What is Twitch BTTV (BetterTTV) and How to Install it


    What is Twitch BTTV (BetterTTV) and How to Install it

    Today I’m going to share with you What is Twitch BTTV (BetterTTV) and How to Install it.

    Do you need some more features in Twitch? Well, then you must know about Better Twitch TV simply known as BTTV. It is a third party browser extension that supports both Android and iOS browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and many others.

    To configure chat settings, simply tap on the user drop down menu on Twitch. To see the list of Twitch BTTV chat commands, type “/help”.

    BTTV offers further emoticons, username, word and phrase highlighting, anonymous chat features, animated spots and also lets you hide visual noises like bits. 

    Actually, this extension won’t run emotes directly, it lets you use emoticons that are taken down on Twitch. If you’re ready to spare some amount, opt for a BTTV pro subscription plan to enable more broadcasts.

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    What is BetterTTV?

    What is BetterTTV

    Twitch BTTV is a browser add-on that enhances Twitch with new emoticons, username, word and phrase highlighting, anonymous chat features, animated spots and also lets you hide visual noises like bits. You can install this application on any of the following browsers.

    • Google Chrome
    • Opera Mini
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge 
    • Safari and other browsers

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    How to Install BetterTTV:

    How to Install BetterTTV

    As said above, Better Twitch TV currently supports only a few browsers. Therefore, you’d like to Install BTTV Twitch, first install any one of the browsers listed above.

    The process is simple and can be done in a few simple steps. To do it, check the step by step guide detailed below on how to enable BTTV emotes.

    1. First of all, visit the official BetterTTV website from here: Twitch BTTV.
    2. Select your browser by clicking on the drop down menu and hit the download button.
    3. Now, dive to Twitch and hit the gear icon in the lower right corner to open settings.
    4. Choose BetterTTV settings and rearrange them according to your requirements. But make sure that emotes and Gif emotes are turned on.
    5. Finally, click on the “Emote Icon” and you’re done.

    You can also access the control panel to add more emoticons to your channel. The above process on how to enable BTTV emotes works fine on most used browsers. No matter the device, follow these steps and use Twitch BTTV with new features.

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    What Does Better Twitch TV Do?

    What Does Better Twitch TV Do

    BTTV extension enhances Twitch with new features by adding extra emoticons, username, word, phrase highlighting, anonymous chat, hides visual noise like bits and many more.

    Moreover, if you opt for a BetterTTV pro subscription plan, you’ll get access to more broadcasts.

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    How to Use Twitch BTTV:

    How to Use Twitch BTTV

    To use it, first you’ve to install Twitch BTTV from the official website betterttv.com. When done, head to the Twitch website to use the extension. After that follow these points.

    1. Configure required chat settings by clicking on the gear icon from the drop down menu.
    2. Make sure that emotes and good emotes are turned on.
    3. To see the list of Twitch BTTV chat commands, type “/help”.

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    How to Solve BTTV Issues:

    How to Solve BTTV Issues

    If you face any issues with the BTTV extension or emotes not working. Follow the methods and sort any of Twitch BTTV the problems hassle free.

    Fix 1 – Check Twitch BTTV Settings:

    1. To do it, visit Twitch and open a channel. 
    2. Hit on the Chat Settings icon located at the bottom corner.
    3. Select BetterTTV settings and turn on BetterTTV emotes and gif emotes.
    4. If anything turned on before, turn them on once again.

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    Fix 2 – Disable Other Extensions:

    There are possibilities for Twitch BTTV working issues with other extensions. To get rid of them, disable those add-ons and verify that it solved the problem. To do it, here’s the guide.

    1. Open your browser and click on the three dots icon or open the menu.
    2. Dive to more tools and then select Extensions.
    3. Finally, toggle buttons and temporarily disable those add-ons.

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    Fix 3 – Disable  the Antivirus/Firewall Protection:

    Some antivirus software blocks BTTV and doesn’t let it work. In order to use BTTV Twitch, disable your windows firewall protection until you stop using Twitch.

    All these 3 methods will mostly solve the Twitch BTTV not working issues. Even though the problem exists, give up BTTV and once try the FZZ (FrankerFaceZ) add-on pack.

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    Ending the Article:

    If you’re a streamer, safely install the BTTV extension tool and connect to your Twitch account to add more emotes, animated spots, anonymous chat features, word and phrase highlighting and many more.

    The installation process is also simple and easy to use. To do it, choose your browser and download the extension from Better Twitch TV official website. It is safe and secure.

    In case you face any errors, check the methods and sort the problems instantly. If you can’t do it alone, reach us through the comment section and we’ll guide you.

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