These Exciting WhatsApp Features Are Coming Soon (WhatsApp’s Next Big Updates)



In today’s time, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app worldwide. The app has quite a lot of features, and there are billions of people who are using it for personal and business conversations. Below we have posted the upcoming features of WhatsApp messaging App.

Multi Device Support: WhatsApp is working on this feature for a long time now. This feature will allow users to use multiple WhatsApp account from a single device. It is said that at the time of release the official name of this feature will be linked devices.

After rollout of this feature, chat history of different devices will also be synced and be copied from device to another. You might not have to have an Internet connection to use this feature.

Face Unlock: Recently WhatsApp has seen working on its security enhancements. They rolled out fingerprint and pin authentication features to the App. But its already old-school as most of the smartphone now supports Face unlock. We can expected WhatsApp to soon roll out Face unlock feature to the App.

Animated Stickers: Yesterday we got updates that WhatsApp is secretly working on animated stickers feature. Some time back they launched stickers feature and soon in no time it went popular. Due to its popularity they are working on animated stickers feature which would be similar to Telegram’s.

Self-destructing messages: Since a long time WhatsApp is working on feature from which user would able to send self destructing messages. In simple words, once the feature is enabled, user would able to send messages which gets deleted in the fixed scheduled time. It would be totally different from “Delete for Everyone” feature.

Storage Control – Right now everything in WhatsApp is stored in one folder in your device and if you want to delete anything, you need to individually select a message and than delete it or delete the entire folder. According to WABinfo, a new section in the App will be created to manage your chat history in detail.

Search on Web – Now, this is an interesting feature WhatsApp is working on. It is available in few countries but not in India. It can be very useful in containing misinformation and rumors. The feature lets you verify any information, you can directly go on web and cross-check the authenticity of the information.

That’s it, from our sources we got to know these features are soon to be expected to get launched in WhatsApp. To get these feature before anyone else you can opt for its beta testing program.

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