How to Write YouTube Comments in Bold, Italics & Strikethrough


youtube comment formatting

Video-Platforms are becoming more and more popular these days, and YouTube is on the top of the list. The reason I am saying so is that

“Every day, approx 5 Billion of videos are watched on YouTube.”

There are many reasons why YouTube is a popular one. The main reason for this is the YouTube time-to-time changes and releasing useful features. Similarly, they have released a function to format the comment. Now, users can make a comment bold, italics, and even strikethrough.

But, how to write YouTube comments in Bold, Italics, or Strikethrough?

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Let’s find out the answer to this question in the following post!

YouTube Comment Formatting:

Recently, YouTube has given its users an extraordinary power. The power to format the comments. Now, the user can perform the following operation on his comment on any YouTube video:

1) Bold the Comment:

Generally, making the text bold means the practice of making the text a bit thick than the standard text. Bold is used to highlight any word or basically, to draw the reader’s attention to that word.

For example, consider the sentence,

India is my country.”

Here, the reader’s attention has been drawn on the word “India.”

2) Comments in Italics:

To make the text italics means to tilt the text a little bit than the normal. One makes the text italics to emphasize any specific word in the text. Generally, a text is converted into italics when that particular word is essential or any expressions like shocking.

For instance, consider,

Voila! We won”

Here, the term “Voila” has been made italics as it is an expression.

3) Strikethrough the text:

Striking through means to draw a vertical line over any specific word. It describes that the word is not valid, or it is unreasonable anymore in the text. Generally, strikethrough is used in ad copies to mention any discount on the price of the product.

For example, consider the following sentence,

Rs50, Rs30”

The above example shows that now the price has been changed to Rs30 from Rs50.

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How to Format YouTube Comment?

So, until now, you have learned what is Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough, and besides this, you have learned when to use which one. But the question arises, how to use them in the YouTube comments?

Let’s learn to format the YouTube comments!

1) To Bold the YouTube Comment:

You can easily make any comment bold in no time. Just enclose the text you want to make bold in asterisks sign (*). For example,

In this text, this *word* will become bold.

youtube bold text in comment

Results in:

In this text, this word will become bold.

2) To make the YouTube Comment Italics:

To make a comment in italics on any YouTube video, enclose the text with underscores from both sides (_). For example,

Here, this _word_ will become italics.

how to italicize on youtube

Final output in comments:

Here, this word will become italics.

3) To strikethrough in the comments:

For strikethrough in the comments on any YouTube video, enclose the text with hyphens (or dashes). For example,

Here, this -word- will strikethrough

youtube comment formatting


Here, this word will strikethrough

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Ending the Article:

Everywhere the viewers need a presentation even in SEO. You can’t post any piece of text without adequately formatting it. The same applies in the case of YouTube comments. Now YouTube has released a new feature for its comment section.

Now, the user can make any comment bold, italics, or even a strikethrough in the comments. And the entire process to do so has been explained in this post.

As a bonus tip, do not make the entire comment bold or italics, just format one or two words in the comments only. Just give it a try and see the magic in the YouTube comments.

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