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Windows Vs Mac OS , is Windows better than Mac OS

windows is better than mac
There is no better or worse operating system. They’re both stable, visually appealing, heavily supported and reliable. It’s nothing more than personal preference. There’s a debate going on that which one is better windows or Mac. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, they both have plus points and back drops. While, Windows is cheaper than Mac but only Mac’s exclusivity makes it more fresh in a market which is hungry for PCs and laptops. Well, more than 70% market share of operating system is captured by Windows. As per my opinion is concerned Windows is better than Mac in many ways. It’s my opinion you shouldn’t take it personal or as a grudge. If you prefer Mac over Windows than it’s completely your choice. Here I’m just putting my honest opinion on board.

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Below are the aspects because of which Windows is better than Mac OS.

The Aspects because of which Windows is better than Mac OS –

1. Windows supports and is optimized for touchscreen displays.2. Windows has more software and games as compared to Mac.

3. Windows has a better office suite. You can’t imagine your daily office work without using MS Excel and MS Word.

4. The Cost of Windows hardware is far less than Cost of Mac hardware.

5. Windows is easier to use as compared to Mac OS and the most important thing it gives you freedom to access each and everything.

6. Windows provides users with more freedom than a Mac. By freedom I mean windows has a very large library of free applications when compared to mac.

So yes, Windows is better than Mac OS for nearly everyone.

If you have money to Spare/Business relies on Mac, OS/Apple fanboy and you prefer exclusivity over features and freedom then you should surely go for Mac.

So, hence was the post on the aspects because of which Windows is better than Mac OS. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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