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WiseView App for PC Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download the WiseView App latest version.

Monitor your home, workplace, shops, restaurants, shopping malls and other targeted areas 24×7 simply by installing a surveillance application called WiseView that is particularly developed based on the situations going on.

How far we can trust people in these complicated days. We have to look at ourselves without any third party entries. If you’re looking for a way to protect your house. This application developed by Hanwha Techwin best suits you.

Wherever you’re in the world, access all security cameras and view the live footage directly within the app. What you need to do is, connect either one or multiple security cams to WiseView using a P2P ID.

Once the setup is done, all your targeted areas are displayed in separate channels clearly. You can also change the visibility of the screen based on the cams connected. 

Want to use this application on your PC, laptop and Mac. Read the methods below described briefly about WiseView download for PC. To do this, first you guys have to learn something about an emulator.

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Technical Details of WiseView for PC:

App Name WiseView for PC
Size 12 MB
Downloads 100K+
Ratings 2.5
Developer Hanwha Techwin
Category Business
Operating System Windows 7 and Above or Mac
Required Permissions Camera, Microphone, Location, Network and Others
License Type Free
Version 2.1.8

Features of WiseView for PC:

This surveillance app which is designed to monitor targeted areas either individually or unitedly has a range of built-in features that really fulfill all your requirements easily. Take a look at these before downloading the WiseView app for PC.

  • Compatible with any of the models you purchased from different manufacturers.
  • Easily access all your security cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Pair cameras instantly just by scanning P2P ID or add manually.
  • View live footages within the app.
  • Also capture individual videos or all at once.
  • Change the visibility of screens based on the cams connected.
  • Adjust aspect ratios to 16:9, 4:3 or use default screen.
  • Record either one or all channels while on the go.
  • Take screenshots at particular times.
  • Playback is available with features like fast forwarding, slow play, frame by frame, pause and stop.
  • Also zoom at specific time by using + and – symbols.
  • Flip the device to view in full screen.
  • Simply drag the cameras to reorder the windows positions.
  • The app supports dark mode to protect eyes from blue light.
  • The interface of WiseView is clean and simple to switch between options.

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What is an Emulator?

It is a software that acts like a bridge between devices and is used to access Android or iOS mobile apps and games on PCs consistently.

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Method 1 – How to Download WiseView for PC, Laptop and Mac using KoPlayer:

WiseView MoboPlayer for Windows using KoPlayer

Heard about this before, one of the popular emulators specially designed to provide lag free gaming. The interface is clean and interactive with the thinnest side toolbar. Not only games, download apps like WiseView PC and others too. 

Let’s get into the process on how to download WiseView for PC. Checkout the steps detailed below about the WiseView app download for PC using KoPlayer.

  1. Use the link and redirect to the official site of KoPlayer from here: Download.
  2. Click on the download button to save an installer file having .exe format.
  3. Wait for some time until it is saved  in a specific folder of the device.
  4. After that, search the file once in the downloads folder.
  5. When found, select it and press enter to run the installation setup.
  6. Once KoPlayer is installed,  finish the on screen process and login to your Google account.
  7. A few seconds are required to set up everything in the background for the first time.
  8. Now, you’ll see the KoPlayer home screen. Click on the pre-installed Play Store icon. 
  9. Type WiseView in the search field and hit scan to download WiseView for laptop/PC.
  10. Pick the right one from the results and install WiseView for laptop or PC.
  11. At last, the WiseView app icon will display on the home screen of KoPlayer.
  12. Finally, double press on the app icon to launch the app from KoPlayer.

See how simple the process is, open the app and allow the necessary permissions. Now, click on the plus symbol twice to add devices. Options like Device Name, Login Type, P2P ID will be visible to you. Fill those boxes and live stream the footage in different layouts. 

If you’d like to play high end mobile games on PCs, have a look at the second method to run not only games but also apps like WiseView too.

Checkout the process below mentioned about WiseView app download for PC using a customized emulator called BlueStacks.

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Method 2 – How to Download WiseView for Windows PC using BlueStacks:

WiseView for Windows using BlueStacks

It is power packed with smart controls that provide the ultimate gaming experience without any limits. BlueStacks is faster, lightweight and consumes 40 percent less RAM compared to other emulators.

With over 1 billion downloads, BlueStacks has become the choice for gamers worldwide. Follow the step by step guide detailed below about WiseView for PC download.

  1. Switch to the official website of BlueStacks by clicking on the link: Download.
  2. When you visit the page, proceed with the download button.
  3. An installer file of BlueStacks having a format .exe will begin downloading.
  4. When done, head to the downloads folder and find it.
  5. Select the file and press enter to run the installation setup.
  6. Accept BlueStacks user agreement and click on the ‘install now’ button.
  7. After successful installation, finish all the on screen directives and head to login page.
  8. Login with your account details for enabling Google Play services.
  9. Now, move to the main screen and click on the pre-installed Play Store icon to download WiseView for Windows PC.
  10. Type the keywords WiseView in the search field and hit scan.
  11. Pick the correct one from the appeared search results and install it.
  12. Finally, move to My Games tab. to check the WiseView app. Select it and hit enter to launch from BlueStacks.

There you go, the app also lets you record everything on the screen. This can be helpful to watch the missed footage later. You can even take screenshots of the screen while on the go.

Adjust the aspect ratio of the screen to 16:9, 4:3 and original. The menu bar provides options like live, playback, record, image, device and help. 

Got all the necessary information regarding WiseView download for PC using powerful emulators. Well, scroll the rest of the lines to know more about the built-in features present in the WiseView app for PC.

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Alternatives to WiseView for PC:

Alternatives to WiseView for PC

1. SmartCam LiteSimilar to WiseView for PC, it is another app that lets you monitor the live feed of targeted areas. It works with the Hanwha Techwin security system and is free to use. Setup the app with your logins and click on plus symbol to add devices.

To view all the live streams, scroll the page or use window frames. The interface of SmartCam lite looks professional, clean and intuitive. 

Record footages along with audio, stream in HD quality and also capture screenshots. Use playback and quickly check the activity by fast forwarding, zoom to identify third party entries, mute individual channels and more features are available in this app.

Include SmartCam Lite on your device and monitor your targeted areas from anywhere. This 14 MB surveillance app has got 3.9 ratings based on 10k+ downloads.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Add Devices to WiseView?

Open the app and click on the plus symbol twice. Scan P2P ID and add your device.

2. Does It Have the Option to Play Multiple Live Footages at Once?

Yes, WiseView plays all your connected devices’ live footage in one window. However, a maximum of 16 channels can only be added.

3. How to Record Live Footage in WiseView?

Click on the menu option and select the record option. The app will capture the screens until you hit stop at a specified time frame.

4. Can I Take Screenshots of Live Footage?

Of course you can take a screenshot at a particular time and save it to your device.

5. How to Download KoPlayer?

Visit the official site of KoPlayer from the above link. Proceed to the download button to save an installer file and double click on it to begin the installation.

6. Is Nox Player Consumed a High Amount of Ram?

It depends upon the tasks you perform. Actually, Nox handles every app smoothly and efficiently just by consuming a bit of RAM. 

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Ending the Article:

We have to take care of ourselves, depending on someone in these complicated days is not good when we leave home.

Secure all your living areas, businesses and other targeted areas with apps like WiseView for PC and monitor every activity with live footage from the screen in front of you.

Wherever you’re in the world, be fearless about safety.

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