How To Fix Overheating Issues in your smartphone [100% Working]

fix heating issues in smartphone

We’re becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones now, it has become the most important part of our life. The main reason behind this would be speed and efficiency. Smartphone almost fulfill our all requirements. But as smartphones nowadays have become so much important for us and we’ve so much dependent on it that we can’t just give enough time to smartphones to charge properly and can’t give it enough rest, thus issues like overheating occurs it causes internal damages to the phone, which can also leads to your health problems when you get in touch with your smartphones.

According to most of the people heating issues occurs due to chipset, but also depends on the usage of the phone. People nowadays use phones up to full extent, they are addicted towards gaming, using Applications, using internet, and the most power eating part is online streaming. In this post we’re gonna show you some main reasons which are responsible for the overheating of the phone. Many people think that overheating of phone isn’t a big issue to be worried about, but guys you should know that overheating in your smartphone can make your phone explode it’s battery and sometimes it can also explode itself. That’s why mobile phone companies always recommend its users to not to use other charger to charge their phone. They always recommend to use their companies charger.

Here we’re gonna discuss about the possible reasons which are responsible for overheating and how to fix overheating issues in smartphone. Highly Recommended – Make Free Unlimited Calls With USA Numbers without Internet.

Possible reason for heating issues in smartphone –

1. Using your phone while charging –

fix heating issues in smartphone

1. Now guys this is the biggest reason of overheating of smartphone, which people ignores and later they have to face the consequences.

2. Always avoid using your phone while charging as much as you can even if you have to attend any phone calls then first you should remove the plug pin. Nowadays people uses power bank and while charging they use their mobile phone even that is the bad practice. Most of the peoples used to play games while charging their phone and trust me it is the main reason behind overheating.

2. Overusing of Mobile phone –

fix heating issues in smartphone

1. There is a difference between using and overusing your phone, they both aren’t same.

2. Avoid using your phone when it is not in need, take it less out with you during summer and other thing is that you should switch off your mobile phone when it is not in need for 20 – 25 minutes daily.

3. Maximum Brightness –

fix heating issues in smartphone

1. Keeping maximum brightness in your phone is also a big reason of overheating. It drains up battery very fast so get used to keeping brightness low while using your phone. Usually people set brightness to auto. But trust me it drains your battery. So, I will recommend you to keep brightness usually about 25%. Now the biggest hurdle for using the phone in night is the brightness. It isn’t possible to keep the brightness low so for that checkout – Screen filter, the best app to use in Night [To lower your brightness]

4. Using too much Internet – 

1. I know using internet is a common practice for all of us and avoiding that is next to impossible, but guys internet is the main reason of draining battery. Ignoring internet usage can save at least 20- 30% of your  battery life per day.

5. Playing High-End games [Main Reason] –

fix heating issues in smartphone

1. Playing high-end game is the biggest reason for the overheating of the smartphone and admit that it is unavoidable because the smartphones are made for playing high-end game. Do not install/play many games at a time. I suggest to play only for 20 Minutes or only 1 mission at a time so your smartphone won’t suffer.

These were the possible reason for heating issues in smartphone.

Below we have shared some simple steps to fix heating issues in smartphone.

Steps to fix heating issues in smartphone –

1. Give your phone some rest of 20 minutes in hour of usage.

2. Switch off your packet data and WiFi connection when you aren’t using it. Ignore games when your phone is on charging.

3. Uninstall useless Apps and Game. This will surely work.

4. This one isn’t compulsory but changing your battery might solve the overheating upto an extent.


So, hence was the about Fixing Overheating Issues in your smartphone . I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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