Cool PS4 Names for Pro Gamers: Best and Funny Names


Cool PS4 Names for Pro Gamers Best & Funny Names

Today I’m going to share with you Cool PS4 Names for Pro Gamers, Best and Funny Names.

With the introduction of Sony PlayStation the gaming console has evolved like never before. Its attractive design, processor speeds and graphics card will unleash the performance of every game that you play.

From its inception to today, tens of millions of units have been sold worldwide and still the company is receiving bulk orders everyday. 

In the store of PlayStation, you’ll find hundreds of incredible games with stunning graphics and legendary characters. If you’d like to step into the world of PlayStation, all you need is a PS and the games of your choice.

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Cool PS4 Names:

Cool PS4 Names

Do you guys feel bored with the older Gamertags? Want to change them. At last for the people of console gamers Sony made it possible to change PS4 names that they can only be set before you bought them.

But when the unique choice is over, you have to pay some amount to change again. So before selecting the name, think about it at least 2 or 3 times. Don’t leave this free opportunity. Because it can’t be taken back. 

If you’re looking for an amazing Gamertag, checkout the list of cool PS4 names mentioned below and select any of them as your PlayStation Gamertag. All these cool usernames for PS4 will definitely highlight your gaming console.

All these cool PS4 names will show your existence among others. So before you begin, pick a name from the list above to introduce yourself with a new Gamertag.

Bombastic KungFu Barbie
The Bon Jon Pain Slayer
Dold Digger Tarty Toes
Thunder Bunt Dirty Denise
Tonight Gamer Big Axe Dwarf
Knuckle Duster Team Arsenic
Lowercase Guy Orkward
Local Back Stabber SnackySnacks
Jack The Ripper Hyper
Complex Slayers Hyper Kong
Agent Hercules LeSpank
Junkyard Dog LexusGTXXX
Friendly Dolphin MarshalKing
Mortality Returns Marshmallow
Bonzai MaxicanChoncho
Broomspun MarshalKing
Salty Cookie Marshmallow
Mini Mouse MaxicanChoncho
Wicked Impulse NemesisX
Chill Dude Papa Smurf
Brain Hacker Paradise
Sweet Poison Psycho Thinker
Owl Pacino Red Rhino
Tongue Berry ScaryNinja
Boomkin Scrapper

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Funny PS4 Names:

Funny PS4 Names

In the game of multiple characters, everyone has their uniqueness and purpose. Likewise users have their own choices in selecting a character and giving a name to it.

If you’re a funny guy who always creates fun and makes others laugh, checkout the funny PS4 names below and set anyone of them as your PS4 Gamertag. So that people know about your vibe.

ifarted69 name_not_important
whos_ur_buddha i_boop_ur_nose
iCUDeadNow my_name_is_in_use
dumbest_man_alive ass_ass_in
lolikillyou hakuna_matata
username_copied epic_fail
hitch hiker i_can_see_your_pixels
chemo_therapy unfinished_sentenc
yes_u_suck my_anaconda_does
iamyourdaddy joe_not_exotic
rambo_was_real test_name_please_ignore
laugh_till_u_pee twentyfourhour_pharmacy
fluffy_rabid coolshirt_bra
Babydoodles horn_of_unicorn
I_am_Chubby nacho_cheesefries
fizzy_bubblech avo_cuddle
jelly_butt panini_not_meanie
Hoosier-daddy fartn_roses
averagestudent ima_robot
casanova tiger_queen
YellowSnowman igot_the_juice
Joe Not Exotic moms_spaghetti
AllGoodNamesRGone courtesy_flush
anonymouse count_swagula
magicschoolbusdropout snax
chickenriceandbeans fartoolonger
banana_hammock basic_teen
unfriendme born_confused
babydoodles chalamet_my_bae
applebottomjeans LOWERCASE GUY
Babushka ironmansnap
FartKobra potatoxchipz
iNeed2p takenbyWine
just-a-harmless-potato MakunaHatata
FrostedCupcake MangoGoGo
Avocadorable Coronacosmo
FartnRoses ArianaGrandesPonytail
RedMonkeyButt BluntMachete 
fartoolong NotFunnyAtAll
UFO_believer Butt Smasher
in_jail_out_soon Cereal Killer
kiss-my-axe Cover Boy
ask_yo_girl_about_me Cuddly Goblin
big_mamas_house Depressing Mistake
hugs_for_drugs HeyYou NotYouYou
intelligent_zombie Hugs for Drugs
ps4_sign_out Intradouching Myshelf
google_was_my_idea James Blonde
zero_deaths Laugh TillYouPee

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PS4 Names for Girls:

PS4 Names for Boys

Most of the games in PS4 which are designed for girls mainly include fantasy, action, fun, magic, cartoons etc. Also there are games for all age groups i.e from cartoons to legendary epics.

This time girls can also change their usernames for PS4. If you are willing to edit your PS4 name. Here below we’ve placed a range of PS4 names for gamer girls. The list includes several interesting names that define the entry of queens in various games.

You don’t need to think or surf across the web for PS4 names for girls. Check these out once.

Pretty Scarlet Deadly Pink
Optimal Female Pinky Stinky
Blend Female Mad Baby Maker
Sweety Who Don’t miss Hellcat
Fanatic Female Sarcastic Witch
Antheia Female Golden Digger
The Red Scarlet Selfish Queen
Circle Female Ace Leader
Incubator Female Battle Misstress
Encore Female Candy Queens
Sweet Angry Bird Sky Gun
Spike Female Rosies
Enigma On Margolem
Dazzle Female Cinderella
Hotline Live Cute Crasher
Sniper Female Tera Katega
Hottie Hottie Muffins Black Doll
Sexy Enchantress Dare the Flare
Beautiful Lotus Aqua Venom
Flaunt Girl Jungli Billi
Fathom Girl Bedazzled Blue
Vogue Girl Cherry Wabbit
Lady Witch Crazy KupKakes
Insomnia Daisy Ladybird
Girlology Dazzled Sweetie
Tenor Girl Fluffy Marshmallow
Darling peacock Forever Choco
Karma of Mama Rainbow Sweety
Commander Woman Choco Pop
Girlnetic Crazy Cinderella
Girl Alpha Emerald Goddess
Moon Light Juliette
Ocean Girl Mafia Princess
Pink Duckling Muffin
Godmother PinkMeows
Queen of Queens Spicy Senorita

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PS4 Names for Boys:

PS4 Names for Boys

Like girls, you too have a chance to change your PS4 name. Sony has announced the list of some awesome PS4 names for hard-core gamers around the world.

Whatever the games you play on PS4, the names listed below will showcase your hero on the battlefield and make you stand out from the rest of the players.

These names will prioritize your character in the game compared to others. So while changing your PSN name, go with the names listed down.

Big Papa Assassins Boy
Blade Tonight Gamer
The Falcon Legendary Looter
Head-Knocker Complex Slayer
Iron Heart evilNOfear
Crackshot Agent Hercules
Third Degree Burn IronMAN007
Ghost Rider Chill Dude
Skull Trooper BloodyAssault
W-Key Warrior RobbinGamer
Chilled Ninja HyperAlpha 
Shadow Sniper Raging eXp3rt
Original Gangster ZealousOhyeah
ToXic VenoM SCARey SNIPer
Deluxe Defender D4Destroyer
Gorilla Gunner XxGoldenWariorxX
Violent Viper TheDivinëBeast
Sneaky Sniper ItWaZ SMOOTH Yeah
Deadeye Dealer Assassin 007
Soul Sniper MajesticAv3nger
Dark Hipster TURBO Trash
Shadowgamer Tango Boss
Shakalaka Boom Boom  KillSwitch
Bombastic BloodyAssault
The Bon Jon ImmoralBrat

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Best PS4 Names 2021:

To make your profile one of the best, keep in mind that it will appear to your friends and other opponents. So to make it unique, here you’ll find some best PS4 names that are chosen by pro gamers.

Checkout the best PS4 games list below and attach it as your profile name and make everyone look at it.

Icebreaker DreamHaunter 
Young Bull HitNRUN 
Blinking Eyes OneShot 
Cute Potato AlphaReturns
Alpha Returns Bad Bunny
Drunk to Win Alley Frog
Black Belt BloodEater
Bearded Angel Captain Peroxide
Brilliant Gamer NemesisX
Pill Clinton xxxHOLIC64585
High Five abbyCRUSHELL
Victory Loves Me danielleMMA
Snapshot CaligulaOfVapes
Speedy Dacoit VapeDimension
EatBullets NoDrugsHere
PR0_GGRAM3D DigDugFunnie
CollateralDamage  SONE4LIFE
Shoot2Kill  Victory Loves Me
Overkill  Speedy Dacoit
Killspree  MatrixxxAnderson
MindlessKilling  VapeLordUltimus
TheZodiac  Icebreaker
OsamasGhost  Cute Potato
T3rr0r1st  Drunk to Win
ToySoldier  Black Belt
MilitaryMan  Brilliant Gamer
DeathSquad  Shadow Bishop
TheExecutor  Shadow Chaser
BodySnatcher  SnakeEye
TheZealot  Solo Killer
Welcome2Hell  The Shield Toronto
SmashDtrash  Thrasher
Getoutofmyway  ThunderStroke
RiotStarter  ToxicCharger
CantStopWontstop  Wolverine
BloodDrainer  Wolf Tribune
SoulTaker  Uncle Psycho

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Best PS4 Names Not Taken:

Best PS4 Names Not Taken

We know that millions of PlayStation units have been sold worldwide and with the introduction of name changing features to PS4. Most of the gamers replaced their profile ID with the names they chose. 

If you browse PS4 names online, most of the search results show you used names and it becomes tough to find the unique ones. But here on this page, we collected some of the PS4 names that are still not taken yet. Browse the list below and pick the best one.

Dark Warrior Cooɭ Lʌʋŋɗʌ
Deadshot Sтүгїѕн яөииү
Gaymer Iиԁїди Kиїҩнт
Manchu Man Bʀʋtʌɭ Kɩɭɭɘʀ
Netflix and Kill Murderous Weebs
Flung Pu Panda Seal Team 6
Punchy Punch Fire Out
My Name Doesnt Fit Triskon Valley
Pokie Punk  Hipster club
Salty Scissors Bolt Swap
Unbreakabull tʌŋʛɘŋt
Harriet Thugman Dragon slayers
Cool Stoner Recon corps
He 8 My Chicken Homunculus
Knew Too Much Phantom troupe
Harry Dotter The Annihilators
Don’t Revive Me Bro Z Warriors
Blister the Main Man Hack-Her
Black Stabbath Pro-Grow Blow
Graduate of Devry Death gun
Monkey Lover Terminator x
Hall and Goats Thunderbeast
War Dot Com Bombastic
Knob Goblin The Bon Jon
All Them Boats Dold Digger
Chili Con Carne Thunder Bunt
Bad Chicken Tonight Gamer
Blood Sail Knuckle Duster
Buried Alive by Love Lowercase Guy
Matrixxx Anderson Local Back Stabber
Vaping Beerus Jack The Ripper
Vape Dimension Complex Slayers
No Drugs Here Agent Hercules
Spoon Man Junkyard Dog
Dig Dug Funnie Friendly Dolphin
Rockos Modern Mortality Returns
Horse Blindfold Bonzai
Iced Tea Bandit Broomspun
Bird Soldier Salty Cookie
Pinky Boy Mini Mouse
Beats On Deck Wicked Impulse
Armed Student Chill Dude
Fire Tiger Brain Hacker
Crime Scene Sweet Poison
Delivery Boy Owl Pacino
Hulk Roguen Tongue Berry
Party Ghoul Boomkin
Leggo My Aggro KungFu Barbie
Jonny Awesome Pain Slayer
Addicted 2 Coins Tarty Toes
Crypto Hypno Dirty Denise
Veteran of Death Big Axe Dwarf
Mercedes man Hadouken
FebDeck Orkward
Equalizers SnackySnacks

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How to Change PSN Profile Name:

How to Change PSN Profile Name

If you’d like to change your PSN profile name, remember that it is possible only once at a time. When the chance is over, You have to pay some amount.  We have two ways for changing the profile name of PSN. Follow the methods below to change your PSN name.

Method 1:

  1. Head to settings > Account Management > Information > Profile > Online ID.
  2. Now the name you choose on this page or use the suggestion box.
  3. When done, follow the on screen prompts and finish it.

That’s it, now the name you applied will be visible to all your friends and gamers around the world who know you. If you’d like to change your name from a web browser, take a look at the second method below.

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Method 2:

  1. Open any of your web browsers and visit the official site of Sony PlayStation.
  2. Sign in to your PS network account by providing your credentials.
  3. After successful login, click on the edit option present near your online ID.
  4. Now type the chosen name and follow the on screen prompts.
  5. Lastly, complete the process and hit the finish button to make it online.

The changes made to your Gamertag will appear online. With the help of it, people can easily notify your gaming character based on the profile ID name.

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Ending the Article:

After a longtime the name changing feature in PS4 has created a new era for PS4 gamers all over the world. If you have a PlayStation, don’t forget to launch a game without changing your online ID.

Because it shows your gameplay character to all your friends and opponents. You don’t need to search for the best and awesome PS4 names anywhere. Just bookmark our site and get into this topic to find the one that defines you. 

Hope you may catch some of the best PS4 names presented on this page. We also defined how to change the PS4 username in a few simple steps.

If you pick a name from the list above, share it with us and we’ll feel happy. Also, use our comment section in case you face any difficulties in changing the PS4 usernames.

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