Tutorial to Unlock iPhone Screen Hassle-Free

Buying iPhones, especially with their ever-rising prices, are becoming more of a luxury with each passing day. Even the tiniest problem with this super luxurious device can put people in a tizzy.

So when my genius friend forgot his iPhone lock screen password, unfortunately after disabling his Fingerprint ID, it was tragic and oddly funny at the same time. But in order to get him out of the mess he put himself into, I did search high and low for a one-stop solution.

After some extensive research, I was almost about to give up and send him to the Genius Bar but lo and behold! I was able to find a great little tool to unlock iPhone screen.

Unlock iPhone Screen Hassle-Free

I never like to keep helpful information to myself and in this blog, I’d like to show you exactly how to use this interesting little tool by dr.fone.

Step 1: Launch The Program

Download dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) and launch the program. Connect your phone to the computer and select “Unlock” from the tools available.

Step 2: Begin to Unlock Your iPhone

You’ll then be taken to a screen which will begin the process of unlocking your iPhone. All you need to do is click “Start” here.

Step 3: Enter DFU Mode

Every iPhone has a DFU mode that you need to go to for any recovery. It was a huge surprise for me that this exists even in iPhones because while I’d seen it in Android devices I didn’t think Apple would incorporate one. But anyway! You enter the DFU mode by:

1. Switch off your iPhone

2. Hold the volume down and power button in tandem for 10 seconds

3. Release the power button but keep holding the volume down button and your iPhone will boot into DFU mode!

Step 4: Enter Your iPhone Information

I can’t stress enough how important it is to give the required information, i.e. device type, generation, and OS version. Double check when you enter these details as the recovery package for each Apple device is different. Making a wrong choice here will set you back by quite a long time.

Step 5: Finally Unlock iPhone Screen!

Once your recovery package is downloaded and matched successfully you will see this screen where you need to click on “Unlock Now”.

In few short minutes, dr.fone will unlock the iPhone screen on its own. But yes, this recovery will wipe out all the data on your phone. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any solution that still kept the data on the phone intact.

Once again, I was flabbergasted to know that the iPhone does not have an unlock iPhone screen option built into iTunes. With dr.fone by Wondershare I was able to get the job done quickly and with almost no hassles so I guess it turned out alright in the end.

Although it took me a while to find this program and it may have erased the data on my friend’s iPhone I am glad I found something. But if you know of any other applications/programs that can help someone in a similar situation do comment below!

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