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Training Courses for Microsoft 98-364 Exam

Traning courses for microsoft 98-364

The Microsoft 98-364 exam is aimed at the candidates who want to validate their skills and knowledge on databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. This certification test is an entry-level exam for those individuals who desire to make a career in the field of IT, specifically in the Microsoft technologies but who have little or no experience in the industry.

The students taking the exam need to be conversant with the concepts of the technologies described under the skill areas to be measured in the test and should also have some hands-on experience. They can attain this knowledge and skills by taking appropriate training courses or working with samples and tutorials offered through the Microsoft Virtual Studio.

After passing your exam, you will be awarded the Microsoft MTA 98-364 Questions & Answers. With this certificate, you can take up job roles as a data analyst, a database administrator, a database developer and a database designer. Microsoft 98-364: Database Fundamentals is the single exam that the candidates need to write to earn the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) credential.

There are various resource materials that the individuals can use to prepare for their test and boost their success rate. In this certification guide, we will look at some training courses that the students can take to develop their knowledge and competence in the subject matter of the certification test. Before we go ahead with this, let us first understand the basics of the exam.

The Microsoft 98-364 test evaluates the ability of candidates to accomplish some technical tasks. The individuals taking the test are expected to study the skill areas in details before they attempt the exam. These skill areas cover understanding of core database concepts (20-25%); manipulating data (25-30%); creating database objects (20-25%); understanding data storage (15-20%); and administering a database (10-15%).

Each of these skill areas come with a set of subtopics that detailed everything that candidates need to learn about each skill area.

You should visit the Microsoft exam web page to learn more about these topics. The percentages highlighted on each of the topic also indicate the weight of questions that may be expected from them. This means that topics with high percentages will involve more questions than those with low percentages.

The Microsoft 98-364 exam is available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Russian. The targeted audience for this test is majorly the academic.

It comprises students, staff and faculty members of certified institutions. This does not mean that the candidates who are not at school cannot take the certification exam. If you are still at school, you can register for the test through Certiport while the individuals who are out of school can register at Pearson VUE. Depending on your region, you may be able to take this test as an online proctored exam.

You should check the official website to know if it is available in your location. To write the Microsoft 98-364 test, the candidates are required to pay the exam fee of $127 while registering for it.

Let us now look at some training courses you can take to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform well in the certification exam.

This training course is offered through the Microsoft Virtual Academy. It is designed to teach the candidates the fundamentals of relational databases. One will learn all about database components and database management systems.

This course covers an extensive in-depth introductory lesson on concepts, terminology, as well as the skills required to understand database administration, objects, management tools and security. In addition to this, the test takers will also be able to explore database queries, data types and T-SQL scripts.

You will learn all about creating tables, querying data in tables and inserting data. Other knowledge areas that are covered in the course include data manipulation, working with non-relational data and optimizing database performance.

The training is made up of six modules. It is essential to mention that this course does not come with labs and assessment. Note that there are no prerequisites for taking it.

  • MTA Database Administrator Fundamentals –SQL Database Fundamentals

This training course is offered by Pitman Training and it is designed to help the students prepare for the Microsoft 98-364 exam. The candidates who take this training can get jobs as adatabase administrator and a junior database administrator. It can be taken as an online training, in-center, or a combination of the two.

Details of this can be found at the Pitman Training website. The duration for this training is 40 hours but it is flexible and you can take it at your convenient.

It is broken into four sessions and all the sessions aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills on relational database, database security and queries. The individuals taking the test will also have access to pre-test and post-test, which will help you identify knowledge and skill gaps while preparing for the exam.

  • Microsoft SQL Server: Database Fundamentals (98-364) –

Offered by CBT Nugget, this Microsoft 98-364 training course is designed to help the candidates develop skills and knowledge in the exam content. The trainer teaches the fundamentals of querying, administering and creating databases.

It also covers core database concepts, data querying, relational database concepts, stored procedures, views and tables, among others.

There is no required experience to enroll for this course and you do not need to have any equipment to participate. The students who take this course have a high chance of success in the certification exam.

Ending the Article –

In addition to the training courses, you should also consider taking practice tests to evaluate your understanding of the knowledge you have acquired. Exam-Labs offer the candidates the Microsoft 98-364 dumps that have been verified by the experts in the industry.

PrepAway and ExamSnap are some other online platforms where you can get practice tests to prepare for your Microsoft 98-364.

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