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vShare for PC

Vshare is a great alternative to traditional app markets like google play store, iOS app store, etc. It helps us to download premium applications and software at a comparatively low price and sometimes even free.

Vshare was initially launched for jailbroken ios devices for downloading paid applications for free, but recently Vshare developers made it possible to use vshare in non-jailbreak devices as well.

If you have ever used an ios device like an iPhone or iPad then you must be knowing most of the applications and games in the ios app store has a price tag on them and you must be aware of hardship one needs face to download a paid application or game for ios device.

If you have ever used Vshare in ios then you must be knowing it’s actual worth. Via vShare, you can easily download most of the premium apps at a very reasonable price, which otherwise is highly charged by other app market giants.

Vshare recently launched their pc version which is actually a helper that helps you to install vshare on your ios devices without jailbreak and in a very short period of time vShare for pc 2020 (vShare helper) has gained trust of its users, vshare for pc has wide variety of premium applications and games that are 100% safe and reliable.

Here I will guide you in getting vShare for pc (vShare helper) with the easiest and fastest method possible and help you with the workings of vshare for pc (vshare helper).

Here Are Some Requirements to Meet Before Downloading Vshare for PC (Vshare Helper)

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Architecture 32 bit or 64 bit
  • At Least 1 Gb of Ram
  • At least 1 Gb free space

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How to Download and Install Vshare For PC?

In ios devices, Apple does not grant you the authority to download and install vshare directly, if a person wants to use vshare then their device must be jailbroken, if you don’t know what does jailbreak mean let me give you a brief explanation.

Jailbreak is a process of gaining root access in the ios devices, the process of jailbreak is quite complicated and must have technical experience before proceeding with it because if anything goes wrong then you will end up with a bricked device.

Moreover, if you get it done by an expert then also you will end up voiding your device warranty. So it is better to use vshare for pc (vshare helper) to install vshare on your ios devices without any jailbreak or risk of voiding the warranty.

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Installation Procedure:

Step 1: First of all, download the Vshare App from below button.

Step 1 – Run the vshare helper app to install it on your pc.

Step 2 – Now you will see a wizard on your screen, click on One Key Installation.

Step 3 – Select the directory/location where you want vshare to store files and click on install now button.

Step 4 – Launch the vshare and enjoy.

Once the vshare for pc (vshare helper) is successfully installed you are ready to go, now you can install vshare to any ios device with the help of your pc.

Many people install vshare for pc (vshare helper) but they have a problem in installing vshare in their ios devices and they have a fear of jailbreak and hard brick but don’t worry I will guide you in getting vshare o your device just follow my steps.

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Tutorial on How To Use Vshare?

Many people download vshare on pc but still, they cannot use it to install vshare o there ios device, follow my steps to solve this problem.


Step 1 – Launch the vshare application on pc

Step 2 –  Connects the device via USB in which you want to install vshare

Step 3 –  Click on the blue install vshare button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 –  Wait till the vshare app get installed in your ios device

Step 5 – Once the app is installed, click on the green re-authorization button on the bottom of the screen and wait till the process is done

Step 6 – Detach your device from the pc and now you are ready to use vshare.

Sometimes when you connect your ios device to the PC with the help of a USB you do not see any button to install vshare on your ios device, in such a situation don’t panic just detach your device reboot your pc and connect it again with the help of a different USB cable , the problem will surely be solved.

There Are Some of the Pros & Cons on Vshare:


  • Vshare helps us to download premium applications and games for free
  • It also helps us to download the modded version of games
  • The applications and games downloaded from vshare are 100% safe
  • It saves our hard earn money from those greedy giants.


  • There are many paid applications and games which are not available on vshare
  • Sometimes vshare pc does not respond so we have to reboot our pc

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Ending the Article:

Vshare is a lifesaver for any ios user as it allows us to download premium apps and games for a very low price or even for free, which would not have been possible otherwise.

It helps us to enjoy the modded version of our favorite games. Vshare for pc (vshare helper) is a blessing for us as it helps us to install vshare in any of our ios devices without needing it to be jailbroken which will void the warranty of our device and can even make it bricked.

Vshare for pc makes it very easy for anyone to install vshare on their ios device and enjoy premium applications and games.

So now you know how to install vshare in any of your ios device with the help of vshare for pc (vshare helper), so go ahead and install vshare in all of your ios devices and let me know down in the comment box if you have any queries about vshare for pc.

Which application and games you downloaded via vshare?

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