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Download YouTube Pink Apk

Today I’m going to share with you how to Download YouTube Pink Apk. Best YouTube Premium Mod Apk.

YouTube plays a significant role in entertaining people comfortably. More or less every day we open YouTube to stay captivated by the divergent kinds of videos available on YouTube.

This immersion in the technical world invigorates us from our everyday frantic schedule. Almost everyone uses YouTube to stay updated with nowadays society.

Starting from entertaining videos to informative educational ones, YouTube unfolds extensive sources in front of us. Not only that, but YouTube has also become a great source of earning for the common people.

Despite all of these features, there are some restrictions in the official YouTube like playing videos in the background, screen brightness control, and much more and these make us think to switch to any other version of YouTube.

To get rid of all these limitations, developers have designed YouTube Pink Apk that you can download on your android device right away. By downloading YouTube Pink Apk you can get smooth access to the videos without any hindrances.

Here in this article, we have talked about every detail like features, technical information, and downloading procedure of this alluring Apk of YouTube. So, stay in touch further with this post to get all the information about YouTube Pink mod Apk.

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What is YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

What is YouTube Pink Mod Apk

With a pink color theme, it is a modded version of the original YouTube application. Since we face lots of restrictions on the original YouTube app, developers have introduced this modified version with astonishing features such as minimizing, picture in picture, background YouTube video playing, and so on.

So, YouTube Pink Mod Apk furnishes such handy functions that the sterling one fails to.

As this is a modified version, you can’t get this Apk directly on your android device from The Google PlayStore. So, stay tuned to get to know about the downloading procedure of Pink YouTube Apk.

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Technical Features of YouTube Pink Mod Apk:

App Name YouTube Pink Mod Apk
Version Latest
Ratings 4.1+
Compatibility Android 4.0 and Up
Size 66.6 MB
Price Free
Category Apps, Video Players
Developer Team Vanced
Downloads 50k+

Features of YouTube Pink Apk:

Being the modified version of the original YouTube, it has been launched with some additional captivating features that charm the users more than the authentic one.

With an endless number of functions, YouTube Pink Apk has been getting expanded among users day by day. Some of its amazing features have been discussed below.

  • Exclusive Theme

One of the best features that attract the users is its fancy theme. Every option of this Apk has been themed pink in color. Starting from the notification area, a search bar to watch later, watch later to subscription everything you find will appear in pink color.

Pink is the most eye-soothing color and if you are someone who has problems with the bright theme, this Apk best suits you. Moreover, YouTube Pink Apk has been designed in such an eccentric way that it has become more endearing to the users because of its look.

When it comes to theme and color, you can change it to other colors according to your comfort. It means you can customize the theme of YouTube Pink Apk as per your requirements.

  • Recommendation Module

The recommendation module makes YouTube Mod Apk more adorable to the users. It will show the options of videos as per your engrossment. You won’t have to scroll YouTube Pink Apk for new ones. Which will save your valuable time from searching your preferred videos.

Suppose you are fond of watching videos related to technology. YouTube Pink Apk will recommend you those videos that are related to technology. Isn’t it convenient? So, download this Application to have such amazing features for your Android device.

  • Dark Mode

Present, dark mode in different social media platforms has been trending. Dark mode not only protects your eyes from harmful blue light but also makes you comfortable while operating your device.

That’s why YouTube Pink Apk has also launched a dark theme to keep you safe and comfortable.

If you are not interested in the theme, you can change it to dark mode. To enable the dark mode, you just have to visit the “setting” option and switch it to the “dark mode”.

  • Background Mode

The feature that makes it exceptional than the original one is its background mode option. All the time when we play a video on YouTube and switch to another application, it stops automatically.

We are unable to do any other work simultaneously while watching videos on YouTube. To get rid of that YouTube Pink Apk has introduced such an astounding option where you can continue your work as well as watch the YouTube videos.

No matter which social media you are operating, your video won’t be paused.

Sometimes, we love to listen to music while chatting with our friends but the original YouTube doesn’t give us that probability. In such a situation, YouTube Pink Mod Apk background mode makes it possible.

  • Screen Brightness

Another startling feature of YouTube Pink Mod Apk is its screen brightness quality. If you feel annoyed adjusting the brightness again and again by going to your device’s setting, you don’t need to bother anymore.

YouTube Pink Mod Apk will allow you to calibrate the brightness just by sliding the screen. It will not only help you to adjust the brightness but also stream the video smoothly.

This function makes YouTube Pink Apk more popular than the other Apks available in the market.

  • On-Repeating Videos Streaming Option

Sometimes, while watching videos on YouTube, we get obsessed with some videos and want to play them again and again. In order to play them repeatedly, we have to click the videos every time we want to watch and it gets irritating.

But on YouTube Pink Mod Apk you don’t need to click the videos to play them over and over. Instead, you simply enable the repeat option and videos will start playing manually. This way you can enjoy videos without any drawbacks.

  • Playing Videos Without Restriction

More or less everyone has faced restriction-related issues. Be it age restriction or country restriction, it is the most annoying problem while playing YouTube videos. But if you use YouTube Pink Mod Apk you don’t need to worry about restrictions.

Apart from that, you don’t need to apply a second method or download any app to remove restrictions for YouTube videos. You will get access to any kind of videos through YouTube Pink Mod Apk.

This is another great reason for the enormous popularity of this modified Pink YouTube.

  • Ad-Free Videos

These days we can hardly find any ads-free videos on YouTube. Starting from promotional Ads to Collaborative Ads, Ad is one of the major hindrances of streaming videos smoothly.

It gets more bothersome when you watch videos with concentration like educational videos or movies etc. To get rid of these annoying Ads, download YouTube Pink Mod Apk and steam YouTube ad-free.

You can watch any kind of video without the sudden entry of Ads. Foreground or background, no matter where you are streaming the videos, watch without ads.      

  • Double-Tap Feature

This is one of the most compelling features that are very beneficial to almost everyone. By double-tapping, you can stop playing videos and close YouTube Pink Apk instantly. This is very handy and doesn’t consume time at all.

It doesn’t matter where you are, simply tap twice on the YouTube Pink Mod Apk video screen and it will stop at once.

  • Video Minimizing Feature

Moreover, you can play videos by minimizing them while working on other applications. For instance, you want to scroll to any other application while watching videos.

In such a situation, you can simply tap the minimize button and you will be able to work on both sides concurrently.

  • No Cost Services

Last but not least you will get all of these bewildering features without spending a single penny. On the other video streaming apps, you have to pay for a subscription. But YouTube Pink Mod Apk offers its users such premium features for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this supreme Apk to enjoy your virtual life.

Isn’t it amazing? You will get all of these functions in just one app. Click on the download link to get this application for free.

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How to Download YouTube Pink Apk for Android:

How to Download YouTube Pink Apk for Android

Downloading YouTube Pink Mod Apk is an effortless process and if you operate an android device, you can get this Apk on your device just by following a few steps.

Point to be noted that YouTube Pink Mod Apk is a third-party app and your device won’t allow any third-party apps directly for download and installation. To do it, follow the steps detailed below on how to download YouTube pink Apk.

1. First of all, click on the link given below to download YouTube Pink Apk on your Android device.

2. After that, you’ll be redirected to a new page called Onedrive. 

3. Wait for 15 seconds and YouTube Pink Mod Apk will automatically start getting downloaded on your device. Allow the file for download and head to the Downloads section.

4. Once YouTube pink Apk download for Android is completed, you will find the Apk file on the File Manager.

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How to Install YouTube Pink Mod Apk on your Android Device:

How to Install YouTube Pink Mod Apk on your Android Device

Once YouTube Pink Mod Apk is downloaded, you have to install this modified version of YouTube on your device. Again note that being a third-party app, your device won’t allow any of such applications for direct installation.

In order to get access to YouTube Pink Mod Apk for installation, you have to allow the ‘Unknown Sources’ option for the File Manager app from the device ‘Settings‘. Then only you will be able to install YouTube pink mod Apk on your device.

Follow these steps to install YouTube Pink Mod Apk on your device. Remember that this method is only for Android devices.

  1. Visit the File Manager app and tap on the YouTube pink mod Apk file for installation.
  2. Installation of YouTube pink mod Apk will start automatically. If you face any errors, do as explained below.
  3. Head to device settings and visit “Apps and Permissions” > “Manage Apps”.
  4. There you’ll see all the applications installed on your device. Select “File Manager” and enable the option “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
  5. Finally, repeat the process of installing YouTube mod Apk for Android as did previously.

That’s it. YouTube Pink Mod Apk will be successfully installed on your Android Device. Open the app and allow all the required permissions and enjoy YouTube Pink Mod Apk with features you have never seen in the official one.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is YouTube Pink Apk?

It is a pink-themed modified version of the original YouTube Application. Developers have introduced this modded Apk with lots of alluring features to attract users.

You will get an endless number of quirky features in YouTube Pink Mid Apk such as background video playing, dark theme, minimizing module, and much more. Apart from that, it will also permit you to stream videos without any ads.

2. What is YouTube Vanced Pink?

It is a modified version of the original YouTube application. YouTube Vanced has been designed with lots of amazing functions that are not available in the authentic one and is an in-demand Apk for the users.

3. What does YouTube Pink Mod Apk offer?

We have discussed all the features in detail offered by YouTube Pink Mod Apk in this post. It offers plentiful exceptional qualities such as pink theme, background video playing module, screen brightness, video minimizing features, and so on and is totally free of cost.

4. Where to download YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

For YouTube pink apk download for Android, click on the download link given in this post and redirect to Onedrive.

Wait for a few seconds and allow the download file from your browser. To ease the download procedure, everything is detailed step-by-step in the article above.

5. How to Login into My Account On YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

To log in to your account on YouTube Vanced Pink Apk, you have to download a specified app called microG and it will help you to use your account on YouTube Pink Apk.

6. What Are the Differences Between the Original YouTube Application And YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

Since YouTube Pink Mod Apk is the modified version of the original YouTube application. Unlike the official one, it provides lots of unique functions such as background playing, pink theme, video minimizing feature, and others without spending a single penny.

Moreover, contrary to the official YouTube application, you won’t get this Apk from the Google PlayStore, you have to download this application via the Apk file link given above.

7. Is YouTube Pink Mod Apk Safe to Download?

Being a third-party app we have the misconception that YouTube Pink Mod Apk might not be safe to download on an android device. Remember that despite being a third-party app, it has no backlogs or past grumble.

Consequently, it is quite safe to use this application on your android device. Moreover, the source we used is safe and secure. Anyways, for safety, regularly check your device with antivirus applications.

8. Will I Earn Money by Using YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

The answer is no. You won’t be able to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube Pink Mod Apk since it doesn’t show any Ads while streaming YouTube videos.

9. How to Download YouTube Pink Apk for Android?

For YouTube pink app download for Android, you have to click the link given above in this article. You’ll then be redirected to a new page where you have to wait for 15 seconds. After that, the Apk will start downloading automatically on your device.

Find the downloaded Apk on the File Manager and click on the install button (also enable the Unknown Sources option from the device “settings” option if it’s not done yet). Tap on the “open” button once YouTube Pink Mod Apk is installed on your android device.

Video tutorial for better understanding:

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Ending the Article:

Get this pink YouTube apk today and watch YouTube videos smoothly without any impediments.

No matter where you are if you have a proper network connection you will get access to any kind of restricted videos through YouTube Pink Mod Apk on your android device.

The staggering features offered by this modified Apk are utilitarian for everyone who uses YouTube but gets annoyed by the unwanted sudden Ads.

If you are in haste, you can immediately sleep YouTube Mod Apk by double-tapping. Enjoy chatting with your friends while listening to music on YouTube.

What more one needs if he gets all of these astounding features free of cost. If you like this post and find it helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends via social media. For any queries, reach us through the comment section below.

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