Download Wiimote Controller Apk: Best Controller App for Nintendo Wii


Download Wiimote Controller Apk

Today I’m going to share with you Download Wiimote Controller Apk, Best Controller App for Nintendo Wii.

The Wii Remote, popularly known as WiiMote was really an innovative product from Nintendo back then.

There is no exaggeration in saying that WiiMote was an inspiration for modern day TV remotes that are simple yet smart.

Paired with other extensions the WiiMote has played the roles of both a game console and remote control sharing loads of fun at just your fingertips.

While modern day TV remotes can’t be used as a game controller, WiiMote served both the purposes

If you feel like missing the WiiMote, well here is good news that will let you travel back through time and enjoy the fun of using the WiiMote.

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Technical Details of Wiimote Controller Android Apk:

App Name Wiimote Controller
Size 190 KB
Downloads 12K+
Rating 3.8+
Developer C.C.P. Cre@ions
Category Tools
Version 0.65b
Updated on 15-2-21
License Free
Required Permissions Bluetooth, Network, Wi-Fi and Others

How to use Wiimote Controller on Android:

How to use Wiimote Controller on Android

Well in the age of Android everything is possible. Your Android device can do a lot more than you have imagined.

It can be turned into an emulator to play your childhood classic retro games through emulators like GBA emulators or can act as your favourite retro game controller like Wii Remote.

Play any of your favourite games like the way you played on your Android device with Wiimote Controller. It replaces touch controls to control any of the Android games from the Wii remote. 

With the help of the Wii Controller app available you can use your Android device like the classic Wii Remote.

This article will guide you on how to install and download the WiiMote controller app and configure the app to start using it seamlessly to enjoy your favourite games.

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Wiimote Controller Apk Download:

Wiimote Controller Apk Download

This remote app from C.C.P. Cre@ions is not officially available in Google Play Store. Therefore, downloading the Wii Controller for Android via the Apk file is the only option that lets you access the services of the app.

Therefore, to download the Wiimote Controller Apk free version to your Android device, you have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option. So that it unlocks access for installing apps from other external sources. 

For downloading Apk, you don’t need to pay a single buck. Moreover, no in-app purchases are required. Just click on the link below and download Wiimote Controller Apk without any hassles. 

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How to Download Wiimote Controller Apk:

How to Download Wiimote Controller Apk

From the above lines you’ve got some knowledge about the Wii Controller app for Android. Continue reading to know more about the app and how to install Wiimote Controller Android from the Apk file.

Actually, the process of installing an application via an Apk requires some additional steps. To proceed further, checkout the step by step guide detailed below on how to download Wiimote Controller Apk safely and securely.

1. First of all, use the above link to download Wiimote Controller Apk.

2. Once you tap on the link, you’ll be automatically redirected to an external source called ‘androidout’.

3. Visit the page and tap on the Wiimote Controller Apk download link.

4. A pop-up will ask you to allow the file to download. Hit ‘OK’ and proceed.

5. After a few seconds, the Wii Controller Apk for Android will save on your device.

Wii Controller App for Android Installation Guide:

The installation process of Wiimote Controller Android Apk is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. In order to do it, checkout the procedure detailed below on how to install Wiimote Controller Android Apk.

6. Once you download Wiimote Controller Android Apk from the above lines, navigate to the downloads or open it from ‘File Manager’. 

7. Find the Apk file and tap on it to begin the installation. The process is automatic and won’t take much time to complete.

8. If you face any errors, close the application and dive to device settings.

9. Head to ‘Apps and Permissions’ and visit ‘Manage Apps’.

10. Select ‘Downloads’ and enable the option ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources’.

11. Now, fallback to the home screen and launch the ‘Downloads’ application.

12. Finally, repeat the process of installing the Wii Controller app for Android as did previously.

There you go, launch the app and play any of your favourite Android games remotely. No purchases are required. Launch and setup the Apk on Android.

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How to Use Wiimote Controller:

The setup process of the Wiimote Controller app for Android is easy. Take a look at the points described below and do as follows.

  1. Setup the Apk on Android.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Click on “int” and “connect”.
  4. Finally, press the sync button on the Wii controller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the WiiMote Controller App Secure?

Yes, the WiiMote controller app is secure if you download it from the above apk file. Please be cautious while downloading the apk file from malicious websites

2. Does It Work on Any Device?

The WiiMote app is only available for Android devices and doesn’t support Apple devices. WiiMote controller application needs Android 4.2 and above for hassle free functionality.

3. Does the WiiMote Controller App Need Mobile Data/Wifi to Work?

No, the WiiMote controller app doesn’t need any WiFi or mobile data to function as it interacts with other devices via Bluetooth.

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Ending the Article:

This was about the Wiimote controller app that lets you turn your Android device into a Wii remote.

The WiiMote controller app only functions like the Wii remote and doesn’t have any functionalities like the additional gear that can be attached to Wii Remote.

Every functionality of the app can be mapped and you can start using the app right after establishing the Bluetooth connection.

Users can use the WiiMote controller app in the Bluetooth range without any network issues. Make sure you stay in the Bluetooth range of 5 meters.

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