Zamunda Proxy 2021: 10+ Working Zamunda Proxy & Mirror Sites


    15+ Working Zamunda Proxy & Mirror Sites

    Today I’m going to share with you the 15+ Working Zamunda Proxy & Mirror Sites.

    Zamunda is one of the top ranked Bulgarian torrent sites that allows you to download movies, tv shows, e-books, music, games and software keys for free. It’s a user interface, higher number of peers and leechers are unique features of Zamunda.

    From its inception, this popular platform has served a lot to people who are interested in downloading files from torrents. But recently, several countries like India, China, Europe and a lot more have blocked the main domain of Zamunda and made it inaccessible to visit.

    Therefore to access the website the only solution we’ve is Zamunda Proxy sites. If you’re a torrent lover who is looking for Zamunda unblock, read on till last to know everything about it.

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    What are Zamunda Proxy Sites?

    What are Zamunda Proxy Sites

    A proxy is an intermediary server that acts as a gateway between end-users and the sites they visit i.e it passes data to the address you requested and returns back from the same one.

    Therefore Zamunda proxy sites bypass geo-restrictions imposed by ISPs and display your search results within a fraction of seconds. It is simple and no software is required to unblock the site. 

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    What Happened to Zamunda Website?

    What Happened to Zamunda Website

    As we all know that the content present in most of the torrent sites are pirated and they upload copyrighted material without having any legal permission from the owners.

    Zamunda is also one of them, so it got blocked in many countries like India, China and Europe etc. Currently it is accessible only through a Bulgarian IP. So if you’d like to use it in your country, use the Zamunda proxy sites listed below and access it without any hassles.

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    List of 10 Best Zamunda Proxy Sites Available to Unblock:

    List of 10 Best Zamunda Proxy Sites Available to Unblock

    As said above, the main domain of the site is But to avoid geo-restrictions from different countries the team of Zamunda has again split the site as

    It acts as a clone to the first one. Check the list of best Zamunda proxy sites detailed below and unblock the site from wherever you are in the world.

    S.NoZamunda Proxy Sites/MirrorsWorking


    4Bg Zamunda MirrorOnline
    7Bg-Zamunda ProxyOnline
    9Zamunda MirrorOnline
    10Bulgaria ProxyOnline

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    Zamunda Proxy Sites/Mirrors Don’t Work? Here’s the Solution:

    All the Zamunda proxy sites listed above will access the blocked parent site securely. But privacy is not ensured by proxies and the domain names also change every time. So it becomes difficult for you to find a working proxy site again and again.

    The best solution to access a proxy site is VPN (Virtual Private Network). It unblocks most of the sites and connects you safely and securely by hiding your IP address. VPN also protects you from curious eyes and makes you invisible to everyone.

    Therefore, install the best VPN client like Nord and access any of the sites on the internet without interruptions.

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    Best Zamunda Alternatives:

    1. Pirate Bay:

    Pirate Bay

    Like Zamunda, browse and download movies, ebooks, video games, tv shows, audio and others for free of cost. Pirate Bay is a user contributed platform i.e it gives you access to upload a torrent file online.

    To download a file from the site, you don’t need to sign up. Just visit Pirate Bay and search for your content or choose a category and ride along with it. When you find the desired file, click on the magnetic link or download it as a BitTorrent anonymously.

    The drawbacks with this site are the absence of meta links and annoying ads on every page.

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    2. Kick Ass Torrents:

    Kick Ass Torrents

    An incredible torrent site that allows you to download movies, tv shows, anime, video games, music and others. Like Zamund this too provides high quality movies with a minimum file size of 1GB.

    Sometimes Kick Ass Torrents site url can’t be accessible, use a VPN and unblock it. For downloading files in Kick Ass Torrents, all you have to do is, visit the site from here and search for your content.

    When done, click on either a magnetic link or download like a BitTorrent. The best thing in Kick Ass Torrents is the presence of screenshots and detailed information for each and every file.

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    3. 1337X:


    An incredible site like Zamunda. It has cool features when compared to other torrent sites. 1337X looks classic with clean interface and well arranged categories i.e it organizes everything perfectly and attractively. No annoying ads/pop-ups will be displayed on the entire site.

    This made 1337X a unique site compared to others. Browse movies, tv shows, anime, video games, applications, documentaries, music and many more for free if cost. Advanced search function instantly displays the results of what you’ve searched.

    For downloading files in 1337X you don’t need to sign-up. Find whatever you want in a fraction of seconds by using the search or go by categories. From 720 to 2k resolution, the site 1337X provides high quality movies with multiple sizes and formats.

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    Is Zamunda Safe?

    Is Zamunda Safe

    Downloading any of the files from torrent websites like Zamunda is illegal and are not safe to visit.

    Because most of the sites contain pirated content and malware. However, if you’d like to use torrents, enable a VPN and visit the site to hide your IP address. It also encrypts your connection and makes you secure from curious eyes and unknown attackers.

    Note: This article is only for educational purposes, we do not encourage or support any of the above mentioned sites in any means.

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    Ending the Article:

    All the above listed Zamunda mirror sites help you to access the main website without any restrictions and interruptions. Download movies, tv shows, e-books, applications, music, games and software like before.

    In case you face any difficulties in opening the Zamunda proxy sites, enable a VPN and reload the page again. If you found this article useful, bookmark our site and keep visiting regularly.

    Also pass this to your friends and let them access Zamunda.

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