Free Facebook Accounts: Unused VIP Accounts 2024

Today I’m going to share with you Free Facebook Accounts and Password list. Hence, this place is perfect for you, the accounts were Last Updated on [datetoday].

Hello Facebook users, how’s your experience on using the giant social networking site that connects your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and others via messages, voice calls, and video calls?

Do you like it? If your reply is yes, dive in to browse and collect free Facebook accounts that work 100%.

In the world of the Internet, social media platforms are alternative ways that connect us to known and unknown people worldwide in many different ways such as text messages, voice calls, video calls, etc.

All these networking sites look unique and completely dissimilar to each other. Some only allow you to connect to known people and a few lets you explore yourself through photos and videos.

But, Facebook from Meta is a leader to all. It is a world of everything. From connecting people all across the world to letting them earn money, Facebook is the best source for all of your communication and income needs.

By the way, guys do you have an FB account? If not, first create a Facebook account. 

If you’re a Facebook user and looking for Facebook free accounts and passwords to do things that don’t affect your actual account, continue scrolling the page and check the list of free Facebook accounts posted by end-users and use FB anonymously to forward your business.

Note – Having more than one Facebook account attached to the same email or mobile number is against Facebook policies. 

If you’d like to switch between multiple accounts, follow the methods discussed below or use the free Facebook accounts and passwords to keep your primary account safe.

AccountFree Facebook Accounts
StatusWorking ✅
Total Accounts89
Last UpdatedToday
CategorySocial Media
SupportsAll Devices
Free Facebook Accounts

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What are Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords:

What are Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords

Like all other social media platforms, Facebook from Meta is also a free-to-use social networking site with support for smart communication.

Most of the users who join Facebook use it personally to post photos/videos, chat with friends, make voice/video calls, etc. A few use it to forward their businesses and to earn money.

To represent your business, organization, brand, or product on Facebook and to browse Facebook anonymously as well as to jump-start your FB page likes, followers and to do more without waiting for a long time, free Facebook accounts and passwords help you save time and let you easily access everything you need without any restrictions.

The following Facebook free account and passwords are posted by end-users and are 100% valid. If you’d like to switch to a Facebook account free, hurry up and choose the type of Facebook account free to jump-start everything instantly.

Features of Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords:

Features of Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords

As per Facebook policies, no individual should have multiple accounts attached to the same mobile number or email. If any exists, Facebook will ban such accounts.

Free Facebook accounts and passwords help you use Facebook both personally and commercially. And the features offered by the free Facebook accounts are mentioned below. Check them once and collect the Facebook free accounts as per your requirement.

  • Let your posts reach the targeted audience without losing any dollars.
  • Create an ad account easily even if it is disabled or suspended. And kick start your business once again.
  • Log in from any of the devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and many more.
  • With Facebook premium accounts and passwords, use Facebook without ads.
  • With the fundraising option, collect money if you have got an organization.

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Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords List:

Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords List

The uses of free Facebook accounts and passwords are countless. From connecting known to unknown people, boosting posts to enable the ad account, free Facebook accounts that works listed down below will help you in many ways.

Each Facebook free accounts mentioned in every section are different from one another and land you on accounts that have various benefits.

All are safe to use and some of them come with better security than the actual ones. So guys, no matter the situations you’re facing with your account, relax and once view the list of free Facebook accounts and passwords given by the end-users and the people who follow our website.

Note – No account in the following list is taken from any account generators and other websites. We daily test every account and make it up to date. So, in most cases, you never leave this page without collecting a Facebook free account and password.

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Facebook Premium Accounts and Passwords:

Facebook Premium Accounts and Passwords

The most useful section of the page. When it comes to the internet, the premium is an upgrade that unlocks everything blocked for normal usage.

With Facebook premium accounts given below, your stories reach more users, you’ll see no ads, and from the marketing point of view, the Facebook premium is the best place for premium advertising and sponsored stories and is impactful to distribute your content on Facebook.

When you become a Facebook premium user, all you have to do is to post your stories. The rest of the challenges like reach, engagement, and distributing it throughout FB will be automated by Facebook at the desired count. So you don’t have to invest to boost what you post.

Marketers also reach more fans with Facebook premium. And when it comes to posts, Facebook premium accounts given below distribute your posts to more audiences and also get you more likes and followers within a specific time.

So, if you’re someone who is looking for a way to boost your pages and let your posts reach more audience and many others without any investment, check the Facebook premium accounts and passwords listed below and copy the credentials to use Facebook with everything unlocked.

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100% Working Premium Account Generator

The generator was last updated on [datetoday] and it is running with 100% uptime as of now.

Live Premium Accounts Generator




Note: There is huge demand of premium accounts; some might not work if they are already taken. In that case, rerun the generator after 1 hour for new login details.

Facebook Modded Accounts and Passwords:

Facebook Modded Accounts and Passwords

This section is quite opposite of the Facebook premium accounts and passwords we discussed above.

Here, Mod is nothing but modified. The following Facebook Modded Accounts are the same as Facebook premium accounts and help you get everything a premium user experience.

To use the below-mentioned Facebook Modded accounts, you need to download a Mod version of the official Facebook app from any secured third-party websites.

When you’re done, enjoy premium benefits like no ads, photo/video download options, lock login, anonymous story view features, and many others just by signing in with any of the free Facebook accounts Modded. All are safe and secure to use.

Facebook Mod APK is a combination of both Facebook and Messenger.

It also comes with dark mode and the benefits of using Facebook Mod APK are: Download photos/videos or watch them later, Block ads and sponsored posts, view other people’s stories anonymously, quickly switch between multiple FB accounts, change the view to desktop or stick to the mobile version, and also hide posts by keywords. This is a fascinating feature in Facebook Mod APK.

When you type a specific keyword, any posts containing those words will not appear in your news feed.

So, if you’d like to use Facebook Modded accounts, first download Facebook Mod APK and then sign in by copying a Modded Facebook free account and password listed below.


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Hacked Facebook Accounts and Passwords:

Hacked Facebook Accounts and Passwords (1)

Don’t be scared of seeing the title. For this post on free Facebook accounts, Facebook premium hacked accounts are also one of the best passages for enhanced membership services.

For years, the process of hacking FB accounts and running ads with stolen money is still continuing. Many accounts are compromised by scammers and are listed on third-party websites for sale.

Until signing in, no one knows the benefits of hacked Facebook accounts. From enabling the ad account to boosting stories, reach and engagement of posts, every unlocked feature comes with Facebook premium hacked accounts depending on the hacked Facebook premium free account you choose from the list noted down below.

When it comes to security, the hacked Facebook accounts placed below will never drop you in trouble. And we personally recommend you don’t place any of your personal details in any manner. So, if you’ve decided, this section best suits commercial usage and enable ad services if you find it is disabled in your Facebook account.


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Legit Facebook Premium Accounts and Passwords:

Legit Facebook Premium Accounts and Passwords

A secured way to stay safe on Facebook all the time you sign in. Legit Facebook premium accounts and passwords listed below will also enhance your Facebook experience by boosting posts, letting them distribute throughout Facebook, enabling ad services, and many more as per your requirements.

Moreover, there is no problem with these legit Facebook premium accounts even when you access Facebook on Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, and other devices.

All the legit Facebook premium accounts and passwords you find below are safe and come with the Facebook premium which means that the free Facebook accounts legit you’ve chosen from the below lists support ads, distribute your posts to more audience, let you view other posts anonymously, and also offers better security compared to the Facebook premium hacked accounts and Facebook premium free Modded accounts.

To get a Facebook free account and password, all you have to do is to copy the one you’ve chosen and paste it to sign in. Every account is safe and free to use.


Note – When you sign in to Facebook with any of the free Facebook accounts you’ve collected from the above lists, don’t change the passwords. If you do, the rest of the users face problems while signing in.

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How to Get Facebook for Free:

How to Get Facebook for Free

Facebook is a free-to-use social networking site. But, as per the policies of Facebook, multiple accounts connected to the same email or mobile number are against Facebook community standards.

If you’re here to know how to get Facebook for free, stick to the page and continue reading to know how to use Facebook for free.

  1. By Using Free Facebook Accounts:

To break the rule of not using multiple accounts or to enable ad services again, Facebook for account and password is a go-to choice to switch between multiple accounts and to use Facebook for free.

The benefits offered by free Facebook accounts are discussed above. You can check the features offered by free Facebook accounts and jump on to the desired section to collect a Facebook account free.

For personal and commercial usage, all the free Facebook accounts help you as per your requirements and keep you stay anonymous.

  1. By Using Account Generators:

One of the best ways to capture working free Facebook accounts. Account generators are tools that are placed on a website or keep them separately.

To get free Facebook accounts or any other accounts via account generators, visit such websites and finish activities like watching ads, clearing CAPTCHA, etc., to generate a free Facebook account instantly.

Note – Account generators provide instant accounts but be careful while visiting such websites and don’t click on unknown links for generating free Facebook accounts.

  1. By Using Instant Emails:

To create an FB account, you’ve to provide your email or mobile number for user identification.

To get FB for free, instant emails are the best alternatives to use Facebook anonymously. Instant emails are temporary emails and will self-destruct after a certain time elapses.

In case you decide to not use free Facebook accounts to protect your privacy and security, log in to Facebook with instant email services such as instant-email, temp-email, etc.

Remember, if you choose this method to get Facebook for free, you’ll receive no premium benefits i.e. you have to kickstart your business from the very beginning. Also, you’ve to invest money to boost your posts.

  1. Free Mode and Data Mode:

You know that no media content on the internet will load without connecting to the internet. Of course, there are some services that load offline. When it comes to social media, the same applies here.

But, what if I say that you can use Facebook without connecting to the internet. Do you think it’s possible? Find the answer below.

Facebook is a free-to-use social networking service and doesn’t only load content when connected to the internet. when you go deeper, it offers two kinds of settings: Free mode and Data mode. Dive in to know what it means.

  • Data Mode – It is a setting on Facebook that requires a data pack to load media and everything in full.
  • Free Mode – Use Facebook without connecting to the internet. Wait, not everything. Free mode on Facebook is only limited to chatting, liking posts, and the following someone. In this mode, photos, videos, and music will not be loaded. It only lets you chat with someone on Facebook Messenger.

This setting will only appear on old Facebook versions.

  1. By Using Free Basics:

It is an app by Facebook from Meta Platforms, Inc. It brings a few basic websites such as AccuWeather, BBC News, ESPN, UNICEF,, and Facebook itself for absolutely free depending on your country and internet service provider with/without having an active data plan. 

To use the Free Basics app, all you need is a valid phone number and your internet service provider has to be part of the initiative as well.

Free Basics is not available in all countries. To know Free Basics is available in your country, open Play Store or App Store and look for the Free Basics from Meta Platforms, Inc.

If it is available in your country, you’ll see the app otherwise download Free Basic APK from third-party websites and install it.

Note – We keep all the free Facebook accounts up to date and valid. If you find anything not working, leave a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is the Use of Free Facebook Accounts and Passwords?

In the world of both personal and commercial, free Facebook accounts help you easily represent your business, organization, brand, or product on Facebook and also let you browse the platform anonymously.

The type of Facebook account free you’ve chosen from the above lists help you boost posts, distribute them to targeted audiences, and also comes with ad services if it is disabled in your account.

Remember, each Facebook free accounts mentioned in every section are different from one another and land you on accounts that have various benefits. 

2. Are Facebook Free Accounts Safe?

Not all free Facebook accounts are safe. The above-listed free Facebook accounts and passwords are safe to use.

Because the privacy and security of every account are the same as normal accounts. So you don’t have to worry about the privacy, security, and legitimacy of the Facebook free account you’ve chosen.

3. What Is a Facebook Premium Account?

Facebook premium is a brand account and is the best way to distribute your stories to more people. To make money as well as to view exclusive premium content, it is a paid feature and will cost you $4.99 to $29.99 per month.

4. What Is the Best Way to Use Facebook for Free?

Facebook is a free-to-use social networking platform. However, to switch between multiple accounts, free Facebook accounts, login using instant email services, or downloading Free Basics are the best ways to use Facebook for free. 

5. How to Download and Install Free Basics?

If Free Basics is not supported in your country, downloading it via the APK is the one and the only option that lets you use Facebook, as well as other, basic websites for free.

To get the app, download Free Basics APK file from any of the third-party websites and head to device settings.

Then, visit Apps and Permissions > Manage Apps. From the list of applications, select your browser and enable the option Install Apps from Unknown Sources. To install the Free Basics app, click on the downloaded APK file and hit Install. 

6. How to Use Instant Email?

To log in to Facebook via instant email services, visit TempMail and wait for a second to copy the email ID. Use it to sign-up for Facebook. To verify it, go to TempMail and scroll the page to check the inbox. If you see the mail, verify it and use Facebook for free.

7. What Are Account Generators?

Account generators are third-party tools that generate an instant free Facebook account when you complete the given tasks like watching ads, taking surveys, and finishing CAPTCHA.

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Ending the Article:

The use of Facebook both personally and commercially in these evolving days is infinite. From chatting to communicating through voice/video calls, developing brands to earning money, Facebook is a go-to choice.

Free Facebook accounts and passwords listed on this page let you use Facebook with all the facilities again. 

No matter you lost your ad account, use Facebook free accounts and enable it again. Also, get likes, followers, and let your stories reach the targeted audience without investing a single dollar.

So social media lovers, if you’re here to switch between accounts, check the lists and grab a free Facebook account to use it personally/commercially, or to enable an ad account again. 

If you find this post on free Facebook accounts useful, don’t forget to share the domain with your friends.

Disclaimer: The provided accounts are offered for free on an as-is basis. We do not guarantee their status or functionality, and we are not liable for any issues that may arise from their use. You assume all risks and responsibility for any consequences that may result from using these accounts.

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