Download Fortnite APK + OBB Latest Official Version

Today Iā€™m going to share with you How to Download Fortnite APK + OBB Latest Official Version.

Battle games are quite easily the most popular game segment in the present time.

The popularity of battle games has been increasing substantially in the last few years all thanks to easier availability of cheaper smartphones, cheaper data prices, and easy availability of high graphic games on Android, the best example being PUBG.

Another very popular PC game that recently took the road to Android is Fortnite. It is a very popular battle royale game that was available on PC, XBOX and gaming consoles, but now can be also played on Android.

Although, that’s great news Fortnite which comes with bundled data that has to be downloaded separately can bring you a lot of trouble.

Many cases have occurred where the data cannot be downloaded properly and fails a lot of time in between, which can lose a lot of your Internet pack data for nothing.

Download Fortnite APK + OBB Latest Official Version

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The problem is more prevalent now because of the fluctuation of internet speed across the world because of heavy usage of internet as most people are stuck at homes due to covid-19 blows.

As always we’re here with a solution for that problem as we will be showing you a technique to download Fortnite apk + OBB data within the game separately. However, let’s go through some of the salient features of the Fortnite game.

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Download Fortnite Apk + OBB file

Game Features

  1. Build and Destroy – you can shape the battlefield your own way, as you can build your own cover. For Ex: If your opponent is hiding behind the wall, take out their cover to take an edge.
  2. Team Up with friends – you can team up with anyone to create an unbeatable force in the game. Anyone can be invited with you across the world.
  3. Gear Up – board the bus and drop in your favorite zone. Collect resources and weapons, use them in the best possible way and defeat as many opponents as you can. The last man standing wins the match.
  4. Updates and Events – the game is always expanding and evolving. Regular updates provide you with new weapons, game-plays, missions, and new avatars.

Here is the link to download the APK file and the data inside the game.

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Download Fortnite Apk + OBB Latest Version

Apk NameFortnite
Apk Size152 MB
OBB Size1.66 GB
DeveloperEpic Games

Steps to download Fortnite Apk + OBB on your Android Smartphone

Download Fortnite Apk + OBB file

1. First of all, install the apk file on your device from the given link below. Please don’t open it now.

Download Now

2. Now download the OBB file from the given link below, it is in zip format so you have to extract it using any zip extractor.

Download Now

3. After that move the extracted folder to Android >> OBB.

4. It’s done, you have successfully set up the OBB file into its place.

5. Now fall back to the apps screen and open the game, complete the sign-up, after that it may take a few seconds to initialize the process.

6. That’s it, you are done. Now you can peacefully play the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Handle Teamers in Solo Play?

The system is designed to automatically detect and ban teams in solo play.

How Are You Handling Cheaters (Aimbots, Overlays, etc)?

We take cheating very seriously both on the legal and game development front. Any action can be taken but, there’s no in-depth analysis on what actually can be done.

Will I Keep Everything I Earned with the Battle Pass After the Season Ends?

Yes, your battle passes will be intact and will remain in your inventory permanently.

Is Fortnite Battle Royale Pay-To-Win?

No, we don’t have options of In-App purchases that give a competitive advantage to any player.

What Is Shared Between Battle Royale and Save the World?

Back Blinges, Wraps, Emotes, V-Bucks, Outfits, Banners, Loading Screens, and lobby music are shared in Battle Royale and Save the world.

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Ending the Article

Thus were my thoughts on download Fortnite apk + OBB data. I hope you find the article useful.

If you face any problems while following the steps, feel free to share them in the comment box.

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