Free Genshin Impact Accounts: Best 5 Star Characters for Free

Today I’m going to share with you Free Genshin Impact Accounts with Best 5 Star Characters for Free. Hence, this place is perfect for you, the accounts were Last Updated on [datetoday].

Genshin Impact, a free-to-play action RPG with ‘Gacha,’ was developed by miHoYo and released in September 2020.

It’s set in the open world of Teyvat, featuring seven nations and a captivating storyline.

Initially on Android, iOS, Windows, PS4, and PS5, it gained immense popularity. If you’re interested in upgrading your account for free with more in-game resources like Crystals and Primogems, you’re in the right place.

And our free Genshin impact account with all characters are the way to experience them!

If you want to acquire in-game resources quickly, you’ll need to spend real money. The cost varies based on the amount you want, with 60 Genshin Crystals costing $0.99.

Free Genshin Impact Accounts

100% Working Free Genshin Impact Premium Accounts

There are a few ways to get free Genshin Impact Premium accounts. One way is to sign up for a free Genshin Impact Premium account through their website. Another way is to find a free Genshin Impact Premium account through our list. Finally, you can ask someone you know if they have a free Genshin Impact Premium account that you can use.

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AccountFree Genshin Impact Accounts
StatusWorking ✅
Total Accounts83
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SupportsAll Devices

So, if you want to go like a pro in Genshin Impact, stick to this post and move on to get some working free Genshin Impact accounts that works and come with everything you need.

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A Quick Overview of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Story and Gameplay

Before we get to our free Genshin accounts giveaway, let us briefly discuss the platform.

Have you ever thought that why Genshin Impact has become very popular within a few days of launch? Its Story and Gameplay are one of the key things that introduce the game to gamers worldwide.

Genshin Impact is set in Teyvat, a world with seven nations, each ruled by a different god. The player character, the traveler, seeks answers from The Seven after becoming trapped in Teyvat.

The game is open-world, allowing players to control characters with unique abilities and weapons, and perform actions like running, climbing, and using elemental attacks.

In-game currency, earned through various activities, can be spent on characters and gear.

Read through the end to get access to Genshin Impact free accounts with 5 star perks!

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What are Genshin Impact Free Accounts

What are Genshin Impact Free Accounts

Genshin Impact is a top RPG that offers entertainment as you level up and earn rewards.

To ease the leveling process and acquire more in-game resources like Genshin Crystals and Primogems without spending real money, free Genshin Impact accounts are available, allowing you to continue the game at higher levels.

So gamers, are you ready to save the dollars and get rid of the tedious process of levelling up?

If you’re waiting for it, dive in and take a look at the following free Genshin Impact accounts to sign in to the game.

With this article, get a free Genshin account with hu tao, or rather get a free Genshin account with Raiden Shogun, Klee, Xiao or even Zhongli!

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Free Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords List

With Genshin Crystals and Primogems

Free Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords List

It’s time to give a boost to the game. With this section, your wait is over. Genshin Impact free accounts and passwords we’ve listed below contain Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Mora, Sigil, and many more.

Free Genshin Impact accounts provide items and currencies without completing tasks. In-app purchases like Genshin Crystals offer benefits, allowing you to progress and acquire better items in the game without spending real money.

All the free Genshin Impact accounts we’ve provided below are safe and free to use. We didn’t use any Account Generator or third-party websites since every account is sponsored by end-users.

So that you can enjoy playing Genshin Impact without any worries.

Each account contains Genshin Crystals more than 1000 and the game will start from higher levels.

As a player, if you’d like to skip the boring levels, copy one Genshin Impact free account and password from the below list and try to finish the game.

What better way to do so than our free Genshin Impact account with all characters and other cool features? Get one today!

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Genshin Impact Premium Accounts and Passwords

Genshin Impact Premium Accounts and Passwords

Login to Genshin Impact with the given Genshin Impact premium accounts and Save tens of dollars as well as time.

Also, get rid of levelling up from the very beginning. If you’re here to give an upgrade, this is the section that contains Genshin Crystals and Primogems.

Both these can’t be earned so easily and are apart purchase based which you have to spend nearly $1 to $99. And for 10 wishes, you’ll lose approx 1600 Crystals.

On the other side, The Blessing of the Welkin Moon, Adventurer’s Bundle, and Gnostic Hymn cost you $9.99 each. Lastly, the price of the Gnostic Chorus is double the Gnostic Hymn.

All these provide various benefits such as Battle Pass levels, Fragile Resin, etc.

With Genshin Impact premium free accounts and passwords, you don’t have to take the risk of investing dollars for Subscriptions, buying Genshin Crystals, Battle Pass, and others.

Everything you need will come unlocked in these Genshin Impact premium free accounts.

No matter whether you’re a newcomer or stuck in the middle of the game, check the list of free Genshin Impact accounts mentioned below and sign in to the game to continue playing from higher levels and convert Genshin Crystals to Primogems to purchase a Battle Pass level up for 150 Primogems, Acquaint and intertwined fates, etc.

Also, get everything you need without thinking about the money since all these Genshin Impact premium accounts hold hundreds of Genshin Crystals and converted Primogems which are the key things in the game.

Some may also contain Stardust, Starglitter, and More. What more do you need better than these for free? If you’re willing to reach the last level, utilize this opportunity and save money.


Chose one, you might land a free Genshin account with loaded with raiden shogun, hu tao and more.

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100% Working Premium Account Generator

The generator was last updated on [datetoday] and it is running with 100% uptime as of now.

Live Premium Accounts Generator




Note: There is huge demand of premium accounts; some might not work if they are already taken. In that case, rerun the generator after 1 hour for new login details.

Genshin Impact Modded Accounts and Passwords

With Gacha Rolls and Weapons

Genshin Impact Modded Accounts and Passwords

A lucky section that lets you stick around in the game of the Genshin Impact in case the above-listed Genshin Impact free accounts and passwords didn’t work at the time of your visit.

Want to know what are Genshin Impact modded accounts?

Well, these are nothing but modified accounts. This means, all the Genshin modded accounts listed below are used once.

However, we changed usernames and passwords for every account and directly shared them with you.

All these Genshin Impact Modded accounts are not from any third-party websites. Most of them are sponsored by our team.

Once you login to Genshin Impact with these free Genshin Impact accounts, you don’t need to continue from the start as well as no purchases are required for Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, and others since every account contain more characters, weapons, and every item you need.

If you face any difficulties using these modded Genshin Impact free accounts, try downloading the Genshin Impact modded version to get all the features as discussed previously.

Of course, it is not the official app to prefer but the app is very lightweight and offers unlimited Primogems, Genesis Crystals, Virtual Currency, Gacha Rolls, Hero’s Wits, All Weapons, All Characters’ Animations, All Skills, and Anti-ban system.

You can choose mod apk only if you don’t find any working Genshin Impact accounts that works. Otherwise, stick to the page and try signing in to the game with 2 or 3 accounts.

So, if you’re in need of a subscription, you can try using a mod or copy a Genshin Impact account free from the below list.

All are safe and free to use. Also, no verification is required.


Make your pick and get a potential free Genshin account with Xiao, Klee and much more!

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Hacked Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords

With Virtual Currency and Hero’s Wits

Hacked Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords

From the above lines, you’ve seen a list of different types of Genshin Impact accounts that works.

Here in this section, we’ve listed some active Genshin Impact premium free accounts and passwords that are safe to use.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of these accounts by seeing the title. To go premium in Genshin Impact, all you need is money to purchase Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, Adventurer’s Bundle, Virtual Currency, etc.

Once you opt all these premium items, characters, weapons, skills, name cards, and others will be unlocked. But, these hacked Genshin Impact accounts come with everything unlocked.

Don’t think that these Genshin Impact premium hacked accounts are not safe.

The following list of Genshin Impact premium hack accounts is just compromised accounts because of users’ negligence in securing the account with weak passwords.

Now, we’ve made changes to the accounts and secured each with strong passwords. So that no account will again be compromised. Each account contains different premium items unlocked.

To get the required ones, try signing in via multiple accounts. But, you’ve to hurry up to get a working account otherwise the rest of the users may use it.

So, if you’re waiting to start from the middle or higher levels, utilize this opportunity and move on to complete the mission. 


Make full use of this free Genshin accounts giveaway and get yours right away!

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Legit Genshin Impact Premium Accounts and Passwords

Legit Genshin Impact Premium Accounts and Passwords

Who doesn’t prefer safety and security to make the account secure?

Don’t you. If you’re looking for legit Genshin Impact premium accounts to stay on the safe side, this is the section where you’ve to collect the required legit Genshin Impact premium accounts to sign in.

All are safe and free to use.

No verification is required. These free Genshin Impact accounts also contain Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, and in-game currency like Mora, Stardust, Starglitter, Acquaint, and Intertwined Fates, etc.

These are used to level up characters, weapons, artefacts, and to purchase materials, weapons, characters, and many more. Let’s have a look at the use and the prices of Genshin Crystals.

  • Genshin Crystals – These are the main paid currency in the game and can only be obtained via the store. The price of Genshin Crystals starts from $0.99 for 60 and ends at a price tag of $99.99 for 6480 Genshin Crystals.

With legit Genshin Impact premium accounts, all these come included. So that you don’t need any purchases and except playing the game do nothing.

In case you face any problems while signing in, get back to the page and collect a few more Genshin Impact free accounts and try again. The reasons for this cause may be due to changes in logins.

So, before someone grabs these accounts, stay updated and try multiples to get rid of such issues again and again. 


Note – We request every user not to make any changes to these free Genshin Impact accounts. Utilize this opportunity and help other gamers grab some accounts.

You may just land a free Genshin account with Zhongli or just the ones you are looking for!

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Try playing other Open World games like Fortnite, GTA V, Roblox, Valorant, Blox Fruits, CSGO, FarCry, Pet Simulator X, RDR 2, Minecraft, Animal Jam etc. They are just fun and addictive like GI.

How to Get Genshin Impact for Free of Cost

How to Get Genshin Impact for Free of Cost

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game but to earn Genshin Crystals, Primogems, in-game currencies, and more, one has to make purchases to level up fast.

But, Genshin Crystals which are key things in the game unlock more benefits such as Genshin Crystals can be used to get Primogems and these can unlock other in-game currencies such as Acquaint and Intertwined Fates.

Likewise, everything is interconnected one by one. If you’d like to know how to get Genshin Impact for free, apart from our free genshin accounts giveaway, follow the given tricks to save your money.

By Using FreeCash

For Genshin Impact free accounts and other games and purchased-based apps, FreeCash is one of the popular rewarding websites that offers a maximum amount of $20 per day when you complete different tasks such as playing games, filling out surveys and others.

To get free money via FreeCash, all you have to do is to register on FreeCash and complete the given tasks to earn money.

Once you’ve enough money, use it to get PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Finally, use those to get a Genshin Impact account free of cost.

In case you didn’t like FreeCash, try alternative rewarding websites or apps and earn money by finishing the given tasks. Collect gift cards and redeem them to get a Genshin Impact premium free account.

By Using Account Generators

Another best way to get Genshin Impact for free. If you do not find the above trick useful, try this one to get a Genshin Impact free account. Before knowing about it, let’s get an idea of what are Account Generators?

These are nothing but tools packed in different websites that are meant to generate instant accounts for different apps and games. Account Generators are similar to the list we’ve mentioned above.

Moreover, if you use this trick to get a Genshin Impact free account and password, no premium benefits will be included. All you get is a working and fresh account.

So, if you’re in need of a fresh Genshin Impact account free, visit any Account Generator websites and finish the given tasks such as watching ads, clearing CAPTCHAS, etc. When done, hit the Generate now button and copy the credentials.

Note – Visit only trusted websites to generate a Genshin Impact account free to stay safe from malware. 

You can stick to our Genshin Impact free accounts with 5 star perks!

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Ending the Article

Step into the world of magic adventure and experience RPG by teaming up with a diverse cast of characters in Teyvat. Fight with tricky bosses and level up very fast as well as get all the required things without investing a single dollar.

The free Genshin Impact accounts listed above are safe and free to use. No registration is required. Just, visit the desired section and copy the required Genshin Impact free amounts accounts.

Remember, every account contains more than 1000 – 3000 Genshin Crystals and some currencies. Once you sign in to the game with the accounts you’ve collected, all you have to do is to keep playing and the rest of the things will be automatically secured.

Hope you find this post useful. For any queries or to get a fresh Genshin Impact account, leave us a comment below.

Disclaimer: The provided accounts are offered for free on an as-is basis. We do not guarantee their status or functionality, and we are not liable for any issues that may arise from their use. You assume all risks and responsibility for any consequences that may result from using these accounts.

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