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The Most Underappreciated Apps that You are not Using for your iOS

underrated ios apps

The Apple Store has plenty of applications available for iOS platform. However, many individuals download only those that have attained popularity or gathered attention across the globe. However, there is a wealth of apps residing in the market. It is time for you to find out about the underappreciated applications that are interesting as well as useful in different ways.

Although they may not be able to make it to the headline, they deliver fantastic results depending on your requirement. The guide will enlighten you about some of the underappreciated applications in the App Store.

1. Patronus –underrated ios apps

Patronus is a security application that helps in providing the opportunity to share location. The added benefit of the application is the possibility to connect to the 911 services that dispatch emergency team based on the phone’s GPS sensors rather than tracking the cell tower locations.

With the help of the application, the user can provide information such as location and destination with others so that they can watch the progress on the provided link that displays the movement on a map. It also sends messages about arrival and closes the location sharing automatically.

2. Astropad

underrated ios apps

If you are an artist and creator, then Astropad is the right application for your iOS platform. Available for both iPad and iPhone, the application turns the device into a graphics tablet. As it supports different sensitive stylus brands, it is easy for you to pick up the one that is handy and fits in your pocket.

You can work quickly without a lag whether the connection is through USB or over the Wi-Fi network. The application provides features such as customizable shortcuts, palm rejection, color correction, and gesture controls.

3. RunGo

underrated ios apps

Exercising is a great way to keep in good shape and health. With the help of RunGo application for iPhone and iPad, you can continue to participate actively enjoying when you move to a new location. The application will help you find out about the safest places and locations that are helpful for you to finish the exercise activity. It acts as a run tracker and navigation support allowing you to discover new jogging routes in the existing area/city.

The application also provides you with voice navigation guidance, making it simple for you to ease through the unfamiliar localities. Once you choose a subscription, you will receive the opportunity to gain access to guided tours. Local runners create the guided tours after verifying the roads and the surroundings. They even share points of interest and other information located around the area.

4. Signalunderrated ios apps

WhatsApp began encrypting the communication between users recently. Although it ventured into the platform a little late, it does provide security to the users. Nonetheless, with the help of Signal, the user receives an all in one app, where he or she can carry out messaging and call solutions in an end-to-end encryption platform. With the help of the application, you can send text messages, group messages, attachments, and make voice calls without having to go through the pain of appropriate login credentials such as entering the PIN.

5. ELK

underrated ios apps

Elk is a simple currency conversion application. It is helpful for you to keep updated about the exchange prices based on your location. It functions incredibly on iPhone as well as on the Apple Watch. The application is useful during traveling, as it gives information related to the daily exchange prices of the currency. Based on this, you have the opportunity to make a decision during the purchase of an object in that country.

6. GarageBand

underrated ios apps

GarageBand is a successful music-composing app for all the devices running on iOS platform. The well-designed layout makes it easy for music enthusiasts to come out with productive tracks or a complete album with the help of the features provided by the application. The various sounds of musical instruments, loops, and digital synthesizers help in creating music with ease.

Also, Now you can get garageband for windows. It is is a major digital audio workstation available for the iOS platform. With the help of it, not only the beginners are benefiting, but also the professionals, as it is providing all the resources needed in creating music that fits into a specific category. The continuous update of the application is a major advantage, as it provides the latest sounds and instruments that helps in expanding the creativity of the user.

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