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vMEyeCloud for PC Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download vMEyecloud for PC absolutely free.

Do you have any shop, restaurant, school, hospital whatever, are there any security cameras mounted to the wall. Of Course who doesn’t use cams these days, surveillance cameras in all business platforms became common.

If you’re an owner monitoring the activities in and out of your office through PC, how do you manage when you step out? You don’t carry the PC with you, right. Just kidding, the answer to this question arises with an app called vMEyeCloud. 

It can live stream CCTV either on your smartphone or PC without enabling port forwarding settings. i.e you don’t need any wires and cables to view the CCTV footage. Let’s get into the topic on how to download vMEyeCloud for PC. 

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Technical Specifications of vMEyeCloud for PC:

App Name vMEyeCloud for PC
Size 10 MB
Downloads 1M+
Version 2.2.7
Ratings 2.6
Operating System Windows 7 & above, Mac
Developer meyetech
Category Tools

Features of vMEyeCloud for Pc:

Since its inception, this surveillance app has been updated with several interesting features. Have a look at those before hitting the download link.

  • It is simple to set up DVRs and IP cameras
  • Interface is user friendly
  • Schedule your time with Online alarm
  • Remote playback is also included
  • View multiple security cameras from your mobile
  • vMEyeCloud servers manages all your data
  • It also supports 1080p 
  • Enable audio and listen through the footage screens

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PC Requirements to Download and Install Emulators:

The PC you are using should have some recommended specifications to run any of the emulators smoothly. Check the lines below that your PC should meet these points or not.

  • Upgrade your OS to Windows 7 or above. 
  • Intel or AMD processor with dual is enough
  • Enable virtualisation before installing the emulator
  • RAM of minimum 4 GB is required
  • Maintain drive space of at least 8 GB

If your device meets all the requirements mentioned above, proceed to download and install any of the emulators for running vMEyeCloud for PC.

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Method 1: How to Download vMEyeCloud for Windows using BlueStacks:

vMEyecloud for Windows using BlueStacks

Actually it is an Android app, you can’t run it directly on PCs. To download vMEyeCloud for Windows, the only way is to download and install an Android emulator called BlueStacks not only to run vMEyeCloud app for PC but also games and other apps too. 

Emulator provides a passageway for mobile apps to work on PC smoothly and efficiently. Read the steps below to know about how to download and install vMEyeCloud for Windows using BlueStacks.

  1. Visit the official site of BlueStacks with this link: Download.
  2. Click the download button on the main screen of BlueStacks.
  3. Let it run for sometime. When done, open a specific folder containing the downloaded file.
  4. Select the installer file and hit enter to begin the installation process.
  5. When it is successfully installed, launch the emulator and finish the setup process.
  6. Google Play Store comes pre installed, login to your account for downloading apps.
  7. On the homepage you’ll see a Play Store icon, jump into it. 
  8. Type vMEyeCloud in the search bar and hit scan like you do in mobiles.
  9. When vMEyeCloud installation is completed, fall back to the homepage and open installed apps.
  10. Select the app icon and hit enter to launch the vMEyeCloud for PC.

In this way you can simply download vMEyeCloud PC using BlueStacks in a few simple steps.

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Checkout another popular emulator called NoxPlayer. Gamers around the world never leave using this emulator, because of it’s graphics and smart key controls.

Read the steps below to know how to download and install vMEyeCloud PC using NoxPlayer.

Method 2: vMEyeCloud Download for PC using NoxPlayer:

vMEyecloud for Windows using BlueStacks for PC using Nox Player

It is very light but robust. One can use Nox Player even in Windows vista and every version that comes after that. To run this mini emulator on your PC, follow the steps below and know about vMEyeCloud download for PC using NoxPlayer.

  1. Dive to the official NoxPlayer site by clicking on the title below NoxPlayer: Download.
  2. You’ll see a download button in the home screen of Nox, go for it.
  3. When done, launch the installer file you downloaded.
  4. After successful installation, open the emulator and complete the setup process.
  5. Link your account for enabling Google Play services to download apps.
  6. Head to the home page and click on the Play Store icon, as it comes pre installed.
  7. Type vMEyeCloud in the search bar and hit enter.
  8. View the search results and install vMEyeCloud application.
  9. Fall back to home screen and tap the icon ‘installed Apps’.
  10. The installed vMEyeCloud will appear there, double click on the icon to launch vMEyeCloud for PC.

From the above two methods you’ve thoughtfully learned about what emulators are, the step by step procedure of vMEyeCloud download for PC using NoxPlayer, BlueStacks.

Continue the rest of the article to gain more knowledge about the features of vMEyeCloud app download for PC.

All these features in the vMEyeCloud app for PC protect your workplaces like shop, school, office etc anywhere and anytime. Just sync your PC with mobile and watch what’s happening out there.

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How to Use vMEyeCloud for PC:

How to Use vMEyeCloud for PC_

Follow these simple tasks and take total control of your surroundings with vMEyeCloud.

When you open the app, you’ll see two options on the home screen – By User and By Device

Task – 1: Process you should follow in By User option:

  1. By user option asks you to enter username and password to connect to the vMEyeCloud servers
  2. This allows live footage without adding details of IP or DVR camera
  3. Finally, verify that your security cameras are plugged in and registered to vMEyeCloud servers.

Task – 2: Process you should follow in  By Device option:

  1. In the second option, you can add a DVR or IPC camera into VMEye Cloud. Also search and edit security devices.
  2. To add either DVR or IP all you have to do is, provide details like Device Name, Serial No, Username & Password and choose connection type to complete the setup.
  3. If you want to watch multimedia footage, just click on the Add option located at the top.

When you’re done, view the footage on your PC simply by relaxing on your desk. This is the process you have to follow to link your security devices to vMEyeCloud for PC.

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Alternatives to vMEyeCloud for PC:

Alternatives to vmeyecloud for PC

1. XMEyeThe famous video monitoring tool with a user friendly interface. Connect any of the security devices to XMEye and view live footage instantly on your mobile or PC. Just login with username and password or use fb.

Check demos, create one or multiple channels, enable alarm push or messages for notifications. With over 10M+ installations and 3.7 ratings it created a record in the category of managing security devices. 

2. gCMOB – It is a very optimised app that manages all your surveillance cameras very effectively. Take control of your devices and operate them from your mobile, adjust the angle with a smart joystick, preview live and many more. 

Major features like Push Alarm, Video Playback, Invisible Task Wheel, Finger Gesture and so on. Add up to 16 channels and get instant playback.

it supports cloud services DVR/NVR & IP cameras, digital zoom in live videos, two way talk, E – Map and control relay outputs like switch close/open doors etc.

Introduce gCMOB to protect your belongings from intruders. With over 1M+ downloads and 3.5 stars it is also ranked best in smart apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to add devices to vMEyeCloud for PC?

Tap the option ‘By Device’ on the homepage and click add option in the upper left corner and provide details. After that hit on the profile you created, it automatically connects your surveillance camera.

2. How to download apps from BlueStacks?

Launch the BlueStacks and login with your credentials and head to the home page. Click on the Play Store icon and start installing apps like you do on mobile.

3. Is it possible to check installed apps on NoxPlayer?

Yes, head to the main screen of Nox you’ll see a Installed Apps option, open it and view your installed applications.

4. I have Windows 7 on my PC, can I use BlueStacks on it?

You’re free to go for the installation of BlueStacks on your PC, also check the requirements mentioned above before hitting the download button.

5. What is the process for post forwarding settings?

You don’t need to set any post forwarding settings, just plug the DVR or IPC and then register in the vMEyecloud server. 

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Ending the Article:

Being secure and protecting assets is our job. No one takes care of them, we’re the ones who feels responsible.

Operating surveillance cameras and other security devices require a budget but we have to bear it until everything lasts.

The vMEyeCloud for PC is definitely useful for you, try it once, connect your device and experience multiple footages on a single screen without shifting to separate windows every time.

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