US Digital Ad Spending: Brands Are Spending 4X On Mobile Than Desktop!

Due to growing demand of smartphone and high-speed cellular internet.

The most recent report by eMarketer has shown that this change in digital advertising spending comes in the wake of increased mobile use in the united states.

Mobile use has been steadily increasing because of an increase in the availability of high-end mobile in cheap price, also don’t forgot the increase in usage of mobile internet.

The report quotes that companies would invest $99.21 billion on mobile marketing in 2019. In contrast, just $23 billion will be spent desktop advertisements, making cellular ad spending nearly 4 times greater than desktop advertising spending.

The analysis highlights that cellular ad spending in america is anticipated to reach $120.37 billion by 2020, clocking 20 percent year-over-year growth. On the flip side, desktop advertising spending will see a small fall, decreasing to $22 billion in 2020.

A steady growth of $18 billion at the investment for mobile advertising spending was forecasted in the next several years.

Each smartphone users at America spent approximately 200 minutes (over 3 hours) on the phone at 2018. 90 percent of a customer’s time spent on mobiles was listed due to mobile apps.

As smartphone consumers in the USA are becoming glued with mobile Apps over ever before, the amount of Apps downloads by US users is predicted to reach 258 billion by 2020, which is damn insane.

These statistics emphasize the usefulness of smartphones has improved, which makes smartphone users the most active internet users.

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