, such a great experience.

Try the third App from Scimob, the creaters of 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees with more than 25 million players worldwide! This game is rated 4.6 stars on Google Playstore.

4. Cut the Rope by Zeptolab – Click here to Download

mind games for Android devices
Om nom is hungry but he can’t reach the candy! Feed the adorable little monster with treats hanging from ropes out of his reach. The quicker you feed him, the better your score will be. Think strategically about collecting stars to improve your score. Encounter new challenges as you progress through each level. Play now – this monster needs to eat! This game is developed by Nazara Games and it is rated 4.4 stars on Google Playstore. Must Checkout – How to hack any Android Game.

5. Prison Break – Lockdown By Ambhibius Developers – Click here to Download

mind games for Android devices

You have been sentenced to death for murder. However, only you know you didn’t commit the crime. Solve the puzzles, discover the hidden objects, manipulate the prisoners and guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape, and maybe then you’ll get a chance to prove your innocence. This game is rated 3.8 stars on Google Playstore.

Features –

1. An addictive prison escape game.

2. Great, challenging and fun puzzles.

3. Improves your IQ.

4. New puzzle and questions at every step to engage you.

And Many More….


So, hence was the post on mind games for Android devices. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your review in the comment box.

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