2000+ Cool Fortnite Name Symbols For Your Fortnite Nicknames

Today I’m going to share with you 2000+ Cool Fortnite Name Symbols For Your Fortnite Nicknames.

Do you guys play Fortnite, the most popular incredible game in the battle arena developed by Epic Games?

This free-to-play battle royale game was released in the year 2017 for multiple gaming consoles and surprisingly within a year, it has grabbed over 125 million players attention all around the world.

Tens of thousands of users liked Fortnite name symbols. But when they searched for the best Fortnite special characters, most players got disappointed with the web results. 

Therefore, to help you out finding the best Fortnite name symbols for your usernames, here in this article we came up with 1000+ Fortnite name symbols that are compatible with your nicknames. Checkout them below and pick any of your favourite symbols for the Fortnite name.

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Common Symbols for Fortnite Name:


All the combinations of Fortnite name characters listed below are commonly used by millions and are very popular. These symbols for the Fortnite name are compatible with the game. Take a look at these Fortnite name symbols and give your username a new look.

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Star Fortnite Name Symbols:


The following star Fortnite name symbols are not heavily used. But if you’d like to explore your username uniquely than others, go for any of these star Fortnite name characters mentioned below and use any of them as your Fortnite nickname.

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Currency Symbols for Fortnite Name:


Wanna show yourselves rich. Then use the currency symbols for Fortnite name listed below and show your username is worthy. All types of currency symbols are available with a classic format. Have a look at those richest symbols of Fortnite.

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Special Letters for Fortnite:

From A-Z and some other classic fonts of special letters for Fortnite below are the most used Fortnite name symbols by millions worldwide. All these are supported by Fortnite. So you don’t face any hassles while replacing your Fortnite name characters with the one letters below.

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Bracket Type Fortnite Name Symbols:

〈 〉﹤ ﹥
《 》︿( )
「 」< >
『 』{ }
【 】〖 〗
〔 〕〘 〙〈 〉
〚 〛
﹙ ﹚« »‹ ›
﹛ ﹜﹝ ﹞

If you want to make a distinctive username, bracket type Fortnite name symbols give you a classic look not only on maths but also in Fortnite. They highlight your username compared to other Fortnite symbols and also attract the view of users towards your username.

From square brackets to parentheses, curly brackets to angle brackets, almost everything is available. Here below is the list of bracket type Fortnite name symbols.

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Card and Chess Type Fortnite Special Characters:

Have you ever observed the symbols on cards and chess coins? How do you feel if those are present in your favourite Fortnite game? Looks amazing right. From pawn to rook, bishop to King and symbols of some cards are also available.

All these are supported by the Fortnite game. Moreover, they show your intelligence to the users who challenge you. Generally PUBG players use these names as their Fortnite name. Have a look at our incredible collections of Fortnite symbols listed below.

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Arrow Type Fortnite Name Symbols:


We use arrows to show the direction of upward, downward, left and right. In Fortnite the symbols of arrows play a vital role in displaying your name to users.

We’ve listed stunning collections of arrows for your Fortnite username. So if you’re interested in replacing your Fortnite username with arrows, take a look at our collections and choose your favourites.

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Special Letters for Fortnite:

Show your Fortnite username as special as it can be by using the special letters for Fortnite listed below.

Actually, most of the players don’t go deep in searching for these types of Fortnite name symbols. If you want to give a new look to your Fortnite username, pick some Fortnite special characters listed below and apply new changes to your username.

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Fortnite Greek Letters:


Do you like to be a leader or will you try to live independently? If yes, here are some Fortnite greek letters. Don’t worry about the compatibility, all these are supported by Fortnite.

Reimagine the history once and use any of the following Fortnite greek letters listed below as your nickname.

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Chinese Fortnite Name Symbols:

The people’s republic country which is greatly known for martial arts has a variety of symbols from Mandarin, Wu, Yue, Xiang etc. You know that the Chinese show their uniqueness in every aspect.

They don’t follow others. Since birth, many Chinese symbols have become popular. Surprisingly those Chinese symbols are available in Fortnite. Here’s the huge list of Chinese symbols that are supported by Fortnite. Try these once if you like Chinese symbols.

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Japanese Fortnite Name Symbols:


Similar to China, some Japanese symbols also look cool and interactive. One of the most popular tech countries which is also famous in traditional arts, tea ceremonies etc has a variety of symbols.

Once, imagine Japanese symbols in Fortnite. Looks crazy right. Well, if you guys are searching for Japanese symbols for your Fortnite username, use any of the following popular Japanese symbols from the list.

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Korean Fortnite Name Symbols:

You feel different but when we compare all the three, most of the users will fail to find the difference. If you want to become popular among all, use these Korean symbols as your username for Fortnite.

They look cool, classic and give you a rich look compared to all. So, if you want to show that you’re a rich person, use and create a unique username with the following Korean Fortnite name symbols listed below.

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Ending the Article:

Find and pick your favourite symbols from any of the above 1000+ Fortnite name symbols. From Chinese to Japanese, Korean to Greek all kinds of attractive and good looking Fortnite name symbols are mentioned and are supported by Fortnite.

You don’t face any troubles while applying the new changes. Whatever the type you’re looking for, we’ve covered almost every Fortnite supported symbol all over the world. 

Hope you find the best Fortnite name symbols for your username. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends and bookmark this page.

Moreover, keep visiting our site daily for more interesting topics everyday. For any queries, reach us through the comment section below.

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