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xcode for windows

App development is a great way to experiment around with ideas that you want to see in working. The most widely used computer operating platforms are Windows and MacOs and these are the operating systems targeted most by app developers.

App development in Windows and Linux is pretty straightforward and can be done easily on cross platforms basis but this is not the case with app development in MacOs.

For developing any sort of application for MacOs on any other computer platform there are certain sets of tools that are required.

In this article we will be taking about Xcode for Windows and Xcode for MacOs and how to do it.

Xcode for macOS and Is It Possible to Install It on Windows:

The very first thing you need to know about Xcode is that it is an (IDE) integrated development environment offered by Apple and you can develop applications for Apple ecosystem which is a combination of iOS, MacOs, tvOS and watchOS.

Xcode is a pretty powerful application which comes in very handy in developing applications and can be installed only on MacOs, you just can’t install Xcode on Windows operating system.

The second question which is pretty common needs attention is that if it is possible to install Xcode on Windows ?

To start with the possibilities, yes it is definitely possible to install Xcode on other platforms also and you can do this both virtually and natively.

But even after all the possibilities you it is recommended that you don’t install Xcode on your Windows system due to a variety of reasons for example the Xcode would not work very well and as it is illegal as per the rules of Apple there are issues on the aspect of licensing.

This is our recommendation but if you look on the internet you will find tons of sources which says that it is totally safe and the app works totally fine on Windows but it’s better if you don’t trust those sources.

How to Install Xcode on Windows?

Our first recommendation is that you shouldn’t try to do this but is you are not left with any other option there are ways of doing this. Let’s take a look at those

As already mentioned in the article that Xcode is a MacOS specific application and can’t be installed on any other platform, to do this you need to stimulate the installation of MacOS X on your Windows system.

You can either do it with full technicalities or you can do it simply by using certain softwares like Virtualbox.

You can use any other application as well but as VirtualBox is an open source application it is easy to use and you get all the features. After you are done with the installation process the real work kicks in, you can read the guide of VirtualBox for the whole process.

Running a virtual computer is a heavy task in itself and it demands a powerful hardware for this, the minimum you should have is A Dual Core Intel processor, at least 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended), Hardware Virtualization.

After this you need to have a physical disc of MacOS X for which you need to have a CD of MacOS which you can buy online from Apple store or you can use the ones who are provided when someone buys iMac or MacBook.

Once you are done with this launch the VirtualBox application which will configure the whole system according to the need but you will still need to make some minor changes.

Booting Your Virtual Computer:

For the final step of installing MacOS X you need to have Hackboot downloaded on your device, which you can simply download from Google. In the case of installing MacOS X you will need to have 2 Hackboot, both on different discs and MacOS X on another disc.


Inserting the Hackboot disc 1 you’ll start getting instructions of what to do, all you need to is to follow them. From the menu button the launch the disc drive of MacOS X.

From this step everything you need to do, you’ll find on the Installation manual of the MacOS X. After you are done with the whole installation process simply restart the computer.

After this open the Virtualbox app where you need to switch from Hackboot disc 1 to Hackboot disc 2 which will prompt you to a screen of two icons. Select the icon of MacOS X and initiate the boot sequence.

Now the whole process is same as the setup of an apple computer or laptop.

Installing Xcode on Your Virtual Computer:

Once you are done with the above part, installing the Xcode is comparatively much easier.


First download Xcode from Apple store and then read the instructions before installation process and make the necessary changes for example you have to change the resolution of your device according to the MacOS X.

From here installing the file of Xcode is as simple as installing any other app and even if you face any issue you can Google it down. The benefit of using a virtual computer is that you can use other Apple app you find necessary that to with a hassle free experience.

Now, finally you are to experiment around with the most powerful app out there for MacOs app development.

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