Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing (And How to Fix It) 2022


    Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing (And How to Fix It)

    Today I’m going to share with you Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing and How to Fix It.

    YouTube’ one of the world’s most visited platforms with over 2 billion active users. From a video-sharing source to the hub of entertainment, YouTube has evolved like Google. Once imagine how tough it is to bear the traffic of billions of streamers worldwide.

    Feels awesome right. The great thing is, it has more than a billion hours of user-uploaded content and the value never ends. 

    On the other side, like all other apps, many users are facing some glitches with YouTube. One of them is that the video keeps pausing. Have you ever questioned why does YouTube keep pausing the video? The answer to this question depends on various issues.

    But each and every step you take is important to stop YouTube from pausing. So guys if you’re encountering problems with YouTube keeps pausing, checkout the methods elaborated below.

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    How to Stop YouTube from Pausing:

    How to Stop YouTube from Pausing

    Lots of Android users reported that the application is continuously crashing and pausing while playing a video.

    Moreover, some people highlighted that it gets a pleasant flow and then the video pauses (it can be a random touch). Some tried multiple times, but the video keeps pausing itself. 

    So if you guys are encountering issues with YouTube, this guide will help you fix it. What if we say that the answer to your question: why does YouTube keep pausing lies on your device. Therefore, to stop YouTube from pausing follow the methods described below.

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    Reasons for YouTube Keep Pausing:

    Reasons for YouTube Keep Pausing

    • Older Version of the App:

    It is the first thing causing the problem. Most of you do not show interest in updating applications installed on your device. Some of you like to use older versions and save mobile data.

    This leads to various stability issues and the presence of bugs is also one of the reasons behind app crashes. If your YouTube video is pausing, head to the Play Store and check for any updates available for YouTube. 

    If there is the latest version available, proceed to download it. Before doing the process, please check that you’ve sufficient mobile data or not. When done, launch the app and once try playing a video.

    Moreover, clear all your offline saved media and download recommendations (if not important).

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    • Bad Network:

    Another main reason for YouTube videos to keep pausing is the bad network. This also creates loading problems with the content.

    When your internet connection is slow and the video is buffering, the algorithm of YouTube detects it and pauses the video because of incomplete download. You know that it plays a video after some part is loaded. 

    Similarly, each and every resolution you apply to a video needs better data speed. For example, if you’re watching a video in 480p resolution, at least 2 MBPS is required for smooth playback.

    If the speed is lower than the limit and you have a bad network, no matter what, sometimes your video keeps pausing automatically and is a sign of network connection shuttering. 

    So when a video buffers, check your device settings or once turn off and on the airplane mode to fix the problem. For better outcomes, connect to an alternate network or choose wi-fi. To check your internet speed, visit any of the websites and view the results.

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    • Disable the Auto-Pause Option:

    When you’re using YouTube make sure that the option auto-pause is disabled or not. It might be one of the reasons for Pausing the YouTube video.

    This feature works with your device’s facial recognition sensor i.e whenever you are left in front of the screen YouTube automatically pauses the video and plays it when you come back.

    Sometimes the Auto-Pause option is enabled by default for handsets having facial recognition sensors. Therefore, if you want to stop YouTube from pausing, disable the Auto-Pause option and re-launch the app once again.

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    • App Cache:

    Every activity you perform with the applications caches data in the background and stores some small bits of unwanted information (junk files) upon daily use, it keeps collecting used data and fills your device storage.

    This causes performance issues and your device runs slowly. To get rid of the problems, you don’t need to be constantly cleared, a periodic clean out can be helpful. Checkout the steps detailed below on how to clear cached data of an application.

    1. First of all, head to your device settings and click on the “Apps” option.
    2. Up next, all the applications installed on your device will appear.
    3. Select YouTube among them and hit the “Clear data” button. A pop-up will ask you to clear data or cache.
    4. Select cache and proceed. That’s it, all your cached data will be cleared instantly.
    5. If you choose clear data, everything you downloaded will be deleted.

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    • Remove the Headphone Jack:

    One of the culprits for pausing the YouTube video. Most people don’t like listening to audio without headphones. Of Course they do love experiencing audio peacefully.

    But, when you connect or disconnect a headphone from the jack, you will encounter continual pausing of YouTube videos. Have you ever noticed it? If not, try playing a video without connecting headphones.

    If everything’s fine, continue without connecting headphones to the device. 

    In case you face problems, note that your headphones are broken or there might be a problem with the pin. We recommend you try another pair of headphones to check that the problem is with the headphones or the jack.

    However the YouTube video is still pausing, visit a nearby store and take a specialist support to check the functionality of the headphone jack.

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    • Technical Faults:

    Some glitches present in your YouTube app may also encounter the issue. To check out those, visit the YouTube help center and read all the articles about general problems with YouTube.

    To do it, click on your profile icon and select the “Help and Feedback” option. Then describe your issue or browse all articles on troubleshooting problems.

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    • Remind Me to Take a Break:

    This is a new feature that was introduced on almost all media platforms. What it does is, once you set a reminder, it notifies you to take a break and pauses running the video when the time limit of watching videos is exceeded.

    Then you have to dismiss it or resume playing the video. This innovative feature helps you a lot in saving battery life when you leave your phone and more. But this might be one of the reasons why does YouTube keeps pausing itself. If you’d like to turn this feature off, do as follows.

    1. Navigate to your YouTube settings option by clicking on the profile icon.
    2. Select General and disable the first option “Remind me to take a break”.
    3. If it is disabled, fall back to the homepage.

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    • Free Up Space:

    The common problem in most of the handsets. Your device contains both pre-installed and manually installed apps. Here the problem is you can’t uninstall manufacturer installed apps without rooting the device.

    Therefore, uninstall the applications you don’t use regularly. This action clears your device storage and decreases the load on RAM. Also, all apps work smoothly and efficiently like before. To uninstall an app, follow the steps detailed below.

    1. First, head to your device settings and click on the option “Apps”.
    2. In the next window, select “Manage Apps” and choose the one that you want to uninstall.
    3. Now, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see an uninstall option. Click on it and proceed.
    4. Likewise, remove all the apps you don’t use regularly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What Is an Auto-Pause Option and How to Turn Off This Feature?

    It is a built-in feature that works based on the facial recognition sensor of your device. When you are left in front of the device, it pauses the video to save your battery from draining power.

    To turn off this option, you have to add a browser extension “YouTube Nonstop “on Google Chrome.

    2. How to Disable the Option “Remind Me to Take a Break”? 

    To disable the option, navigate to your YouTube settings option by clicking on the profile icon and then select General > disable the first option “Remind me to take a break”.

    3. How to Clear YouTube Cached Data?

    To clear cached data of an app, head to your device settings and click on the “Apps”. All the applications installed on your device will appear. Select YouTube and press clear data. Choose cached data and proceed to clear. 

    4. How to Boost the Data Speed?

    To speed up your internet data speed, once turn off and on airplane mode. If you still face lower data speed, switch to another network or connect to nearby wifi.

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    Ending the Article:

    All the methods detailed above will solve YouTube keep pausing problems. So if you’re facing issues with the app, try one by one until the problem is fixed.

    In case, if these methods won’t stop YouTube from Pausing, take your mobile to a nearby store. For any queries, reach us through the comment section below.

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