What is Malding? Its Origin and Meaning in Twitch Chat


What is Malding Its Origin and Meaning in Twitch Chat

Today I’m going to share with you What is Malding? Its Origin and Meaning in Twitch Chat.

If you are a hardcore gamer and love to watch the online streaming of computer games that have been played by other professional gamers. You have come across a thought “What is Malding” right? don’t worry this article will clear all your doubts.

The word “Malding” has gone viral and become famous among gamers around the world. It is common for Twitch users. Though there are a large number of people who are not aware of this word.

And when they found or heard this word in the gamers community, they started searching for the meaning of it like, what does malding mean?

Here in this article, We are going to discuss the malding twitch meaning and the etymology of Malding.

Before going ahead, let’s make you familiar with Twitch. 

Twitch is one of the most famous online streaming platforms for gamers which allows the other gamers to watch the other pro gamers playing various games.

Twitch came into the limelight in 2014 when Amazon acquired it for about $1 Billion. It became more popular during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Now come to the point again.

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What Is Malding?

What Is Malding

The word Malding is a portmanteau word (means a combination of two different words that combined in such a creative way to form another meaningful word). It is a blend of “Mad” and “Balding”.

This word is common for the gamer community and defines a situation when a player gets angry and starts receding his hair. It is used in a game as a joke to refer to the fact that a  player is going insane due to frustration and getting bald.

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Where Does the Word “Malding” Originate From?

Where Does the Word “Malding” Originate From

Before going in-depth about getting information “What is Malding”, it is important to know from where it has originated. 

The word Malding is originated on Twitch chat and it is believed to be first used by Forsen, a famous streamer on Twitch who also has his huge community. 

In 2019, his community was spammed by a lot of users with the messages like “So Bad, So Mad” and “So bald, So Mad”. Over time, this term was evolved into “Mald” and then “Malding”

Malding is generally considered to be a significant Twitch language used by players to refer to an extremely frustrated player ironically. However, the word has been already taken by the Urban dictionary since 2011.

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Why Did Malding Become So Popular?

Why Did Malding Become So Popular

Actually, the term malding is used by a Twitch player. In the year 2019, a video was shared on the platform known as “The Malding of Twitch”. 

This video has a bunch of Twitchers (Twitch users) who have spotted bald. This video went viral and the term malding is now used for a multitude of gamers who have started losing hair due to stress while playing the game.

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How Does It Become a Trademark?

How Does It Become a Trademark

At the end of 2019, another Twitch streamer Joey “Nagzz21” Bagels filed an application for its trademark and also registered a domain name called “malding.com” for $3300 during the funny conversation with another Twitch streamer Rob “Roflgator” Malecki.

Although he had cleared that it was a joke and he had not meant to restrict the use of this word by anyone.

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What Are the Other Chat Terms of Twitch?

What Are the Other Chat Terms of Twitch

Apart from the word ‘Malding”, it would not be incorrect to say that Twitch has its own language and culture of chatting. There are really some other words that have been used more frequently on Twitch platform like “Pepega”, “Poggers” and “Malding”

  • Pepega: It is an emote used with ironic intent and it defines the intent when a streamer says stupid and inconsiderate.
  • Poggers: It is another interesting word on the Twitch platform which is used to express the situation of excitement while playing the game when something exciting occurs.
  • React Andy– It defines a situation when someone reacts to media on Twitch live streaming. Basically, it is the name of a streamer known for reaction videos.
  • Botting– Twitch members use this word for the streamer who increases his number of views using bots. However, it is against the Twitch community rules and regulations.
  • Kappa – It is another famous term used on live streaming chat platforms. It is often used to troll someone or to convey sarcasm. It is a term that shows that someone is kidding and not serious.

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What Is the Example of Using Malding in Sentences?

What Is the Example of Using Malding in Sentences

If you also want to learn the uses of malding to poke someone who is getting bald due to game stress. You can use it like:

Assume a situation where Sam and Kate are playing games together. 

– Sam: This is the tenth time I am losing because they won’t stop coming after me!

– Kate: Laughing…

– Sam: It’s not a joke dude, I am annoyed!

– Kate: You are more than annoying, you are Malding…

Here Sam and Kate are playing an online game, where they are allowed to talk with each other in real-time while playing. Sam’s character is dying, again and again, he is getting annoying

So in this way you can also use the word “Malding” with your game partner with whom you are playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is The ForsenBoys Community?

Forsen is nothing but a Twitch streamer who became popular amongst the other twitch streamers. He has his own community and fan following where the other gamers can chit chat with each other.

In this community, the word “Malding” originates and becomes famous.

2. What are the slang words used on Twitcher other than malding?

There are various words and phrases which are commonly used on the Twitcher platform. 

  • KAPPA – It is used when you want to express something in a sarcastic way. Something that makes you roll your eyes or clap with laughter.
  • TRIHARD – It can be used if something exciting happened on your screen.
  • POGCHAMP – It is used when you want to express if you get surprised and get surprised by something.
  • 4HEAD – It is used to express a reaction to a joke.
  • CMONBRUH – Use against if someone says completely baffling and absurd things.
  • LUL – When you want to express extraordinary laughter at something.

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Ending the Article:

The story and Twitch have made several dramatic and funny incidents that become masterpieces afterward. 

The simple answer to the question is “what does malding mean” is nothing but a situation when a gamer gets annoyed and the others have started poking him that he has been getting bald due to game stress.

Nowadays this term is famous amongst game players, especially on Twitch live streaming platform. 

I hope you will be satisfied with the explanation of “what is malding”. If you like this article, do share it with your other gamer friends.

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