Torrentbit Proxy 2021: 13+ Working Torrentbit Proxy & Mirror Sites


    13+ Working Torrentbit Proxy & Mirror Sites

    Today I’m going to share with you the Torrentbit Proxy, 14+ Working Torrentbit Proxy & Mirror Sites.

    Torrentbit is one of the giant websites that allows you to download movies, tv shows, anime, music, video games, e-books, apps, pro software and others for free of cost. It’s an index for all kinds of content.

    Thousands of high quality torrents in its core have made Torrentbit an evolutionary platform for tens of millions of users worldwide. The best thing is it regularly adds new files every day and keeps the content up to date.

    The health of torrents, high amount of peers, leechers will finish all your downloads within minutes.

    All you have to do is search for your torrents through keywords and use the magnetic link to add a task to the Torrent applications such as Utorrent, TorrDroid and others.

    The interface of torrentbit also looks clean, intuitive and user-friendly. However this popular website has served a lot to the people of torrent lovers.

    But recently torrentbit is blocked in many major countries due to several copyright infringement notices and the nature of its operation. If you too face the same problem in your country, stay updated and check-out the Torrentbit proxy sites listed below.

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    What are Torrentbit Proxy and Mirror Sites?

    What are Torrentbit Proxy and Mirror Sites

    They are nothing but clones to the original website i.e proxies will act as an intermediary server between end-users and the sites they visit.

    Therefore when a website is blocked or not reachable, proxies will bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by ISPs and let you access the content from the main domain without any hassles.

    Also, compared to primary websites, these will load faster and connect you securely.

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    What Happened to Torrentbit?

    What Happened to Torrentbit

    Most of the torrent websites contain pirated content without a proper license to run. One such popular source is Torrentbit. Therefore the website is blocked and taken down in many major countries due to the nature of the operation.

    When we visit the parent site, it is unreachable and there is no update about when it will get back online. Till then use the Torrentbit proxy and mirror sites to download all your favorites without any restrictions.

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    List of Unblocked Torrentbit Proxy and Mirror Sites:

    List of Unblocked Torrentbit Proxy and Mirror Sites

    All the Torrentbit proxy sites and their links listed below are hosted in various countries where the Torrentbit is not blocked yet.

    Whatever the country you’re living in, these links will instantly access the content present on the parent website without any restrictions. If you’re still trying to unblock Torrentbit, just click on the Torrentbit mirror links listed below.

    S.NoTorrentbit Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
    1 Fast
    2 Fast
    3 Fast
    5Torrentbit Proxy UKOnlineFast
    6Torrent Proxy UnblockedOnlineVery Fast
    7Torrentbit Mirror USOnlineFast

    The above specified Torrentbit proxy and mirror sites will unblock the website and open it in your default web browser.

    Torrentbit Proxy sites, interface, list of torrent files and everything looks the same as the primary one and loads faster compared to the main domain.

    Therefore access your content in Torrentbit using the mirror sites listed above and find out the best working link by trying one by one.

    In case the Torrentbit proxy links specified above didn’t work, use a VPN service or install any of the private browsers like Tor, DuckDuckGo and others for unblocking the website safely and securely. 

    Note: This article is only for educational purposes. We do not support or encourage any of the piracy sites through our medium.

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    Best Torrentbit Alternatives:

    1. LimeTorrents:


    The best alternative for Torrentbit. Browse any of your torrent files such as movies, music, anime, video games, apps, tv shows and others for free of cost. No registration or sign-up is required for accessing the torrent files present in it.

    Navigate between pages easily and find your files instantly. Check torrent sizes, upload status, quality, available peers, leechers, seeds and read a summary of the movie or tv show within the site.

    The only drawback with this site is you can’t find a file unless you don’t know the name of it. But the great thing is the site LimeTorrents provides subtitles for most of the shows. Also, it clearly specifies the sizes of content hidden inside the link separately.

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    2. iDope:


    The site iDope database has movies, apps, tv shows, video games, anime, music and others. Like Torrentbit, download everything in it for free of cost without any sort of disturbance. To do it, just search for a file through keywords.

    When done, hit on the magnetic link or save it as a BitTorrent file. Once it is saved, open it with torrent downloaders like Utorrent, TorrDroid etc. It’s privacy simplified search function doesn’t track you anymore. So you’ll be anonymous. Because of this most people visit iDope daily.

    Moreover, it clearly displays every file detail in a table that contains size, date, name of the uploader, available seeds and leechers. The best thing is no annoying ads and pop-ups are displayed anywhere on the site.

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    3. Pirate Bay:

    Pirate Bay

    It is the choice of millions of users worldwide.  Search, contribute magnet links and torrent files in an endless way. Download movies, ebooks, applications, video games, tv shows, audio and others for free.

    Pirate Bay is a user contributed platform i.e it allows you to upload a torrent file of your own. For downloading purposes, you don’t need to sign up. To save torrents, choose a file and use either a magnetic link or save it as a BitTorrent.

    Annoying ads and pop-ups will distract your way until your file is downloaded.

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    Is Torrentbit Safe?

    Is Torrentbit Safe

    Downloading torrent files from any of the websites is illegal and some of the links may contain malware or infect your device with adware.

    However, downloading torrent files in Torrentbit is also not safe. But if you move on, please use antivirus software before proceeding.

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    Ending the Article:

    This is all about Torrentbit proxy sites and some best alternatives like it. Use the links above and unblock Torrentbit to download all your files without any restrictions. If you found this article useful, bookmark the page and share it with your friends.

    Also, keep visiting regularly for more interesting topics. If you face any issues with the links, feel free and drop a comment.

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