Ultimate Hidden Tricks of any Android phone

Hidden tricks of Android phone

Android is often called Google’s best acquisition till date and damn they are right because as we all know Android accounts 80% market share of world’s smartphone market and it is growing at an unprecedented pace and I’m sure most of our readers are Android users and they do like to read our posts. Our most of the posts are related to Android and this is also a post related to that. In this post I’m gonna share some ultimate Hidden tricks of Android phone.

Now, as we’re gonna talk about Hidden tricks of Android phone our primary focus is to solve those daily problems you face while you’re snooping with your Android and make your phone more efficient. Highly Recommended – How to create your own stickers and comics on Android.

Below I’ve shared some ultimate Hidden tricks of Android phone.

Hidden tricks of Android phone –

1. Save Google Maps for Offline –

Hidden tricks of Android phone

Now you can save your Google maps offline. Open Google maps in your phone and type OK map in the search option and enter. Now you have to set your map position and save it. Your Offline map has been saved in your Android phone. You can access the offline map from the places section.

2. Find your mobile number in Settings –

Remember, when you buy a new sim card and you forget the number, thus the whole situation becomes clear mess, but I’ve got a solution for this from which you would be able to find your sim card number very easily, just go to Settings > About > Status > Sim Status and here you see your Mobile Number. This trick does not necessarily work in every Android device.

3. Reduce Battery Consumption By Altering Animation efforts –

Hidden tricks of Android phone

You can easily reduce the battery consumption by altering animation effects by this coll trick in Developer option, just go to Settings > Developer option > now scroll down and look for Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Now adjust the scale as 0.5x in all those above options.

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4. Control Window PC from Android Mobile –

Hidden tricks of Android phone

Now you can full control your PC using your Android smartphone from anywhere with this trick with ease. This can give you a new experience of using your smartphone and PC to perform this trick just go to – This Link.

5. Fake the current GPS location –

Yes, you can fake your GPS location and not letting it to track your exact location, so one can spy on you using different spy Apps. To apply the trick just go Settings > Developer options and tick on Allow Notification, this will fake you GPS location on android.

6. Make Your Device Awake while Charging –

From this trick you would be able to keep you phone active while charging. To Apply the trick just go to Settings > Developer options > click on stay awake to tick it.

So these are some Android Hidden tricks which probably are unknown. If you know any other Android Tricks then comment here.

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