Top 10 HD Android Games Under 2 MB You Can Play Right Now 2024

This is the most complete guide on Games Under 2 MB for your Android Smartphone.

In this digital world, having a smartphone is not a fashion but an essential device that keeps you busy all day. We all love playing games on our mobile phone but it requires a powerful battery backup and a strong processor with decent RAM and ROM.

So people generally avoid playing games or always in a search of compressed game file size. Having noticed these requirements, I have come up with a top 10 games under 2MB.

This list will help all the users who would have been searching for a 2MB games.

People of all ages are inclined towards games, especially children.

Now the situation is that we can not give them to play high definition games with high graphics, we should help them indulging in these simple yet classy games below 2MB which improve their concentration, skills and abilities with entertainment.

So let’s get ready to dive in, I assure you that you will find a perfect game of your interest at the end of this article. Here is the list of the top 10 games under 2MB.

Games under 2 MB

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Top 10 Best Games Under 2 MB:

1. Escape from Sasgris

best android games under 2mb

This breath breaking game falls under the category of top 10 games under 2MB where you have to use your intelligence to unlock all the castle doors one by one to escape that place.

Escape from Sasgris Info

Game NameEscape from Sasgris
Size1.7 MB
Android Version4.0 and Above
DeveloperDiscantum Lab
Key FeatureDiscover the hidden truth; discover your sarcasm and your ability to solve puzzle, solve riddles, or at least try to solve them.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Solve multiple puzzles, riddles to discover the hidden truth.
  • Simple yet complicated and logical task.
  • 100 doors to unlock but the rooms are difficult to explore.
  • The immersive background sound and moment reaction sound.
  • You will see a lot of heterogeneous quotes and memorable examinations.
  • Trophies and achievements.
  • Customize your sound setting if not liked.
  • Take help from your friend to help you.

2. The Avengers – Destroyers

best android games below 2mb

Not to get confused with the name, it’s not a game based on the avenger movie series. This 2MB games was developed with a plot that consists of a fierce fighting sequence with opponents.

This game falls in the category of best android games under 2MB, which revolves around the arena in the coliseum of Thrones. You will be part of multiple breathtaking battles, which will not let you get bored.

This game requires all the things which players need while playing like internet access and a working android device.

The Avengers – Destroyers Info

Game NameThe Avengers – destroyers
Size2.0 MB
Android Version2.2 and Above
Key FeaturePlayers are beckoned by exciting, active action RPG in which you can immerse yourself in.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • A fascinating world with the role-playing character updated with new and exciting events.
  • Deadly monsters stopping you to achieve your goal.
  • Ability to talk and chat with other players in the real-time.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Great quest and interesting thing that will not let you get bore.

3. Another Bomber

top 10 games under 2mb

Have you ever played a game in which you fly an aircraft loaded with bombs and you have to blast your enemy by dropping a bomb on a specific target? If yes, this is one of the best 2mb games in our package of top 10 games under 2MB.

Another Bomber Info

Game NameAnother Bomber
Android Version3.0 and Above
DeveloperDiscantum Lab
Key FeatureAnother Bomber is a simple game inspired to classic airplane aircraft fighter 2d horizontal scrolling oldies games.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Hit the terrorist by dropping a bomb before they strike you back
  • The key highlight of the game is Bad luck bomb (BLB) which is a set of weapons with unrealistic power-ups
  • An exciting playing experience while destroying the targets
  • Based on the same traditional concept where you play a good guy character and defeat bad guys.
  • The only conversation between you and your enemy happens by dropping bombs on their heads.
  • Fight with the main boss after completing every 10 levels 

So tighten your belt and get ready to finish the enemies one by one. The increased difficulty at each level will keep your mind engaged and create more interest in playing.

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4. Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter

2mb games

If you like RPG (Role Playing Game) with simple gun shooting games, this is the best android games under 2MB for all the RPG game lovers.

You can choose from various stickman characters who are there in the game to kill the zombies.

Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter Info:

Game NameStickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter
Size3.0 MB
Android Version4.0.3 and Above
Developer1 MB Games
Key FeatureThe greatest combination of Role-playing game (RPG) and simple gun shooting games with stickman characters.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • With stickman warriors, you have to fight against hordes of deadly monsters for survival and collect money by killing each zombie. 
  • You can use that money to purchase various lethal weapons to make your character the best shooter.
  • Upgrade your stickman character by upgrading HP (Health Point) and become a hero by facing many zombies and opponents.
  • Buy new skin and colours for your stickman warriors
  • Enjoy endless adventure by upgrading your shadow warriors to kill the powerful enemies
  • Beat your friends with a high score in this full action games below 2MB.

5. The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter

games below 2mb

If you like hunting but don’t like to kill living animals this games below 2MB is for you.

This game is based upon the storyline where the birds have invaded the stickman world and he has to kill these birds using his archery skills and complete all the challenges.

Grab your bow and take your sharp arrows and become a part of this bird hunting adventure.

Just drag and drop your fingers to target and fire arrows by targeting the specific bird you want to kill.

The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter Info

Game NameThe Archers 3 : Bird Slaughter
Size2.0 MB
Android Version2.3 and Above
Developer1 MB Games
Key FeatureDrag and drop your finger for targeting and firing arrows in the birds that flies across the screen.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Kill as much as birds as you can.
  • Upgrade your bow and arrows by upgrading using coins.
  • Collect special apple ad unlock the new levels.
  • 500+ challenges were in simple bow and arrow hunting game.

6. Magic Slate – Color & Draw free

games under 2mb

Drawing is a skill that requires regular practice and this is the best android games under 2MB to practice your art anywhere.

This is a simple app that you can use to craft your drawings on a blank drawing area.

This app also allows you to edit any existing image. It offers multiple colors, pencil size and various selecting options that show how the line appears in your craft.

Magic Slate – Color & Draw free Info

Game NameMagic Slate – Color & Draw free
Size1.3 MB
Android Version4.2 and Above
Key FeatureThis is a simple app that you can use to create drawings on a blank drawing area or in existing pictures, you can use several different tools to draw in paint.
Game  UpdatesRegular


There is a wide range of features that can shine your drawing with glow lines, shapes, color.

  • Pencil tool: Use different pencil sizes to draw a freeform line, curved lines and many more.
  • Colour picker:  Set the colour of the pencil and background canvas by picking it from the colour pallet.
  • Eraser: Delete or erase the specific areas from your picture
  • Background colour: Use fills with a colour tool to fill the entire background of your background area.
  • Save: Save your craft for future use in your mobile phone gallery

Undo and Redo action

Includes different kinds of styles, shapes, dotted like square, circle, triangle and many more in your drawing.

Though this 2MB games will not give you a realistic drawing experience because drawing anything using a pencil and creating anything with your mobile phone using a touch screen both are different experiences.

But this game is really an interesting option for drawing lovers who can use it for nurturing their creativity in their leisure.

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7. City Block

best games under 2mb

The “city block” is a town simulation game that falls under the category of the best android games under 2MB.

The player can drive a car, bike, Ambulance, fire truck, police car and many more.

He/she will enjoy the kick bike, skateboard, playing football or ride sheep in the open farming field.

City Block Info

Game NameCity Block
Size1.1 MB
Android Version4.4 and Above
DeveloperMkay Games
Key FeatureCity Block is a town simulation game focused on driving in a big pixel car playmat with gameplay similar to the early auto theft games.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Drive a police car to protect and serve the town. Catch and arrest the robbers, thieves by a high-speed car chasing and also handle the cases of missing children.
  • Drive a fire truck and save the people’s home from burning.
  • Help the injured people and take them to the hospital quickly.
  • Clean your town by driving a garbage truck.
  • Plough, sow and harvest wheat farm while keeping the sheep out of the farm.

8. Draw & Paint

best android games under 2mb

This application is completely dedicated to professionals who like to capture their idea and desire to turn their thoughts into beautiful pictures.

This 2MB games is not of the interest of every person but for creative professionals. This is the best place to practice their creativity.

Draw & Paint Info

Game NameDraw and Paint
Size3.2 MB
Android Version4.0 and Above
DeveloperMindistic Software
Key FeatureDraw and Paint is an advanced drawing application for your mobile device.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Draw creative pictures with the help of multiple toolsets.
  • Feel the smoothness of the drawing.
  • Multiple brushes, pens, and pencils are available.
  • Draw with finger or stylus.
  • Use eraser when needed.
  • Background fill.
  • Import photo and draw.
  • Choose background color on the color picker.
  • Using color tool pick pencil and background-color.
  • Export or share as an image.
  • Undo/redo few strokes.

9. Cricket Black

best android games below 2mb

Made for all cricket lovers who love to be connected with the game all the time. If you are a cricket game lover and running out of storage, you must be in the search of a game like this. Doodle cricket provides an adorable version.

Even if you are not so interested in cricket, you will definitely like its Doodle.

So download this 2MB games on your android device and experience the true essence of cricket.

Cricket Black Info

Game NameCricket Black
Size2.1 MB
Android Version4.0.3 and Above
DeveloperPuran Software
Key FeatureThe most entertaining and lightweight cricket fun for all.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Allow to make a high score by playing against the other teams across the world.
  • Chase targets, get cups, caps, trophies, and rewards.
  • Challenge your friends and any random players and play one to one matches.
  • Simple playing format, just tap the screen to rush the ball from bat to boundary.
  • World’s smallest cricket game with a high global ranking.

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10. Stickman Lightsaber Warriors

top 10 games under 2mb

This is an iconic game that falls under the category of 2MB games, which includes bloody fight battles with lightsabers.

If you like to play games where one to one combat is required, this is an epic piece of the game that includes epic battles.

Stickman Lightsaber Warriors Info

Game NameStickman Lightsaber Warriors
Size2.3 MB
Android Version4.0.3 and Above
DeveloperBloody Stickman Studios
Key FeatureStickman Lightsaber Warriors is a bloody light saber battle game with stick characters.
Game  UpdatesRegular


  • Move your stickman character using the buttons attack to your opponents coming in your path
  • Two lightsaber attacks: high and low
  • Two defence positions that help in avoiding the attacks
  • Life or health bar
  • Push your enemies away from your using your heal skill
  • Slowdown the enemies for a while
  • Upgrade your life bar and lightsaber’s damage
  • 8 lightsaber colours
  • 8 customisable characters
  • 4 distinct and new levels

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Ending the Article

With this list, I have shared a compiled list of the best android games below 2MB that requires less memory but provide a completely relaxing game experience.

This list of top 10 games under 2MB includes the game from the trending categories such as action game, brainstorming game, creative games, puzzles, Zombie and many more.

Now hurry and download these games and initiate your journey of getting unwind.

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